WW2 Colt commemorative 1911's


November 4, 2010, 03:40 PM
I purchased 2 WW2 Colt commemorative 1911's from a friend of mine who needed money as a favor... I would like to sell them but dont know how much to ask. I had someone who evaluates guns tell me one is 95% the other is 98%... One is the Pacific Theater of Operations the other is th European Theater of Operations... I know they have not been fired and they are collectable but they would also be good for a gorgeous shooter. Would love to know what you guys think they are worth and they ARE FOR SALE!

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Jed Carter
November 4, 2010, 06:53 PM
Sweet pistols, I'm not in the market but a free trip to the book store could shed light on their values. If you have the boxes and manuals the price could jump considerably. I would bet someone here will make you an offer you cannot refuse.

November 4, 2010, 07:03 PM
I have them, do you have the cases too? If so add $200-300 onto the $1000 value of a 98% gun. These guns were made in 1969 to pre 70 series specs. So they are similar to a real 1911a1 or a commercial Post War 1911. My father was in the Pacific theater so I shot that one 50 rounds and it cleaned up as new. These guns get mostly handling/"safe wear".
Now for the not so good news: comemratives are soft in the market and have a little less value than a Commercial post war or a mint 1911a1 Colt. I'd advertise them for $1000 each without the case and $1250 with or $2200 the brace with and $1800 without. These guns are guady but sweet shooters! they are built just loose enough and have useable sights.

November 4, 2010, 07:34 PM
I've seen those same pistols in NIB shape, and the value was very little more than any nickeled 1911 from the same year. No doubt, somebody has a recent blue book and can give you precise figures, but don't expect much. I would rate those guns below 90% - there are dings and scratches apparent even in the photo.

Commemorative guns are almost always a poor investment. Buy them because you like them, but don't expect them to appreciate in value more than a similar non-commemorative of the same year.

If nobody gives you a price here, any gun store will have Fjestad's Blue Book of Gun Values.

November 4, 2010, 07:54 PM
My reference lists the value of the various commeratives at around $1K, with or without box/case. You might get a little more, from someone who had a personal interest in a particular issue, but they really aren't worth much more, if any, than a new commercial issue from Colt. If fired, then even less than that. They just made too many of them.

November 4, 2010, 08:30 PM

I have a nickel WWII PTO Commemorative myself ... and I've fired mine since I don't plan on selling it as a collector item. ;)

November 4, 2010, 09:35 PM
$1000 each is a good starting point for NIB with all the included goodies.

I have seen them sell used/fired without all the stuff for no less than $750.

November 5, 2010, 12:45 PM
The dings on the one gun on the handle is litterally the only thing wrong with either of them... its because of the horrible way the previous owner had them displayed in a box he made. So without knowing for sure i would say 95% and 98% are pretty realistic. I guess i would take $1000 a piece for them is anyone interested

November 5, 2010, 07:35 PM
I just bought the European theater one at my local very large (6000 gun inventory) gun store.. i'm very lucky to live near it. Anyway, I was fortunate enough to find the gun 1 day after it was put out. It had a price of $625 so i grabbed it. No case, or accessories 98% condition. In all fairness there was grime and no one cleaned it i'm guessing since 1970 it looked pretty bad so it got valued less. The salesman rubbedit with a cloth and i know it was ok. I spent 2 hrs taking it completely apart and cleaning the whole thing, what a labor of love. It looks like new and the slide and hammer sound so much better than the squeeks i heard when i first picked it up.
I guess the market value to be around $800 for 98% with no goodies. Blue book on 100% is $995. Blue book on 1970 nickle colt 1911A1 is $1250, around $1000 for $98% so the non commemoratives are worth more. You might as well subtract money for commemoratives.
Once it's less than 100% you can shoot it cause it doens't have quite the collector value anymore. These guns really should be worth alot more, they are impecably made. Mine is a jewel. I almost dont' want to shoot it.. almost every part is nickled, even the barrel. Only the sear, disconnector, and 3 prong spring is blue steel. The extractor is electroless nickel. The fit and finish is as good as the regular issue guns. Plus the grips are special on each gun - Pacific is Rosewood, the European is Curly Maple.. awesome..

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