Custom Marlin 795 Help


November 6, 2010, 06:28 PM
Hello friends!
I'm interested in bouncing an idea for one of my dream rifles off those of you who are in the know. I'm interested in turning a Marlin 795 into a custom rifle, but I'm not quite sure if some of the things I want are possible.

First, I'd like to install a longer barrel to balance out the weapon's profile, but I don't know of any aftermarket or surplus model 795 or model 70 barrels with a length over 18 inches. I'm wondering if a pre 1980 22 inch barrel from a Marlin Model 60 would fit into the 795's receiver, and if how possible, how difficult of a replacement it would be? I've seen pictures of removing the barrel on a Glenfield model 60, and it didn't look too bad, but I'd like a response from someone with experience.

I hate synthetic stocks, so I'm interested in getting my hands on a standard American stock that would balance with the longer barrel (Somewhere in between Mannlicher length and standard). I'd like some nice checkering,and I'm thinking of matching the style to that of a Winchester Model 70 featherweight, but this isn't terribly important right now, because I'm only in the design stage. That being said, does anyone know of where I could find a stock that fits this criteria? Even a blank would do. Add a TSM 2000 sight, Rimfire Technologies aluminum trigger guard, target trigger, tactical charging handle, and a deep hot blue on the 22 inch barrel, and we're really cooking :) If only CZ would make their 452 American as a semi auto with a more elegant trigger, and I'd be in business! Anyhow, I'd appreciate any kind of insight you can offer!

NOTE*(I'm aware that the Ruger 10/22 has a heck of a lot more aftermarket parts, but I find them to be repulsively ugly, particularly around the stock swell that surrounds the magazine well :barf:, so they're not even in the running. I like the 925 because it has the nickel plated 10 round magazines, and that is what I'd prefer this rifle be based on. If this isn't possible, any suggestions including Marlin semi autos will work!)

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November 6, 2010, 07:54 PM
Before you go trying to swap barrels look at this thread. Just a stock swap but better balance, looks and feel.

November 6, 2010, 08:13 PM
The Tech Sites are nice. You can get the wood stocks from a few places such as Brownell's, MidwayUSA, etc. I am about to dress up my pair of 795s similarly to your plans but without a barrel change. I don't know of any longer 795 barrels but you could try contacting some of the barrel makers and see what shakes out.

I prefer the 795 to the 10/22, too. It shoots better out of the box, but the stock is definitely atrocious and far too lightweight for my tastes. I'd really like a stock like the M1 clone they make for the 10/22 for one, and a more tactical stock for the other. I may have to try buying a stock blank and make one. I always wanted to try making a stock anyway.

November 6, 2010, 09:14 PM
I didn't know the standard wood stocks looked that good! Even though they're laminated, that grain is surprisingly smooth! For the 100 bucks that the rifle would cost, a stock that looked like that for 50 bucks would be worth it, so thanks for the link!

I held a 795 earlier this year, and it felt like a toy. I've got big mits, and I felt like I was going to crush the rifle, so the synthetic stock would have to go. As far as making a stock, I'm currently in wood shop at my university, and after seeing all of the tools and machine's we've got, I'd like to make one as well. The exterior doesn't seem too difficult to fabricate, it's just that the inletting has to be precise or you can ruin the rifle's accuracy, and this does not offer much room for mistakes.I think I'd need a lot more experience before I took up such an endeavor! Glad to see that someone else shares my taste in Marlin semi autos!

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