coyote/ varmint assasination


October 14, 2010, 09:30 PM
im planning on taking a good bit of coyotes.
using a Howa M1500 in .308 with a sporter barrel.
how should i set up for this?
prone? in a blind? wearing a ghillie?
i really want to wear a ghillie, as i want to be a sniper when im older and this might be good practice with range estimation, ect. but im not sure how to go about hunting them, should i talk to farmers and landowners?

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October 14, 2010, 10:07 PM
Best thing I ever did when I decided I wanted to hunt predators was read a lot of posts on this site:

There is a ton of good info here, much better than I've found here in general. No knock on this site, it's just a numbers thing. A small fraction of members here hunt predators, every member over there hunts predators.

My personal recommendations:
A small chair to elevate yourself
Shooting sticks
camo gloves and mesh face mask
A good call: the Primos lil' dog is very a good production call. The TT Extreme by Tony Tebbe over at predatormasters is a great all around call.

Predator calling is a lot of fun but it takes some know-how and practice. If you've never done it you may want to get a video or go on youtube to see how it's done. I like Randy Anderson's stuff but the folks over at PM may have better suggestions. Byron South is supposed to be good stuff but I've never seen it. Good luck.

October 14, 2010, 10:26 PM
Well Future, if your ghillie suit matches the cover you are in then go for it. But those yotes have pretty sporty vision and will pick up on subtle movements more than shape differentials. Get a good rabbit in distress call, ask around the farmers as they will be the best source for locating them, find a good brushpile or woodfall to back up against. Plant yourself, sit still, and call for about 10 to 15 seconds every 2 to 5 minutes. Try to get as scent free as you can because they have pretty darn good noses. I would also suggest carrying a shotgun as well. Sometimes them critters can get right on you before you see them and a scattergun is best for those situations. I don't remember which bipod you got for that rifle, but if it is long enough to fire from a seated position that is about the best way. Give it about an hour for each location you sit. If they haven't responded by then, more than likely, they wont. When you move, move around half mile or so each time. There are some really good electronic calls out there for yotes but I am not sure if they are legal or not in Ga so check on that. Some states do not allow electronic calls even for Pred. hunting (which is completely retarded). Does your dad reload? If he does I would suggest these bullets for that .308 for yotes ... if they shoot well from that barrel, they will really do a good job on yotes and pretty much explode so you don't have to worry TOO MUCH about pass through and hitting something unintentional. Have fun and good luck

October 15, 2010, 10:21 PM
He doesnt reload, I am about to start. My boss, Don at the gunclub told me not to get a "Lee" press. so now im discourages and cant afford anything else.
but i had seen that bullet before, I was planning on using a 150 grain ballistic tip.
I was planning on using a mat, with my adult about 50 yards away shooting across the same field. prone.
with a homemade Ghillie I have yet to make.

October 15, 2010, 10:58 PM
Eh, Lee's really are not that bad at all. I started out on one (seems like 100 years ago) They are just more time consuming. I might could hook you up with pretty much everything you would need to start reloading except for the dies. I still have my Single stage RCBS press and an extra Hornady Powder measure (which you really don't need but is really nice to have) Electronic scales and I think I even have an extra caliper laying around. Know I have a reamer for primer pockets and a chamfer tool for cases.

Reloading is about the best investment you can make for 2 reasons. Number one is cost of ammo, number 2 is you can tune up your ammo to get the best performance from your particular weapon.

Talk to your dad and see if he would be ok with you getting the stuff for it (would also be good you both to do something fun together) Basically all you would need to get that I don't have would be a die set, bullets, powders. Talk to him and see if he would want to do something like that then get back to me and Ill put together a price which for all that I said would probably be in the 125 to 150 range (including a speer reloading manual) And all the help you can ask for for getting started.

October 16, 2010, 09:22 AM
Most predators eyes are attracted to movement; so the important thing is to be still. That's why many prefer a box-type blind over a gillie suit, since you can spend 100 hours making a suit, and still not have it be quite right color and texture-wise, spend even more time, get out there, move your head and boom, they saw ya and they're gone. You might not have even known they were there yet.

I don't have 1/2 miles to hunt around here, so i have a few blinds that i leave out; and put a shirt i've worn in there every few days, to keep my smell as a constant...that way they don't necessarily get spooked when they smell you. And they have incredible noses.

Also, if there's any deer hunting around, wait til there's been a kill and set up overlooking the gut-pile. I like to set up at least 100yds away, of not more; and be very conscious of your silhouette. You want solid stuff behind you, higher than you, so you're not sky-lined. Most times, when they get wind of something, they'll do a large circle around the area before coming in.

I've heart/double-lunged more than one and had them run hundreds of yards. these days i keep it to head-shots so i don't have to wander the land looking for blood-sign. With your .308, you should be hard-pressed to find skull parts; but tails make nice souvenirs.

Good luck; and only expect to be successful in a small percentage of hunts.

October 19, 2010, 08:01 AM
Im expecting to see them, but too far to take the shot.
thats why friday I'm planning to set up my rifle with new rings at 300 yards, holding over.

Ike R
October 19, 2010, 11:18 PM
I would bathe well in scent a way soap before heading out, its cheap at walmart and to me it just works better than other products, the scent lok clothes and such aren't as effective as they advertise. Hang a few scent wafers out around yourself as well. If your blind or cover area is near some rich soil disturb it a bit and you can get a good cover scent from that too.

Another thing I have done with some success is poping a few varmits at another location and hang them from a tree, or a t-post. Its bringing your own gut-pile.

Remember coyotes are wylie creatures, when its looking right at you tends to be when you notice them.

and plus 1 to Freedom Fighter for the offer of the used discounted gear, thats pretty high road IMHO.

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