IPSC rule questions, "categories"


September 27, 2010, 08:33 AM
just curious, the rulebook does not seem explicitly clear

other than equipment type - (open division handgun as an arbitrary example)
to shoot IPSC, competitors must apparently declare a category - ladies, juniors, seniors, super seniors... (although there appears to be no "men's" category specifically listed)..

once a category is declared (for that individual match), you compete solely in that category only and none other for that match (cannot declare two or more categories) ?
(if so, why ?)

in order to compete in a world championship match, you must qualify by earning some number of match points, true ??

if you declare in some particular "category", whilst earning match points to qualify for a championship match, you cannot compete in any other category for the championship ??
(not unless you compete in enough matches to earn qualifying points for championship match participation in multiple categories, of course... but that would apparently mean you would have to shoot a lot more matches, if you are restricted to only one category in any particular match)

there is no unrestricted-by-category shootoff in sanctioned championship matches ?
(where juniors, seniors, ladies, men, do a shootoff head-to-head)
if the course and scoring are exactly the same in all categories... why not ?

no, I am not thinking about seriously competing
(not unless they create an "old-feeble-and-blind" category, anyway)
just curious

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Jim Watson
September 27, 2010, 09:57 AM
We do not shoot much IPSC in the USA. Although USPSA is the US region of IPSC, our rules are somewhat different. www.uspsa.org

Main competition is based on Divison (type of gun) and Class (ability).
Categories are kind of an add-on. From the rules:

"USPSA matches may include different Categories within each Division
to recognize different groups of competitors. A competitor may declare
multiple Categories for a match or tournament."

I imagine a 50 year old policewoman who had been in the army:
Limited Division, Lady, Military, Senior, Law enforcement.

I shoot IDPA which has similar provisions. There is a guy of my age who is a very fine shot and has gotten a win or place in his Division and Class AND the High Senior trophy in several matches.

If you are a middleaged male civilian, you don't HAVE a category, you are competing strictly within your Division and Class.

I don't know about earning points for a slot in a championship.

September 27, 2010, 03:23 PM

You must declare a division, but you do not have to declare a category. If you are lady, and compete against other ladies and get 2nd over all, you are still in the hunt for your division title (eg. limited)

To qualify for the World Shoot, you must qualify at a IPSC champs match, this year in GA.

I suggest you contact Linda Chico for the rest of your questions about IPSC, since little IPCS matches are shot in the US. She is LChico on the enos forum. USPSA is more popular. There is nationals for USPSA, and you either have to earn your way by winning your division in your classification at an area match, be invited by winning the previous year's nationals, get on the waiting list, or going as a walk-on.

September 28, 2010, 09:04 AM
Super Senior is the "old, feeble & blind" category. :P
I never declared a category, but did receive a top rookie award at a couple of matches.
The idea of having categories for women, old folks, kids and newbies is to encourage them to keep shooting and compare themselves against people with similar physical restrictions or lack of training, while still scoring themselves against the men in the prime of their life who will normally dominate in a physical sport that requires wrist strength & speed of movement.
I've never attended a world shoot, so I've no idea if they have a shoot off or not. Here in Australia the shoot off at the Nationals is based on overall ranking only.

Being old feeble and blind is no excuse, I've seen an 85 year old who would shuffle between shooting positions, a profoundly deaf man who had his own shot timer with a visual signal, a wheel chair bound shooter with cerebral palsy who gaffer taped his holster to his chair, Flinchy Bob with his missing fingers, Our state champion was missing a finger, Chloe who was 11 and shooting an open gun that probably weighed as much as her, Kent who was two good sized people in one skin yet still managed to keep up with the Grand Masters when wielding the timer, etc, etc, etc.

Try it. You might like it. You may become addicted. :)

September 29, 2010, 02:40 PM
My name is Chris and I am an IPSC/USPSA Addict.

October 1, 2010, 08:22 AM
thanks, Radagast (and all)
I might have a couple good days left in me yet :)

now got to scout up an event within reach
that or maybe a bowling pin match, but those seem pretty rare these days

David E
October 1, 2010, 12:17 PM
To find a match, go to www.uspsa.org and use their "club finder" feature.

You WILL have fun and just might learn something!

October 2, 2010, 02:17 AM
irresistible curiosity satisfied, and all responses much appreciated
sometimes some trigger word just makes you have to "google", and information had here better than anywhere, good links !
(and safe shooting w/ folks who respect and enjoy firearms, "what's not to love", any/all flavors)

"You WILL have fun and just might learn something!"
no doubt at all about either
(old, but not quite senile, just sufferin' from "sometimers", as milady says !)

but the only club within easy reach (Tallahassee), $350 minimum to "get in", a shot timer with a visible flash (forgot to mention half-deaf), and yet another new handgun...
my Colt 380 acp ain't gonna make power factor, k-frame S&Ws a tad light for 357s, and 38+P might not make the cut either, same for my one 9mm which I run even s-l-o-w-e-r than my revolvers
(not to mention cost of quality training and 60,000 sheets of 8 1/2 by 11 ;))

might sneak in an invitation to watch and enjoy a match some Saturday, though
(some good folks in Tallahassee used to make the short ride up 319 to Thomasville once-a-month for a fun & friendly Sunday casual match, before "we" got a little too darn ticky about out of county memberships at $25 a year, family included, free targets, etc.)

but if any of ya'll drift by Thomasville, gimme a shout, no fee, just a friend to walk you in, easy had, any gear, make/model/caliber you like within limits of 100 yard range w/ good backstops
you won't learn anything from us, but safe shooting with friends is always fun

respects, one shooter to another
shoot well, be well, stay safe

but never say never, not until they put you in the ground.. we keep the kids, grand-kids, and great-grandkids fed until things get a tad better....
I always did have an itch to try a 38 super !

David E
October 2, 2010, 03:10 PM
but the only club within easy reach (Tallahassee), $350 minimum to "get in"

If you're talking about "getting in" with the club, that's likely not the case to shoot the match. I belond to a club that saves me $5 off the entry fee, but everyone else can NOT be a member and pay the entire $15 match fee.

a shot timer with a visible flash (forgot to mention half-deaf)

Some timers have lower or louder beeps. I had a student that said he was half deaf, despite his electronic muffs. Turned out he was double plugging. He took out the foam ear plugs and could suddenly hear the timer beep. Besides, you don't HAVE to have a timer to practice. If you still can't hear the beep with electronic muffs, tell them that. They will tap your shoulder when the beep sounds. It's a non-issue.

and yet another new handgun...

Why? You already have some that are good to go.

k-frame S&Ws a tad light for 357s, and 38+P might not make the cut either

So shoot "minor." If you shoot all "A's" you don't lose any points. All you need is a 158 grain bullet going 792 feet per second, or a 180 grain bullet trundling along at 695 fps. Surely you can manage that!

same for my one 9mm which I run even s-l-o-w-e-r than my revolvers

Are you wanting to win the match, or just have fun? If it's the latter, then shoot one of y our K-frame revolvers or your one 9mm and enjoy yourself.

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