Help my cute girlfriend pick a knife.


October 8, 2010, 03:19 AM
Hey guys,

I am aware of and usually make the "get her a CHP/pepper spray/etc" arguments and agree with them, and as such my girl will be carrying pepper spray and signing up for a CHP class soon in all likelihood. That is to say, in addition to carrying a knife that may be utilized for self-defense.

Anyway I did my homework and it looks like mercop's inverted edge tactics, and/or some hybrid of that, will fill the bill for her. Plus she just likes gadgets.

I want to get her a knife that she can clip easily IWB or inside her bra strap on the front near her shoulder if wearing a blouse/dress (perhaps just temporarily while walking outside). She is a hostess/waitress at a place open sort of late in an area that can be sort of sketchy.

I'm a huge spyderco fan and have considered the delica (esp the FFG recent release), the dragonfly, the native (which she didn't like), and looked at some others. My endura is too big for her hands IMO to really use safely/comfortably for normal tasks.

So to recap the knife needn't be a spydie necessarily and should be good for self-defense namely IET style defense, so a certain amount of belly, very sharp, good grip, plus light, and good for light utility work (neither overbuilt, nor skeery for people who might see her with it in use).

Thanks. Just looking for ideas :)

PS: while she is cute beyond cute, sorry, no pics or anything... that title was just to get a wider audience!

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October 8, 2010, 04:43 AM
Honestly, if you are looking for a system of self defense, a subcompact pistol like a Kahr PM9, Ruger LCP, or Sig P238 is the way to go.

Unless you are going to have her train on knife fighting on a regimen with Navy SEALs or the British SAS, it is best to leave knife fighting to the professionals.

Regarding nonlethal methods, Kimber has the Pepperblaster and the Taser is another viable alternative.

Most importantly, her cell phone is the best defense to call for help. Also she can ask for an escort to her car.

So let us know when the wedding takes place!!!

October 8, 2010, 05:22 AM
It is going to be hard to get replies without any pictures! :D

But on a serious note, I would suggest staying away from a knife as a defensive tool.

October 8, 2010, 05:31 AM
Actually, OT pics might be deleted, and enough pics could get the thread locked. Gratuitous shot of women tend to contribute to a boys club/locker room atmosphere where female members don't feel welcome.

I was going to advise that the Dragonfly is an extremely useful every-day size, but since she's cute, I don't know what to suggest.

October 8, 2010, 06:53 AM
I've been carrying a knife daily for 15+ years, and have some minor training in their use as a self defense implement. That said, I would much rather draw a handgun than get myself into a knife fight. Lethal force is lethal force, and I like my odds a lot better if I have a gun.


October 8, 2010, 07:09 AM
Without pics, I can't help you. :D

October 8, 2010, 07:18 AM
She better be plenty physically tough to take Mercop's course, but she'll come out with skills to stand her in good stead.

My wife sometimes uses the bra carry for a Harpy or Delica (she was tough enough to spend the weekend in Bob Taylor's course). She pointed out the "Eeek!" reaction of pulling the hands up to the chest made access from the bra very natural for women and that opening and driving from the centerline made for good protective mechanics.

There's not much in the way of "gadgets" in edge up knife techniques. Classic S Asia/Philippines stuff. It does require training from a competent instructor. You can't find a knife for her is she's going to go that route. She has to find what is comfortable in her hand for that grip (hammer/edge up) and that means a trip to somewhere with a large enough selection to handle. OR a Clinch Pick.

As John said, gratuitous GF picks won't fly at THR, but especially so here.

October 8, 2010, 09:29 AM
My wife carries a swiss army knife and she finds it useful for many everyday things. She trains with a scandinavian fixed blade knife in the garden when she works out with the zuchini.
If, god forbid, she needs a knife for self defense, a sharp fixed blade is a better tool and no more difficult to conceal than a folder.

October 8, 2010, 09:50 AM
I concur that knife fighting is a last resort and difficult to learn. Of course if she is interested in learning a new skill, why not?

Recognizing and avoiding problems is 90% of staying safe.

As to the picture, the moderators are correct in not allowing gratuitous chick-pics. On the other hand, if she were holding a gun....:evil:

October 8, 2010, 10:03 AM
I'd need to see a picture of her to be able to make a suggestion (you know, to see about what size knife might work well for her)

October 8, 2010, 10:20 AM
As to the picture, the moderators are correct in not allowing gratuitous chick-pics. On the other hand, if she were holding a gun....

That is exactly what I was thinking. Maybe a pic or two of her holding her new knife when she gets it.

October 8, 2010, 10:26 AM
There's no way a moderator would consider a photo Off Topic. It's important to assess the stature and muscle tone of anyone who may be involved in hand-to-hand combat, to determine the best implements that will lead to success in such an encounter; it may be that the consensus would be that other alternatives should be sought and trained for.

As an example, I'm tall, but lean & old, and no one on this forum would suggest that I take up knife fighting if they saw my pic (which I am mercifully witholding). I'm male, but gender has nothing to do with the question posed by the OP.

I'm sure that any pic posted on The High Road would be neither revealing nor provocative.

October 8, 2010, 10:37 AM
There's no way a moderator would consider a photo Off Topic

a- two already said that they would delete said photo (post #4 and post #7)

b- it depends upon the moderator. Most are great folks. Others are not slaves to the truth or reason and their actions defy logic.

to the OP

If she wants to learn knife fighting please suggest to her that it is last on her list of priorities. Pistolcraft is more important.

October 8, 2010, 10:46 AM
I'd certainly reccomend a Becker Necker won below the bra line. No time to fool with folders when you need it. A TDI type knife works well for a woman's defense, that is what my teen age grand daughters have been taught with, devastating against grab attacks.

October 8, 2010, 10:53 AM
devastating against grab attacks

Usually a speedy and violent reaction is what saves a women from a "grab attack".

A concealed knife can take too long to deploy.

October 8, 2010, 12:18 PM
Offense, defense, special teams, the knife is a tool with unlimited uses. The delica could certainly come in handy whether employed to clean her nails, or in a surprise attack to the femoral artery. The brain remains the best tool of all.

October 8, 2010, 12:31 PM
I agree that a small fixed blade is going to surer and quicker to deploy in a self defense role than any folder.

October 8, 2010, 02:56 PM
Yes, some OC spray for sure...CHP takes time. It's good to have options anyway.

Sorry for starting the boys club type thing JS and HSO, I know exactly what you mean. Let me say that I would never post a pic of my GF on an open internet forum without her permission (and she'd probably say no), but more that it was just a joke. I hope no women reading this felt indirectly offended or excluded.

Maybe with permission I can post a pic of her holding the dragonfly/whatever she chooses (she does really like the "tattoo dragonfly" but I am pushing for the delica FFG). Some of the posters here do have a point. In fact I could post a pic of her next to me, because honestly it would be illustrative. She is 5'6 115, and I am about 6'1 210, and if we both were holding a diff size knife (for scale purposes and so on) it would actually be fairly educational what knives certain "types" of people feel fit them. This could actually help other people pick knives/get an idea.

If the answer is no that's fine, mods. I hadn't seriously considered it but I thought someone above made a good point which I just echoed.

October 8, 2010, 03:12 PM

I am a RAD Systems instructor and among the courses that I teach is a aerosol defense course.

I STRONGLY recommend that you encourage her to take a class. Our aerosol defense class is a minimum of 4 hours long. If you PM me with your location I can see if I can locate a program near you.

In addition I also suggest mixed gas sprays. (CS and OC). It seems like the CS increases the effect of the pepper. But even that is not necessarily a man stopper.

I commend her for preparing and you for encouraging and supporting her doing so.

October 8, 2010, 03:42 PM
Kershaw Ken Onion "Chive" with speed safe opening and a titanium oxide coating for durability. With a 2" blade and speed safe opening this little knife should serve your GF quite well. While it rates high in the "cute factor" this is a rugged, dependable, and highly functional blade. If called upon to "do the job" it will perform.

October 8, 2010, 03:51 PM
From the female perspective, I'll tell you what I carry. I generally have a Kershaw Leek that I keep in a special pocket that I sew into the left butt pocket of my jeans. From that position, I can reach it with either hand, as long as the clip has been moved to the opposite end (you can have it such that the blade points either down or up by changing the clip, and it comes in the "point up" position) I also remove the safety lock because it has the nasty habit of locking when you need it most.

I also carry a 2-inch "push" blade with a T handle laced into my boot. If you don't wear boots like I do, it probably won't work to do this. The Kershaw Leek is about $40, and the push blade was $10. The Leek has been used on and off for normal daily tasks for over three years and has held up quite well. The push blade is only as a last resort. I also carry a small can of Sabre Red, a brand which I highly recommend (no, I don't work for them.)

Anyway, these things are my "daily" non-firearm carry items. Check your local laws, and see what works for her!

*a little tip: don't just buy something for her, take her to the store and let her handle a bunch of things and pick for herself....

October 8, 2010, 03:52 PM
I vote Delica. As I'm sure you're aware, the FFG models come in a bunch of cute colors. Be sure to get her a trainer, too.

I don't know where you live, conwict, but if you can get to the New York Custom Knife Show (Secaucus, NJ) next month, I'll be helping George (mercop) with some demonstrations. I'm sure he's planning to do some IET.

October 8, 2010, 03:58 PM
Just something basic like a Cold Steel Double Agent ( or Tiger Claw would be an option.

These kerambit-style blades have superior retention because of the finger rings - nobody's going to take it away if she deploys it. It stays with the owner. These also have massive brandishing power; they look like business and should dissuade almost any attacker.

On the subject of knife defense, I think that the issue gets confused because people gravitate around the idea that knife fighting requires training. While that's good if you want to prepare for taking a knife fight to the bitter conclusion, or practice unarmed defense against a knife attack, the defensive use of a blade does not - in my personal opinion - require extensive study and practice.

If a woman produces a knife for defense and simply wants to retreat and gain distance and safety from an attacker, she need only make him give up whatever plan he has. Simple vertical slashes while moving in a safe direction are probably going to suffice in most imaginable instances.

October 8, 2010, 07:52 PM
Go to a gun show and let her fondle different knives and let her decide which knife she likes.

Big Bill
October 8, 2010, 11:54 PM
Buy her this Zero Tolerance 0160. Don't skimp on this purchase.

October 9, 2010, 12:22 AM
nalioth, I'm actually going to be in New Brunswick NJ on business soon. It will be late oct or early nov, and maybe there's a chance of delay for various reasons. If you're in the area why don't you shoot me an email and maybe we can grab coffee or something regardless of when I go. My email is in the dropdown menu here on this forum.

Bill, unfortunately fixed blade concealed carry is of questionable legal status in NC (probably not OK).

Big Bill
October 9, 2010, 12:53 AM
Maybe this one would work better...

Or, the Dozier line from Ka-bar are great knives.

And, I've had very good luck buying from Knives Plus...

October 9, 2010, 01:23 AM
I'm surprised no one has mentioned the old "Dont bring a knife to a gunfight" joke here.
in all seriousness, I can't suggest a knife as a good SD weapon. The whole concept of self defense is to stop the attacker, while its true that guns can stop someone on a permanent basis, thats just the nature of the beast.

Mace, and Tasers can also stop an assailant. stop them long enough for you to escape, or call for help, ideally both. The issue with a knife is that while it can stop an attacker, in the heat of the moment it is unlikely to, and unless you're prepared to sever a carotid artery, or jam it into their liver, they problably wont be incapacitated for several seconds, even if you do manage to hit a vital spot.

That all being said, I carry an automatic blackhawk ATFK, but I also carry a Glock 30.
I consider the knife more of a tool than a weapon, I wouldn't hesitate to wield it as a weapon if I had to, just the same as a metal stick, or beer mug, or whatever, but in general I consider it a tool.

October 9, 2010, 01:32 AM
I had a Folts Minimalist, and I gave it to my mother to carry on her hiking trips that she goes on with a group of ladies from her church. For what it's worth, she really digs it, as did her buddies. I got about 5 emails from these very nice older women asking me, my mothers barbarian son, where they should go to shop for knives. Every single one of them went to and bought one!

But you know, as far as a knife for self defense, I think a neck knife largely sucks. I don't really care for them, and in large part that is because unless I dangle it outside of my shirt (which my mother does) they are a real PITA to get to, in addition to the fact that I don't put a whole ton of trust into most kydex sheaths. I have nothing against the knives themselves, nor do I think neck carry is dumb in certain situations. I just don't like them for defensive purposes.

If it has to be a folder, why not something like a mini-griptilian? You can get them in different colors (including the ever so sexist pink) which reduces the threatening nature of the knife somewhat, and the axis lock is obviously pretty awesome. Or, since I am a Spydie fan, why not the Delica that you suggested earlier?

For a fixed blade, which I agree is a better option and which I do not think is going to be an issue for her though I don't know that, perhaps the Ka-Bar TDI? I have played with one, and while I am not a supporter of knife fighting, they seemed like a pretty good deal.

Anyway, just suggestions and opinions. I am in no way well versed in the world of stabbery, so take it with a grain of salt.

October 9, 2010, 03:34 AM
I've said this before, but it obviously bears repeating: "intimidation factor" should only be an issue when considering how non-threats and LEO will view your tool. If a knife is used defensively, the attacker should not be aware of it until he is unable to continue attacking.

Knives are NOT optimal defensive tools, but they are convenient. A quality small knife is easier to keep with you than practically anything else, due to minimal weight and size. If it's an option, something like a Kel-Tec P32, or even a NAA .22 in a good kydex sheath, would be a better choice.


Black Toe Knives
October 9, 2010, 04:54 AM
John is right.

Knives suck as defensive weapons, ask the sword welding Gentleman in the Indian Jones Movie.

Knives work best as a stealth weapon. Your attacker should never know you have a knife till it is sticking in them, stopping their attack.

Shadow 7D
October 9, 2010, 05:22 AM
knife work is dirty, take practice, is she willing to learn?
If she is, then get her in with an instructor, and then once she has worked a bit with knives, let her go shopping.

October 9, 2010, 08:19 AM
If a knife is used defensively, the attacker should not be aware of it until he is unable to continue attacking.

Exactly. You are stating the position of a person who thinks about the optimal use of a knife for a combat situation. That's a natural mistake, and it took me a while to really understand how this isn't an apples-to-apples comparison.

In a little while, I'll be heading out to my Saturday edged-weapons class, and will be practicing sword and knife technique. What I'll be doing won't have a lot to do with the needs of a woman heading back to her car at night. You have to put yourself into that kind of situation to see that a woman carrying a knife for self defense may have different requirements and strategies.

Now, if she wants to train and develop fighting skills, that's one thing. But if the purpose of the knife is to dissuade attack, then actually engaging and cutting and stabbing an attacker probably isn't the optimal envisioned outcome. Fine if it comes to that, but maybe better if it can be avoided.

I do know women who carry knives, and I've listened to them talk about it. What I've heard suggests that their plan is to draw the blade if necessary and suggest to the person causing them a problem that going and doing something else would be a better idea. Hence, snapping out a Ti Lite or drawing a kerambit is consistent with a "time for you to go away" message. An auto or assisted opener could also work well in this application.

The worst choice, from this perspective, would be a Spyderco or similar. There is little need for a small, innocuous scalpel or surgical-type blade. These are better for the fighter who fully plans to engage and knows how to do it. They are great for cutting an adversary and hurting him badly before he is even aware of what has happened. But that's most likely not what a woman who is carrying a knife as a defensive weapon wants to do.

That's a qualified statement, by the way. My school has a few women in it and they are the type who train to fight hard with a blade and who will close in and "go to town" if necessary. But then, they don't need any advice about knives because they know exactly what they want and need in a weapon and choose accordingly.

October 9, 2010, 09:05 AM
Gerber paraframe , plain edge may be a good choice, very compact and light, blade is small enough to not be too frightening, and the lack of serrations keep it from looking "mean". I have one and used it as a work/carry knife for years, and still do....opens like silk as well. There is a paraframe 1 and 2, each is a different size, pick one that's small enough or large enough.

October 9, 2010, 12:01 PM
shockwave, it may work, but it's a dangerous gamble. A truly committed attacker- IOW, the most dangerous kind- if aware a blade is in play, can probably deal with it fairly effectively. You're most likely to dissuade the least dangerous threats with brandishing.

October 9, 2010, 12:11 PM
I'm a huge spyderco fan and have considered the delica (esp the FFG recent release)...I have that knife, i.e. the Spyderco Delica FFG, and I think it is perfect for a self defense knife in terms of size, function, and not looking overly aggressive (I'm with JShirley on whether a knife should look aggressive or not -- i.e. I think it should not). And she could get it in a feminine color! Price is reasonable too.

October 9, 2010, 06:00 PM
A truly committed attacker- IOW, the most dangerous kind- if aware a blade is in play, can probably deal with it fairly effectively. You're most likely to dissuade the least dangerous threats with brandishing.

Absolutely. We're on the same page.

Let's go back to this specific application. The woman in question is attractive, not trained, works in a bar or restaurant, late hours. The likely threat here is the drunk who won't take no for an answer. The slob. Some clown who's pestering her and starting to paw, etc.

Now, if you're like me - you probably are - then you arm and train and prepare for the maximum threat. The kind of person we read about here all the time: the committed attacker who will happily eat five or six .357s to COM and keep coming no matter what.

I don't think that's going to be this woman's problem. If it is, it won't matter what kind of knife she's carrying or how she uses it. Anything short of a firearm will be iffy at best. But the kind of trouble she probably wants to carry for is as you say - the least dangerous threat who most likely will see a blade and decide to go do something else.

Y'know, I've got a neighbor who custom builds ARs and is featured in a Magpul Dynamics video. A very talented and trained shooter, he's told me that he's more frightened of knives than of guns. That's fairly typical. The 'snick' of a rapidly deployed blade and the sight of it will probably handle most common situations, just as some 99 percent of all defensive uses of firearms do not involve discharging the weapon.

I really don't know how to make this any more clear. I train constantly for excellence with bladed weapons, but I also recognize that the mere presentation of the weapon might, in the best-case scenario, get the job done. So there's really no downside to carrying one that has some brandishing quality, and there are indeed drawbacks to the silent, stealthy, SOG blackened tactical models. Those are great for dispatching guards on commando raids, but for general SD I lean toward large, visible and loud.

October 9, 2010, 08:56 PM
A very talented and trained shooter, he's told me that he's more frightened of knives than of guns.

To branch off a bit from this statement, I will say I am more afraid to use a knife than a gun. Actually "afraid" probably isn't the best word... Maybe "more horrified" would be better. I have seen people shot, I have been shot, and I have shot at people. Not that it's a carnival, but for the most part it isn't as traumatic as a knife wound. I have seen a few knife wounds live and on the internet and they are ghastly. I really don't want to have to stab someone, and I definitely don't want to get into a knife fight with someone. I will do both if that's the difference between life and death, but I am loathe to do so.

It's not that I am saying I would rather shoot someone, because I don't particularly want to do that either (except in Call of Duty or something). I am just saying that one doesn't typically result in guts falling out or large pieces of meat flapping around or geysers of blood while the other does.

Sadly, I don't think many people who talk about SD with a knife consider the horror of doing so.

October 9, 2010, 09:42 PM
OP -

you've gotten enough of the whole get her a gun/knives suck for sd/she needs pepper/how much training will she get/etc. so... i'll just give ya the recommendation you asked for: i too had to select a SD knife for my wife, she too is "cute". well, actually mine is more like blazing hot, but anyway. i'm a fixed blade fan, but realize most women are not. i wanted some of the positive attributes of a FB in a folder package. so approaching from that angle, i selected a Kershaw Blur. oh yea, red seems to be about the girliest color you can get it in. i'm also buying her a pink Izula as a necker so the choice will be hers bases on comfort.

October 10, 2010, 05:59 AM
Both Mustang Steve & Diarycreek came up with decent options. One of my daughters carries a gerber paraframe. It is a decent little knife for the money. It is more of a tool than a defensive type knife.

My second daughter carries a chive, just in pink, not the finish shown. It is extremely fast opening and one hand deployable. It is also very small, so it is easy to keep on her person regardless of outfit, activity, etc.

October 10, 2010, 04:39 PM
First let me give a bit of my background when it comes to my training. In 2007 I was chosen to write and teach the edged weapons curriculum for the Air Force Special Operations Commands DAGRE (Deployed Aircraft Ground Response Element), ended up teaching some outside of the box expandable baton as well. They were being issued a Strider fixed blade at the completion of the course and wanted training. A certain senior NCO (name not give for OPSEC/PERSC) and Strider gave the nod for me to do the training.

My edged weapons survival for law enforcement/corrections has been presented to the Maryland Department of Corrections Special Operations Group an well as the Southwest Alabama Police Academy. It is currently being considered for POST certification in AL.

I am also currently the lead instructor and curriculum developer for SAFE ( I created a course for personal protection for nurses. It is currently being accredited in Iowa and Illinois for continuing education hours for nursing.

The reason I post this is so that you can tell where I am coming from. I train / have trained everyone from special operations to law enforcement to soccer moms. They all have very different needs. What works for troop in full kit is different from what works for a mom with a kid in one arm and bag of groceries in the other. They are also going to have different mindsets. What they have in common is the need to train to survive interpersonal violence in their "world".

Yes it would be nice if everyone had the time, interest, and money to train to be Jack Bauer or Laura Croft, but that is not the case. It would also be nice if every one was in perfect physical condition. But this is not the case either.

People need training based on the threats that they are most likely to face. The truth is that in spite of all the training in the world even troops and police are killed just about every day. It is the little things you do everyday that make life more survivable.

It comes down to awarness (, utm_campaign=Feed%3A+deathvalleymag%2FHrFY+%28DEATH+VALLEY+MAGAZINE%29), avoidance, and LASTLY aggression. Too many people focus only on aggression and even then only what they have fun training in. Too little force on force and too many reasons to use deadly force. When you train to be aware, and avoid as much as possible, you will have a much easier time making a split second decision that will change your life forever.

As far as to what to carry. There are many people reading this that are often unarmed. It may be because your state does not have CCW. Maybe your employer had a policy against it. How about when you fly, and the time from getting to the airport and checking your pistol to getting it out of your checked luggage on arrival. What if you cannot carry at your destination? Do you feel unarmed when you don't have a pistol on you? Do you feel that you cannot protect yourself and your family? Would a professional mechanic not change a flat tire because he did not have all of his tools? If you feel unarmed without a firearm maybe you should rethink your personal protection plan. Even if you are carrying a pistol or knife, can you walk down the street with it in your hand? There is an excellent chance that during an attack there will be open hand contact before you can deploy your weapon. Do you have those skills? Even if you are infirm or disabled, do you at least stay close to a vehicle or wall to help you stay on your feet? A small impact weapon like a pen (, flashlight, or cane ( in your hand may prevent the need to use a higher level of force or allow you the time to get to it.

What about an improvised edged weapon like the comb ( If you don't think this hurts let someone rake it across your face. So if our loved ones cannot carry a gun or a knife they should not have options?

Do yourself a favor and teach especially the women and children in your life to fight like a cat to get away, not like a dog to win. Somehow I don't see my 14 yr old daughter getting an attacker into an arm bar and yelling "tap or snap", even though she has the skills. I don't want her to "win", I want her to come home to me and her mother.

If you want to carry a knife, especially a folder because of law, policey, or just personal preference, I suggest Inverted Edge Tactics ( When someone tells you about what you can or cannot do with a folder ask them what they base it on. All their knife fighting experience, internet research, or actual training? Whatever knife you carry for SD you need a trainer, without it you are just hoping you will rise to the occasion. You have a better chance of catching a foul ball at a big league game with a beer in each hand.

As far as my training being tough, it is as tough as you want it to be. When grown men attend a few classes a year I am going to turn the stress up. And when I do, I fight everyone, and take my lumps. By far my most popular course right now is Combat Pen / Kubaton Course. I have one at the end of the month that is full of husbands and wives, and parents and kids (13 and above). With me you train as hard as you want to. Just remember your attacker is always training harder than you and has much less to loose than you do.

I realize that some are going to read this and think I am just advertising. The truth is that I make my living at this, or at least try to. I am retired from police work and now train full time. I put this information out to help people looking for good information sort through the flashy marketing BS and keyboard commandos (not talking about anyone in this thread). To see what I am talking about I ask you to watch Tactikewl (!). If I can be of any service to anyone, for anything feel free to call the office at 717-889-1753 or e-mail me at God Bless and Stay Safe- George

October 11, 2010, 05:50 AM
Nothing wrong with including a plug for yourself when you can personally address a member's potential needs.

Lots of good stuff to think about. I'm personally a big fan of 2AA flashlights and 16-20oz water bottles* as impact weapons. And one can have those practically anywhere (*the empty bottle can be taken through airport security, and filled once through).


October 18, 2010, 06:09 PM
I like the Chris Reeve Sebenza or Benchmade 940. Both have strong locking mechanisms and nice blades. Neither of these are true fighting knives but they are both excellent all-round choices.

October 19, 2010, 02:20 PM
Original Post:
She is a hostess/waitress at a place open sort of late in an area that can be sort of sketchy.

A bottle of Tabasco, is a a formidable weapon, in the hands of someone that knows how to use it. So are many other items in a restaurant/dining/bar setting.

My suggestion would be for her to attend some classes, and from the classes, and assistance of instructor(s) find what "fits" her, and her environment.

Setting up a session, with her environment, concerns and therefore focusing on mindset, skill sets, to use whatever tools she has. Not a "my way" or "gotta use this gun/knife/tool" instructor, instead one that is able to actually listen to a student and together they work on this concern.

This way, besides situational awareness, reading the room, she will find what tools "fit" her and she can better defend with tools she does the best with.
No tool is ever any better than the user of said tool - anon

So what works for hso's wife, may not be best for your girlfriend.

My brain runs to Tabasco, order "books", pens, flashlight, wine bottles, corkscrews, aprons, stools, chairs...

SouthNarc comes to mind.

October 20, 2010, 08:13 AM
Bill, unfortunately fixed blade concealed carry is of questionable legal status in NC (probably not OK).

You're correct. I live in the Western end of the State, but have lived in the Piedmont and Coastal areas.
Not one place in NC were the laws the same because they can vary from county to county and from DA to DA.
Certainly a fixed blade brings out a big problem for NC residents and guests with our law enforcement personnel since the perception is so fluid.
So, probably a folder that adheres to your county's regulations, or the most stringent of length/carriage regulations is the safest bet.
I carry small folders like the sodbuster for utility work and what is allowed in Buncombe and other western counties for a sharp knife. That would be a 3" blade folder, as I understand it.
I also keep a kubotan on my keyring.
NC can make it very difficult to know and obey the law. :banghead:

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