If a gun could remember!


December 15, 2003, 05:13 PM
It is sometimes said that things inanimate can ''hold'' memory, like house walls supposedly can store events from the past. Well .. there are some that believe this anyways!:p

Whether you give credence to this or not ... if any of your guns were able to relate a story of an unusual event ... what would that be?? And which gun?

The one of mine that comes to mind is when my Blackhawk was being shot by an aquaintance (he was no buddy of mine!!) .... and he said ''don't worry, I'll save your ammo and use my own homeloads''!! Hmmm ..... I was too trusting, if not stoopid!

So this gun's ''memory'' would have to be a sorta acute case of ''constipation'' ..... seeing as one round at least had been reloaded and sized so many times it was somewhat bulged low down ... but it was still, regardless of tightness ... ''persuaded'' into said guns chamber and somehow the loading gate was closed.

On cyl rotation however the whole deal got totally bound up .... and jammed ... he musta forced the cyl round hoping to get far enough to reach a firing position ... to expend said round and save embarrassment. Didn't work!!:rolleyes:

Much time and invective was spent trying to free this off .... which, in the end was managed ... but I am sure that gun remembers its acute discomfort!! And I resolved to NOT have unknown or ''iffy'' ammo put thru one of my guns again.:p

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December 15, 2003, 05:39 PM
High Standard Sentinel 9 shot revo in 22lr...many memories, most memorable was used in self defense as a kid.

SX1 running 520 straight, before I dropped one. Even tho' around rd 150 I was slipped a "turkey load" for my second shot on L8, I hit the clay. My normally good cheek weld went out the window ( read: heck yeah my head came off the stock). Number 521 I dropped L7, I never miss L7.

Numerous single shots I blew up, split bbls, and the like experimenting with emergency slugs. Didn't help the tire mounted in either. I really screwed the pooch on trying to "develop" a 28 ga slug...4 single shots later I figured the world wasn't ready yet.:p [still think it's a good idea tho']

Glass beads as shot won't work in a single shot .410, forget marbles, steel bearings are a sure way to make a cyl bore out of a full bore...in case one should ever need one. Unlike the others being used pawn shop specials, this H&R was new, I ruined it in 4 shots.

SX1 ( same one) too many memories, clay games, fur and fowl taken. The Singer gummit model which was my first center-fire handgun I fired at age 6. 1911 style I first bought with own monies, Combat Commander, and many used since, same with K frames.

Oh Chris, I give up on ammo designs...I reload following instructions, and leave developement to the more learned, Like WESHOOT2. :D

pssst ...someone come up with a 28 ga slug will ya? ;)

December 15, 2003, 05:58 PM
Funny you should mention 28G slug!!:p When I had my .410 single shot folder (why oh why did I trade it in! :rolleyes: ) I made a crude mold using two pieces of aluminum plate clamped together, with register dowels.. and bored it in the lathe. Cast some lead slugs and had hell of a game handloading - cos no press!! Real crude ''assembly''

Well .. they worked - sorta - and gun survived but .... hardly a staggering success.!

Oh and yeah Steve ... loading manuals are a good way to go!!:D

December 15, 2003, 06:34 PM
Oh and yeah Steve ... loading manuals are a good way to go!!
Oh I always used them and practiced safety. I wasn't trying to "re-invent the wheel", I just I might "improve on it" some. Like bias belt to radial tires.

There were no buckshot loads for 28 or 410...and the current .410 buckshot is not very good...I know why, trust me I know very well! :D

There still is no offering in 28 ga for a slug. Granted most 28 ga is used for skeet. The 28 ga is pricey unless one reloads, the fact is it works better than it is supposed to. Most skeet shooter have the highest score in 28ga.

It is a great small game load. I still contend the 28 ga slug make more sense than a .410 slug. ( which is waht 87.5 grains so what essentially a 38 cal...I know .410 is 36 cal) Anyway my thinking runs toward varmits around the farm/ranch/home, out hunting and need to put down a critter, maybe a small deer. I think for HD a 28 slug would have potential.

28 ga pump gun with slugs would be an light, easy to handle package for many applications,IMO

I see no need for buckshot really for most stuff other than SD, a 28 ga for game and such with current loading is fine...but it needs a slug.

Most kids get started with a single shot .410 and with it's comparitivley ineffective pattern don't do well and get turned off...or they lose a deer.

28 ga for a kid makes more sense, less recoil than a 20, a very effective pattern for game ( instills confidence...blah blah) and a 28 ga slug just has to be more effective withless recoil on doe.

I think my want for a 28 ga slug has merit. I think it fills a void. Did I qualify the need well enough?


Baba Louie
December 16, 2003, 01:18 AM
Back in '94 I bought two German Lugers when the East Germans released a bunch of them for export.

Checkering on the Grip panels worn smooth... really smooth
Rifling pretty much kaput... smoothbores
Lotsa pitting on on the exterior right side of one

Tired old German warriors.

I asked my Dad to resleeve the barrel in one of them so I brought one over to his house and left it.
He called me later and said he and his friends talked about it... and decided it was better to leave it as is. Told me I could buy a shooter anytime, but this one had seen some serious history in its life.

Often wonder about the horror they witnessed.

Not any memories I'd want to hold in my memory bank.

December 16, 2003, 01:13 PM
I would loved to have heard what my grandfather's 1914 .32 mauser had to say..........I never could get a straight story from my grandfather on it's history.....
I wouldn't want my Dad's secuity six to talk about the time I shot it in the basement tho......some memories are better left in the past;)

December 16, 2003, 01:35 PM
I wouldn't want my Dad's security six to talk hahaha! That has made me think Tony .. I'll bet a Dollar to a cent ..... there are probably quite a few ''Dad's'' guns that people are glad ''stayed quiet'':D :D

December 16, 2003, 01:35 PM
I have a $45 Chi-com copy of a Mosin-Nagant made in the Fifties. From the looks of it, it could probably tell tales of shooting at GI's in Vietnam :(

December 17, 2003, 02:45 AM
I'd love to hear what my SMLE would have to say (BSA 1915 mfr).

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