Bad experience at Bass Pro shop yesterday


December 18, 2003, 10:32 AM
....and the day was going so well to. So, I was out at the mall getting the xmas goodies for the family. (I actually got all the shopping done in about 2 hours. that's why the day was going so well). So after I finished getting the gifts, I went to Bass Pro Shop to check out their gun cases. I'm flying out next week and needed a case for the new guns that I plan on taking with me. I find the isle where the cases are, and I ask the nice person who works there if they carried the brand named Pelican. He says no so I start looking at what they have.

I find one I like, it seems sturdy and rugged. But there is no markings on it or price sticker or anything that tells me anything about it. I continue shopping for some ammo carriers and ammo. I have all the items I need but I want to find out, 1. how much the case is, and 2 is it rated for airline travel. I wait paitently at the counter with my hands full of stuff.

The clerks are helping folks in line. The guy in front of me is checking out a shotgun, asking questions, yada yada. Well, by his and the clerks conversation It seems that they know each other. Well , I'm still waiting in line it's been about 5 to 10 mins. Keep in mind the other clerks are still helping folks in their lines wich are 3 or 4 deep. I figure I'll wait a bit longer (5 -10 more mins.) and not lose a place in line. Well their coversation winds down and the customer, feels my presence and says to he guy I'm gonna look some more, help this guy out. Gesturing to me.

The clerk semi looks in my direction and says "Nope, I'm outa here. I'm off the clock." Then looks at me and turns and walks away. :fire:

It was at that time that I wished I had an unlimited supply of cash. Stopped that clerk, got his supervisor, had each of them pul two of eveything off the shelves from behind the gun counter. I'd then pull out my wad o' cash, then sheepishly say.

"Nope I think I'll go on home now.":evil:

Sorry for the rant.


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December 18, 2003, 11:48 AM
In such a case, I just dropped the goods I had on their counter and left. A letter to the manager with return receipt was next (I always memorize the name on the employee's batch).

Getting outstanding service, I tell the manager, too!

December 18, 2003, 12:02 PM

Ya gotta love the state of customer service nowadays.

If you still need a case for your flight, I'd be willing to loan you one of mine for a short while. I've got 4 of the Plano plastic double rifle cases. They have spots for 3 locks on them. I've got locks that fit, and you're welcome to borrow those too. They are airline rated, just not as sturdy as the nice metal ones. I've also got a plastic four-pistol case which is airline rated and lockable. If you'd rather not use them, that's cool, just thought I'd offer.


December 18, 2003, 11:32 PM

Thanks for the offer. I'm going to try a couple more places this weekend. I'll eventually have to get one anyway. If I come up short I'll PM you. I'm using my ammo can right now to transport to the range and stuff. I figure a camera shop might be a good place to look. My cleaning supplies are in my large hard camera case, so I figure another one should work for guns to.


December 19, 2003, 03:37 PM
Drop by Academy and pick up a $5 hard plastic pistol box. They come in two or three sizes and are priced accordingly. I've used one many times to travel by air and have had no problems.

BTW, I've had similiar experiences w/ the same BPS. That store really needs to reexamine their CS. Put it this way, in general at that particular store, seems the golden rule simply doesn't apply.

Feedback from you in the form of a letter is always good. Even if they don't respond to your letter, at least you've done due diligence to voice your displeasure.


Smokey Joe
December 19, 2003, 03:54 PM
DaveƑYou had a bad experience @ Bass Pro, no question. I'm in retail (among other things) myself, and if any of my managers caught any of the clerks in my establishment doing as you describe, the LEAST they'd get would be a stern reminder about why are we here and if we don't treat our customers well the competition will. It's good to mention to a manager when you get unusual service, either good or bad. One bad mention won't ruin a good clerk's job standing. Good mentions will help a salesperson's career. And for a manager who is looking to get rid of a goofball, this might just be the last bit the manager needs.

Giving the clerk the benefit of the doubt, maybe he normally would have taken care of you but he had a sick friend to go see or something. Even so it was a boorish comment to leave with. And you DON'T gab with your friends on company time.

I find myself spending a LOT of time with my customers giving them How-to-use-it 101. They are invariably thankful. They don't always buy then, but they often ask for me when they come back.

BTW, I work for the local 800-pound gorilla in my industry. We do have plenty of competition, though. Part of how we got where we are is carefully building a reputation for SERVICE. That's the only way to win in retail, over the long haul, IMHO.

But, being human, everybody is going to screw up once in a while. Let's hope for his sake that that was that clerk's once.

BTW, hope you got the gun case you needed, somewhere.

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