300 RUM..... Why Not?


Frozen North
November 7, 2010, 01:44 AM
Long story short.... I no longer have my prized .270. I don't even want to say more than that because it makes me cry.:(

I am on the hunt for a new baby, a rifle to have in family pictures with me. A rifle that I can get a real feel for and use for everything from long range fun to big game hunting. I was thinking of stepping up to a .300 Winchester Mag this time instead of a 30-06 or a .270. I was pretty set on my decision until I saw the .300 Remington Ultra Mag. I know this is not a super popular cartridge, but why not? In the hands of a handloader, this cartridge can do almost anything. It has the case capacity to hurt your shoulder for extreme long range fun and heavy bodied game, but it could also be toned down allot for white tail deer hunting.

My question is... Why not the .300 RUM? It's big and bad, and I can make it shoot lighter loads too. Is there a reason why this cartridge is seldom heard of?

Also, what kind of optics can reliably take that crazy recoil from the hot screamer loads?

I am going with a Remington 700 this time, unsure of exact details... maybe stainless...

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November 7, 2010, 01:07 AM
Personally, I just haven't seen the need for a .300 RUM in my collection at this point. The .308/.30-06 are plenty capable of taking any game I'll find here in Colorado, and they are much cheaper to shoot. Plus, the increased recoil of the .300 RUM isn't a selling point, even for many of us who aren't very recoil sensitive. Finally, a big issue that gets in the way for me is simply that I don't like the short barrel/brass life that these BIG magnums usually give you.

Obviously everyone's situation is different, and I'm sure that a number of folks will show up shortly to tout the benefits of this cartridge. But, from my perspective (for me), it just isn't worth the tradeoffs.

On the other hand, a hunter who is planning to only fire the rifle 5 times per year will never need to worry about barrel life, and probably won't be very concerned about the additional ammunition cost, or the additional recoil. If that hunter can handle this cartridge, it might be a viable option. On the other hand, my .308 can still put enough bullet into an elk at any distance I'd ever plan to shoot one in the field!

One of my good friends uses a .300 RUM, and says that he loves the gun, but he only ever uses it for hunting. He's also a 360lb monster of a human being, and I don't think the recoil of the Ultra Mag really moves him around too much. Still, his .30-06 and .308 are routinely the rifles that show up at the range.

November 7, 2010, 01:39 AM
"...no longer have my prized .270..." My condolences. Why not buy another one?
"...why this cartridge is seldom heard of?..." Doesn't do anything your old .270 wouldn't. And the gun rag writers aren't being paid to espouse it. No magnum, of any kind, will either.
"...Why Not?..." Factory ammo starts at $31.49 per 20 for Remington 150 grain Core-Lokt PSP Power Level 1(whatever that is). Goes way up from there. Next level up is $40.49 per 20. $53 plus per 20 for other brands and bullet weights. Goes up to over $80 per 20.
Remington brass runs about a buck each too. $26.49 per 20. Midway prices.
If you opt for a .300 RUM, but as much brass as you can afford. The manufacturer's marketing types will discontinue anything, with no regard for existing customers, if their sales projections aren't met.

November 7, 2010, 01:46 AM
I think because the 300 winmag is nearly identical with the slight ballistic advantage to the 300 RUM, but the cost for the 300 RUM is greater.

November 7, 2010, 01:53 AM
Even as a reloader, you can do everything you want to do at least as well with a 7mm Remington or .300 Winchester Magnum. You will also do it more cheaply, with less recoil, and with little chance that either ammunition will be hard to find in the near future.


November 7, 2010, 06:28 AM
The 7mm Rem Mag & the 300 Win Mag are pretty great.

Frozen North
November 7, 2010, 11:52 AM
I never thought of case life... I can shoot good winchester brass for a .270 or 30-06 a whole bunch of times. Now I am worried about having an obsolete cartridge with casings that only have a three or four shot life..... thanks!!!

Back to the 300 win, or maybe 7 mag, or a 30-06.... but I sure did like that .270! Decisions!!

November 7, 2010, 12:08 PM
I would go with the 300WM, hard to beat and despite the naysayers it will out shine the 270 and 30-06 with energy and velocity.

November 7, 2010, 02:42 PM
I would porbably go with the 300wm, maybe the 300 WSM. I have been shooting the 300wm for about ten years now and have not had a bad thing to say about it yet. The only 300 RUM I have shot was lighter than my 300wm so it had noticable more recoil and the guy who bought it hunts white tail in up state NY, last time I talked to him he was back to using his 243. The 300 wsm is kind of cool but I won't buy one to replace my wm. A few of my friends are shooting the WSM and seem to like it.

November 7, 2010, 02:56 PM
Too much of a good thing.

Just get a .270 or .30-06 and call it a day.

November 7, 2010, 05:49 PM
I'd stay with the .270 Win., or if your really wanting a .300, I'd grab a .300 Weatherby or a .300 Winchester. The short mags will go away and the RUM is a fix for nothing.

November 7, 2010, 06:14 PM
Just get a .270 or .30-06 and call it a day.

Ditto.... you can kill anything on this continent with either one of them unless you're a lousy shot.

If you are a lousy shot them by all means buy the magnum du jour

November 7, 2010, 07:40 PM
This is a bit of wrong information in here. The cartridge does have a ballistic advantage over .300WM....in fact, it's the fastest and hardest-hitting off-the-shelf .30cal aside from the .30-378 Weatherby. It will hurl equivalent bullets faster and flatter than a .300WM and will be carrying more energy when they get there. It has enough smack to take anything except thick-skinned dangerous game.

The question, of course, is this: is it worth the ammo $$$ and recoil to you?

November 7, 2010, 08:08 PM
If you are a lousy shot them by all means buy the magnum du jour

Like this tale always ends, you can go with the manly men who can't hit the broad side of the barn but like loud noise and abuse or you can go with the girly girl dead eye snipers who can do it all with a 130 gr bullet. You have to decide which side your on.
(great sarcasm)

November 7, 2010, 09:26 PM
I worked up a load for a kid that I work with. I settled on 100 gr of Retumbo with 165 gr. Nosler BT. I would have opted for a controlled expansion bullet like an Accubond or Partition but he wanted the Ballistic Tip. When he came back from the maiden range trip he confided that 4 shots was all that he wanted. To make a long story short, he hunted with it for 2 seasons and traded it for a 25-06.

They kick like a horse, and cost too much money to shoot. If you like to shell out $60 a box for ammo, fine, but I would stick to something cheaper and less punishing.

November 7, 2010, 09:52 PM
You seem to want to step up a bit in performance, and you did like your 270 Win. I suggest looking at the Winchester M70 in 270 WSM. It's a bit more than the old 270, but not so much as to be punishing like the 300 RUM.

Here's a link to a ballistic table so you can compare.


Don't forget to look at the old 270 numbers, you might be surprised.


November 7, 2010, 10:17 PM
Frozen North,
I have my opinion...you can have what everybody else has...a .270 (Love Mine) or a .30-06 (mine is fine) or you can move up to a round that is a little bit different, costs a few dollars more, will be around until the last trump and do all the former will...but about 25% more than the .30-06...in a standard length action. That is the .300 Win. Mag.

Do you need one? When did we start limiting our collections to just what we (or somebody else) thinks we need? I had a .300 WM, shot cloverleafs at a 100 with 190's.

Did I need it for East Texas or even West Texas Deer? Heck no! Don't ever shoot three small deer lined up with one of those, if you get what I mean. Tags can be a nightmare.

Want something different, bigger and better for that hunt of a lifetime...I say go for it.
If you find it is not what you really want, even though you got it at a bargain sale price, there will always be another .270 or .30-06 you can trade it in on. Try it, you might like it! That is my suggestion.

Uncle Mike
November 7, 2010, 11:25 PM
Do you need one? When did we start limiting our collections to just what we (or somebody else) thinks we need?

That's right, if you want that cannon of a deer rifle, by all means, get it! There is no such thing as 'over kill', or 'over gunned'....it's all about what works your bolt, not what anybody else thinks you might need.

Now, I'll assume you are smart enough to know if indeed, you really 'need' that cartridge, or just want something different. Either way, there is no wrong answer!

I hunted with a guy that used a 340 Weatherby Mag., that was his love, the light of his eye...he'd shoot that artillery piece...I swear it sounded like shells from the Oklahoma going over the beach...well, now I'm getting carried away, but he would whack a deer, the bullet would zip right through the animal, and the deer would run 50 or so yards and pile up, but he always got those deer, and the smile on his face was as big as the bruise on his shoulder! He was a happy man!

So, if the 300RUM is going to make you smile....then get it!

November 8, 2010, 08:03 AM
Well, first of all, I actually DO own a .300RUM.
It's a hell of a rifle !

Not that bad of recoil actually. Just a matter of perspective. I know a lot of guys that turkey hunt, and think nothing of shooting a 12ga with 3-1/2" magnum rounds. Thats about how the .300RUM kicks. Stout! for sure, but not really THAT bad.

Yes, factory ammo is expensive. I got lucky on the rifle because ammo IS expensive. I bought the gun "second hand" because nobody wanted it. I likewise bought my .257wby due to extreame cost of ammo.

I reload, so, the initial cost of the brass was the major loading expense. I bought 100rds from MidwayUSA in '05 for ~45.00. That was a lifetime investment however..... I also ran across a box of ammo at the local Walmart that was marked ~40.00. Then discounted to 22.00, then 12.00. When I got to the cash register it rang up at $8.00. Good price for a box of brass, with 20 primers, powder, and 20 180gr Nosler Partitions to boot! I also bought a partial box of 12 for $10 at local gunshop. I now have about 140 pieces of brass. The rifle only had a 1/2" rubber pad. I cut the stock down 3/4" and installed a "Kick-eze" pad and recoil is quite tolerable now.

I also bought 16lbs of WC860 from Widner's Shooters supply for $50. I can shoot my .300RUM for less than most shoot a .223!

My initial efforts were to get an accurate factory equivalent or better load worked up. EASY! 100gr of Retumbo under a Remington 180gr Corlokt will get 3,300fps+ and shoot MOA for 5-shots from my Savage M110. I've gotten some individual readings of over 3,400fps with heavier charges, but 100.0gr was the "sweet spot" for my rifle with this powder. With 105.0gr of the WC860, 3,325fps gets MOA for 3-shots, but is a bit temp sensitive.

My latest efforts with this rifle is to "down" load it. I've been using some IMR7828 at starting loads and am amazed at how good this gun shoots and performs. I'm getting .300winmag performance and easy MOA groups with most any "decent" 180gr bullet. I also picked up two pounds of WMR due to a fire and water-damage to the containers. (sprinklers stopped the small burglar related fire -other part of bldg-, but can's are "rusted" due to the sprinklers......) price was right.... Same deal with the aforementioned IMR7828.

The only "down sides" to this cartridge is the yes, it does recoil a bit. Mine "bit" me both times I've shot deer with it, but the cut over the eye makes good story telling....... And the deer both died instantly. Secondly, you will have to use substantial volumes of powder even for "lighter" loads. Accurate Powder does list some reduced loads using Acc5744. Just remember that you have to be real careful with reduced loads as a double charge can hurt you! And, some bullets can't take the velocities dished out by this cartridge. However some not so obvious choices give some astonishing performance. One in particular is the 180gr Remington CorLokt. It holds together well at the high speeds, is suprisingly accurate, and with the small flat meplat is taylor made for this cartridges recoil- they don't flatten in the magazine.
Lastly, is the issue of bore erosion. I doubt that I'll wear out the rifle even with the occasional trip to the range just to play with it and show it off. Nobody will argue that their's is "bigger" than this one. (I've only seen one .300-378wby at the range. It showed up back at a local gun shop about a week after deer season ended.....

If you are really intrepid and ambitious, give it a try.
It is NOT for the timid, however.....

As regards scopes, I had a Simmons 2-10x Mag44 scope I won in a pistol match lying around, and it just really "fit" this rifle. I've not had a moment of trouble from it, except when it's whacked me on the eyebrow......

Like I said, it's not for the "cheap-skate" or "timid". But really rewarding to the enthusist.

November 8, 2010, 09:10 AM
Goose mentioned the recoil being similar to a 3 1/2 12ga. Out of a 8 1/2 lb. gun the felt recoil is over 55 lbs for the turkey load. :what: The recoil of the average 270 is 17 lbs. You better screw your hat on pretty tight.:D

Arkansas Paul
November 8, 2010, 10:53 AM
If you want it, there's no reason not to.
I personally would go with the .300 Win Mag, but that's just me.
It's your money. Get what you want.

Happy shooting.

November 8, 2010, 11:00 AM
in a pawn shop probably 10 years ago, scoped. It has sat in it's pristine condition since, waiting for me to load the brass I bought back then. I find it worthwhile to simply sit on a project until I have time to play.

Then there's the satisfaction of knowing I could have a workable solution to "mutant Godzilla like alien space invaders" if I have the lead time to set up the dies, etc.

Sounds as if you would use yours before I use mine:p

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