Elite Team Fighting


September 27, 2010, 03:48 PM
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Here you go.

Hello, everybody. I'm gonna show you how to be an Elite Team Fighter, no BS.

First thing you have to do is you have your tools, you got your shotgun, you got your rifle, you got your armor, your safety equipment, your uniform. Fourteen times more likely to survive a gunfight with body armor. You need your eye protection, your ear protection. I secure my ear protection inside my helmet. Just makes sense. Okay? Second thing, is you gotta have safety. Always point your firearm in a safe direction. Always keep your finger off the trigger, and, uh, keep in mind that bullets go through walls.

This is the rifle. Primary weapon. Make sure it's clear, point it in a safe direction, finger off the trigger. If you do have a sling, secure the sling in your hand. You don't want that thing flopping around. Okay?
Second thing, secondary weapon would be the shotgun. This, is a semi-automatic - it's clear, finger up - you can rock 'n' roll with these things. This is a twelve gauge, takes two-and-three-quarter, and three-inch magnums.
Thirdly, you need to have your sidearm, your pistol. Most likely, if you're using your pistol, you F___ed up somewhere. You don't wanna have to use it. Very ineffective.
Last line of defense is your knife. Have it secure, and attached. Unsnap it, grip it, like this. 'Cos you're gonna tear. I don't care, you guys can do all your knife-fighting b______t, but if I hook you with mine, it's done.

So, I'm just gonna show you the basic drills on how to do this s__t.

Obviously, you want your eye protection, ear protection, safety, and gear. Uh, let's get down to business. This is how you draw and fire quickly. Don't f___ around. Most important thing is your grip. Grab it! Nice and tight. You don't get to, uh, change your grip halfway through the fight. Put your hand on your belt, up, rotate, out.

Um, drawing the knife. Very important that you don't let go. You gotta grab it, and hold it. Don't mess around. If you drop it, you're done. Unsnap it, grab it, and hold it. It don't matter if they cut you. I got these on, they're not gonna cut through that. It's Kevlar. Um, very important to grip him nice and firm, thumb on top, reverse grip, not even gonna argue.

Next thing you go to is the rifle. Make sure it's clear, again, finger off the trigger. Basic rifle positions. Left hand. See how my thumb goes through the carry handle. Very effective if you have to run. Maneuver. You just got it. It's nice and balanced. Not gonna argue with that either. Standing position, with a rifle. Breath control. Naturally pointing toward the object you're gonna shoot at. Um, keep your finger off the trigger. Standing is a very poor method of shooting a rifle, because it's very w-wobbly. The best method for shooting a rifle is a sitting position, or a supported position. To take a sitting position it's very quick. You don't mess around. And it's over. There is no bunch of shooting, bunch of BS. One shot, one kill. Your rifle jams. F___ it, throw it. Go to your pistol. A lot of people keep their rifle on 'em. Unless you, uh, wanna die, you get rid of it.

Shotgun. Make sure it's clear. Let me put it this way, folks - don't be within ten feet of me with this. Just don't do it. You ain't gonna miss, very powerful, ninety-nine percent stop rating, semi-automatic, five shots, very quick. This is how you mount. Out, back. Out, back. Finger off the trigger. Ready? Boom-boom! Okay? This is a Remington. Love it.

God bless.

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I do hope that guy wasn't serious.

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September 27, 2010, 04:12 PM
Making fun of other folk, however well deserved it may seem, is hardly on The High Road.

So let's not. :)

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