68 Caliber Air Gun Weapons of Today and the new MB68P and other Projectile


October 14, 2010, 05:44 PM
68 Caliber Air Gun Weapons of Today and the new MB68P and other Projectile

Ok They say first impressions are what count, So here gos. I know some of you are laughing at the moment at the thought of a .68 caliber Air Gun could ever be considered a weapon or even back up alternative weapon. I do hope you take a few min to read what I have to say and keep a open mind. Remember not everyone can have, has or wants a firearm for one reason or another.

First I'll give a little info on what I have learned these last couple months. Air guns (AKA Paintball) have come a long ways in the last couple years they were first invented to mark animals for slaughter, then progressed into a game enjoyed my many they have also been use as tools for police and military training as well as in the field for less lethal compliance.

A standard off the shelf paint ball gun starts at about $150.00 and up they use a 8oz to 20oz 3,000 psi tank of Co2 the velocity can be adjusted up or down to about 450 to 600 plus fps they are played in the game at about 280fps and are accurate at 150 to 200 feet. These air guns a capable of holding up to 200 round as well as firing in Simi to Full auto at a rate of 18 to 30 rounds a sec.

Military and law enforcement .68cal. Air guns work on the same principles with a few modifications such as a longer stronger velocity spring for a much higher adjustable fps rate as well as a little longer barrel for better accuracy. They fire such projectile like Pepper balls, marking and rubber balls for training and in the field compliance.

Let me start by saying that a .68cal air gun is no match in a real firearm showdown, But it mat now have a place as a alternative self defense weapon when you consider these types of ammo.

I am using the following

1. MB68P 6 gram, 93.5grain glass bullets that are rubber coated to size
2. 3 gram Hard Plastic Resin Balls
3. Ghost Chili Capsaicin Powder Pepper Balls
4. Ghost Chili Capsaicin Powder Pepper/9mm glass Ball mix
5. Ghost Chili Capsaicin oil Pepper Balls

The MB68P are a extreme less lethal bone shattering, trauma inducing fuid shock to the body it is a 5/8 or 16mm solid glass sphere surrounded and coated with 1mm or so of rubber to bring it up to size in this case 17.24mm or .68Cal.

The rubber on the ball serves a few purposes, it bring the Glass Bullet to the proper size, It also acts as a shock absorber against the bolt when firing this heavier projectile as well as protects the barrel from being scratched, scared and damaged.

The rubber also protects the marble itself from shattering breaking or splintering in or outside your gun when or after fired. The weight is 6 Grams or about 93.5 grains. Fired at 350 to 650 fps in a smooth bore .68Cal Air gun and are most effective and accurate at a range of 200 feet or less. These work in all .68 Caliber air guns and can be reused over and over again when shooting soft targets

I have also acquired resin balls for times when the MB68P is on called for. These weigh about 3 grams and are a hard plastic resin ball.

I also found a way to make my own capsaicin pepper balls, capsaicin pepper/9mm glass ball mix and capsaicin pepper oil balls.

I would only use these in a case of self defense and or protecting my family. I know its no match in a real fire fight against a real fire arm, Yet some times a real gun is not a option for some or may not be available.

These are no longer a kids toy as you can see the numbers below there are all kind of possibilities.

Air gun energy generally is expressed in foot pounds. It is well worth considering, in practical terms, what a foot pound represents. One foot pound is the energy that a one pound object releases when falling one foot (ignoring the friction of air, which, from a very rough practical sense over very short distances, we may do for very dense objects). Thus, one can roughly consider that a gun firing with a muzzle energy of 12 ft./lbs. is about the same as dropping a 16 oz. hammer head from about 12 feet. Extend that to a 30 ft. drop for a 30 ft/lb. gun. Imagine being hit by that falling hammer head and you are doing a very crude visualization of the guns potential hitting strength.

Muzzle velocity and kinetic energy (K) of a .68 caliber air gun and the 6 gram MB68P Glass bullet.

@ 300fps (K) = 25.0838208 joule or (K) = 18.50 foot-pound

@ 350fps (K) = 34.1418672 joule or (K) = 25.18 foot-pound

@ 400fps (K) = 44.5934592 joule or (K) = 32.89 foot-pound

@ 500fps (K) = 69.67728 joule or (K) = 51.39 foot-pound

@ 600fps (K) = 100.3352832 joule or (K) = 74.00 foot-pound

Comparison chart of other .68 Caliber Projectile

Kinetic Energy to Target Feet -----0'---------5'---------25'---------50'-------75-------100

MB68P Marble Ball 300fps KE -----18.5-----18.43------18.09------17.76-----17.42-----17.09 ----Foot Pounds
MB68P Marble Ball 400fps KE -----32.89-----32.82-----32.48------32.15-----31.81-----31.48 ----Foot Pounds
MB68P Marble Ball 500fps KE -----51.39-----51.32-----51.05------50.72-----50.38-----50.05 ----Foot Pounds
MB68P Marble Ball 600fps KE -----74.00-----73.93-----73.66.------73.33-----72.99.-----72.66.--=- Foot Pounds
.68Cal 6G 93.5 Gr

As you can see there is only a loss of about 0.07 for every 5 feet of distance. If you see post 87 in this tread you can see how it compares to other .68 caliber projectils.

Kinetic Energy to Target Feet-----0'--------5'------25'-------50'-------75-------100
Resin Bead Ball 300fps KE -------9.25-----9.21-----9.08-----8.91------8.74------8.57 ----Foot Pounds
Resin Bead Ball 400fps KE ------16.44----16.4-----16.27-----16.1-----15.93-----15.76 ----Foot Pounds
.68Cal 3G 46Gr

Kinetic Energy to Target Feet -----0'------5'------25'------50'-----75-----100

Frozen Paint Ball 300fps KE ------9.25----9.21----9.08----8.91----8.74-----8.57 ----Foot Pounds
Frozen Paint Ball 400fps KE -----16.44----16.4---16.27----16.1---15.93----15.76 -----Foot Pounds
.68Cal 3G 46Gr

Kinetic Energy to Target Feet------0'-------5'------25'-----50'------75------100

Fluid Filled Paint Ball 300fps KE----6.93----6.89----6.72----6.55----6.39-----6.22 ----Foot Pounds
Fluid Filled Paint Ball 400fps KE---12.33---12.29---12.16----12-----11.83----11.66 --Foot Pounds
.68Cal 3G 46Gr

The PB numbers compared frozen PB numbers look screwy, Because they are a best guess of the Kinetic energy. @ 25% less. What % of kinetic energy escapes horizontally & vertically when hit with a paintball? I do not know, It could be more than 25 % it could be lees. Ok when you get hit with a paintball not all the K energy left in the ball is transferred to the body some of the energy is allowed to escape horizontally & vertically when the ball beaks. How much KE or velocity is transferred in the fluid that make's the splat mark is unknown.

Well there you have it. Please dont kill the massager , Kind of a love hate thing I started here. Some of you are going to hate it, Some of you are going to love it and want to know more. Feel free to add your comments and suggestions or to simply send me a pm.

Thank you all Michael

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October 15, 2010, 08:42 PM
I am sure all that is correct and valid and everything, and I can see the use that the police would have for it. I don't see how this is a particularly viable self-defense tool other than in theory. No one is going to walk around packing a paintball gun when you can just carry pepper spray or even a taser these days, and if you want less than lethal home defense options, it isn't that hard for your house with pepper spray.

Of course, as you yourself acknowledge, any gun is superior compared to this.

October 16, 2010, 12:44 PM
I suspect those rubber-coated glass balls would leave a mark.

October 17, 2010, 04:48 PM
I like this idea where I can I get some of this ammo?:evil:

October 20, 2010, 02:19 PM
Since you asked

Well if your a member here, you can check out my profile, See my web site even give me a call or send me a message. The MB68P glass bullets are only availible to Leo, police and malitary at this time, other officails may inquire. Pepper balls and resin balls are availible to all.

Thanks Michael

October 20, 2010, 04:58 PM
Just skimming your data there it seems the best you can do is 100 joules at the muzzle. For comparison, a 9mm luger FMJ will be something like 500 joules. Your .68cal best effort is basically a .22LR with zero penetration. I wouldn't want to get shot with one but I'd rather have a crossbow and/or good running shoes at that point. I strongly doubt you are anywhere near bone-breaking energy but I have no data or experience here.

My anecdotal experience with paintball guns is they are reasonably reliable (not like a firearm, but ok) but accuracy is terrible. The lack of rifling and low momentum vs. surface area is probably responsible for this. But for real defense distances (10yds) it's fine.

You'd be better off with an airgun that can move small projectile really fast. I seem to remember my dad having a .30cal airgun years ago. Just a thought.

Summary: no, it's not a weapon, go find a big stick.

Joe Demko
October 20, 2010, 05:04 PM
Be okay for running off stray dogs. Cops would have all kinds of uses for them. I, personally, am having trouble picturing any situation where I would want to use this against a human opponent that would not have better alternatives. This is the kind of things cops use because they must engage but not all engagements require lethal force. I, in contrast, am not required to engage. If I am forced to engage, then it is going to be a lethal force encounter.

October 20, 2010, 06:00 PM
As a paintball player, I really don't like this type of topic, and prefer paintball guns not be viewed as weapons. I know they can be, but the more they are viewed as such, the more this safe sport receives unnecessary regulations and restrictions.

In all honesty, there is NO legitimate use for pepperballs or similar, by law enforcement or otherwise. There are far safer means of crowd control or disabling someone. A pepperball WILL take out an eye, break noses, teeth, and maybe fingers. This makes it far more dangerous than pepper spray or tear gas, which do not involve projectiles launched directly at an individual. Pepperballs and related are a serious injury waiting to happen. I'd consider them worse than even a Taser, and they'd be extremely difficult to justify in court.

October 20, 2010, 06:01 PM
No one is going to walk around packing a paintball gun when you can just carry pepper spray or even a taser these days

Guess you haven't watched "Dog The Bounty Hunter" (dont worry you aren't missing anything) other than they all use PB guns with pepperballs.

October 20, 2010, 09:16 PM
I recall a live police pursuit on TV a few years back in California; the suspect eventually stopped, but refused to exit the vehicle. The cops kept their distance (about a hundred feet or so, IIRC) and eventually brought up a pepperball gun - it looked like full-auto fire to me, and penetrated the rear window of the vehicle with ease. Took him a while but the suspect eventually exited and was taken down.

December 8, 2010, 09:37 PM
Bumped just intime for christmas

December 9, 2010, 12:05 PM
Describing a new product that you think forum members may be interested in, whether your own or just one you've found, is fine. Outright sales threads belong in the Exchange forum.


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