Respect for the Taurus PT99


October 14, 2010, 10:46 PM
I originally got a Taurus PT99 and PT 92 in a private sale from a friend who was money problems. I acquired them when I was teaching twelve person size NRA First Steps Pistol classes three times a month, to give the students some variety along with the Glocks(Model 22s and a 23) and Tokarevs(Norinco 9mm and 7.62x25) I have when it came to semi-autos.

As with all good things the class sizes dropped in size and then in frequency. Now I'm lucky to get a five person class once a month(pays for my shooting and lets me guiltlessly stash some money towards my next purchase). At days end I got a heck of a collection paid for well far and clear plus a ton of ammo to boot. I did sell the Taurus PT 92 to a friend for what I paid when he came to a class and brought some friends. It was in great shape but it had miles on it, to borrow from Jeff Foxworth "like looking for a wife in a house of ill-repute" and the guy is a good friend(he knew the gun's history but fell in love with it and for $200 he couldn't really go too far wrong, and it is a good shooter) who has sent me about a dozen more people since he bought it, and asks when he can send more people to me so it balances in the scheme of things.

The PT 99, PT 99 AF to be exact I held onto. Why originally I couldn't tell you but when my roomate went on a crack binge and stole $300 from my dad(and I found out from his ex-wife and recently former employer that he was a convicted felon who had attacked someone with a knife), the first thing I did was pack up a bunch of my pistols and one of my pistol gripped shotguns and headed to the range. My Rossi 462 and Ruger Sp101 3" shot great steady shooting at 20 yards and handled fast firing at five yards with a ten inch grouping(yes I was shooting Winchester 110 grain .357 magnum JHP). I shot the Glock 23 with some Federal Hydra-shoks that were laying around from when a friend gave them to me, they shot great( I randomly picked out six rounds) at seven yards and held a five inch grouping. I shot up some American Eagle 155 grains fast firing at seven yards and they held ten inches when I unloaded the 13 round mags as fast as possible.

The Ruger P345 handled admirably yada yada yada. Then the PT 99 AF, I'd shot it target shooting style for class purposes but I'd never actually shot it fast. I had a 150 rounds of Fiocchi Sinestar 100 grain non-toxic frangibles. So I loaded up a magazine and practiced a little small multiple shot placement practice on a real old zombie target. Double tap in the head, double tap in the chest, and double tap in the gun. Each double tap had the rounds where I wanted them and the shots were only about four inches apart at the most(people give you strange looks at the range when you have a ruler and permanent marker).

I sped up the practice, then I mixed up. Then I put up a fresh target and unloaded the 15 round magazine. Not one hiccup. The fifty round box went quicker than I thought possible. So I loaded up some brown bear and the rounds handled the same way(I had adjusted/zeroed the sights for the brown bear 115 grain FMJ off a bench rest for 20 yard targets) happily enough. A hundred rounds later double tapping, and unloading the magazine at seven yards I was convinced this would be my bedside gun, especially after I shot right handed(only one hand, I'm left handed with a left eye dominance) as fast as I could and kept the vitals on a silhouette target at seven yards. The police shooting next to me kept giving me funny looks and the older bald fat guy with a Tap Out T-shirt eyed me the whole time in the parking lot and even walked up about ten feet before giving me a wave as I was putting the PT 99 in the glove box.

With 15 rounds of Fiocchi Sinestar 100 grain frangibles that I can put all of which in the vitals at seven yards shooting with my weak hand, any armed attacker would be hard pressed to keep walking after that, even so I've got a 12 gauge with 00' buckshot just in case, or to start (I live in the master bedroom, the bathroom is on the other side of the room away from my door, my last line of retreat so to speak, it's where I keep the pistol gripped Remington 870 cloned 12 gauge and where my cell phone charges at night).

The Taurus PT99 may not be great competition gun, but it's reliable for me and a good shooter. It's not easy to conceal carry for me absent a shoulder holster and I have a Ruger P345 that resides there normally. It's a keeper be it in my truck glove box where it will reside when I'm out and about, or on a dresser right next to my bed at night. I'll soon invest in one of the 20 round magazines and put it through its paces for reliability. I was thinking of getting a Para Ordnance 18.9 and converting it to 9x23 Winchester(did it on a Tokarev that hasn't blown my hand off after a few hundred Winchester Silver tips and few hundred more handloads) some time in February of next year, but I can't deny the Taurus PT 99 is great gun for the every day carry and HD/SD. Some more practice and it might just end up in my shoulder holster with a 20 round magazine and Crimson Trace laser grip. A pickup truck is a pickup truck and a sports car is a sports car. They each have their own place.

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October 15, 2010, 12:10 AM
I bought a 92AF about a week ago, actually. I've always wanted one, and since it's intended to be my bedside/HD gun, this is good to hear. :) The only difference between the 92AF and 99AF is adjustable sights, right? Also, what magazines do you use in it, Mec-Gar or factory only?

October 15, 2010, 08:30 AM
I do not own a PT92 but am somewhat of a Taurus model info guy.

Here's something to look at.

October 15, 2010, 11:35 AM
I'm always amazed when people let strangers move in with them and then act surprised when stuff like this happens. I see it on cops pretty often.

October 15, 2010, 04:09 PM
I like my 101. Never a malfunction. the rear sight pin has come out twice (you can see it's missing in this pic, in fact), but Taurus replaced it both times with no complaint. This time they sent me an extra just in case. Just put a new recoil spring on it.

Second pistol I ever bought. I even stupidly paid about $60 (IIRC) for a spare 11-round mag during the clinton ban... that one extra round was reeeeally important to me. I'm sure the guys in the gun shop were laughing behind my back. :D

October 15, 2010, 04:18 PM
As I understand it the difference between the 92 and 99 is adjustable sights. I kept the 99 because it had adjustable sights and from being a revolver fiend when it comes to .357 and .44 magnum, I just can't have a handgun where I can't adjust the sights.

On the roomate part, the guy has lived in the house with me for more than a year now. It was only within the last month did things start to go poorly. My dad being the sweet sucker he is offered to let him work with him while he restored some condos he'd just bought.

My dad gave him $400($100 for the guy to keep for himself) to pick up a dryer. The guy didn't have a bucket to spit in, owed four grand in back child support, and didn't have the money to make his next car payment, but yeah he stole from my dad. I made some calls and found out he had a history of violence which led me to telling my dad once again to run background checks on the tenants(I rent from him because if I don't not many people will in this glut of rentals).

The Taurus PT 99 is nice enough to make we want a Beretta 92 FS but I can't stand the slide safeties. The one on my Ruger P345 are annoying enough but the trigger is 8lbs on DA so I just leave it off normally. The PT 99 is a good all around 9mm.

March 15, 2011, 06:50 PM
Older thread,
In the mid 80's the first handgun I actually owned was a PT99, kinda big for cc but it never gave me a moments grief. 7 years ago I sold it to a friend that wanted a bedside 9 for his wife and as far as guns go I thought I had "moved up". I talked to that fella today and even though he doesn't have that wife anymore he said the Taurus was still running flawlessly. I dropped hints that I'd be interested in getting it back, we'll see.

March 16, 2011, 09:17 AM
The 92/99 series are great guns, I have had 3 of them, 2 with the rail, 1 without, I also had the compact version, which I bought not realizing it had been discontinued.
I never had any problem with any of them. A good friend of mine asked if his wife could use it for the womens defensive class taught in my area, she came away from it very confident in her ability to control and accurately shoot a "big gun".
I like that they can be carried cocked and locked, and that the standard Taurus mag capacity is 17 rounds, Ramline made flush fitting 18 rounders and I am told that MecGar is making a flush fitting 18 as well as an extended 20.
I keep coming back to the Taurus, I just have a hard time hanging on to one when I begin to lust after a new 1911.

March 16, 2011, 09:39 AM
I guess I will add to this as well. The second gun I ever bought was a used Taurus PT92. Mine is old enough to not have the decocking lever built into the safety. My one and only complaint is that the mag release is pretty sharp and has bit me once or twice. I'm sure if I would just take some time it would be fixed with a stone. I cannot believe that Beretta used to have this safety on the frame and went to the slide mounted safety. This feels so much more natural on the frame!!! I keep thinking of buying the PT101 next. These may be some of the best priced and most reliable deals to be had on the market. They are the unknown gems of the Taurus line.

March 16, 2011, 10:40 AM
First gun I ever bought, PT99 AF, around 1988. It was my only pistol for many years and through the early 90's saw several thousand rounds without any jams or failures of any kinds. It sports a nice set of wrap around Pachmayr grips which I really like on it. I've got 2 factory 15 rounders and 2 Ramline 18 rounders.
In the age of Glocks and 1911's and cc 380's and revolvers, it doesn't make it out of the safe but maybe once a year. I did turn down an offer of $300 for it, still has some sentimental value I guess.

March 16, 2011, 02:17 PM
I have an older PT92, as in pre-decocker. It has had tens of thousands of rounds through it, without fail. I also own a PT101, and it's been the same as far as reliability, accuracy, and durability go.

March 16, 2011, 06:41 PM
I 'loaned' my PT92 (Pre-Decocker) to my daughter about 5 years ago..... now I can't get her to give it back...... :uhoh:
Guess I need to get another one............ :neener:

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