I love/hate the sports authority


December 19, 2003, 10:49 PM
Hate: They denined my raincheck fror 15000 rounds of 9mm at $6

Love: They gave me a 25% off coupon for today only.

Hate: They only had 1500 rounds of 9mm.

Love: They had 10,000 rounds of .40

Hate: That it took 15 minutes to checkout

Love: The fact that nobody messes with the guy with a shopping cart FULL of winchester white box ammo

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December 19, 2003, 11:05 PM
Looks like an even balance to me :D

I myself quit going to my nearest Sport Authority store. Nerdy sales kids, prices aren't any lower than anywhere else and I rather support my local gun store where they know my name when I walk in the door.

December 19, 2003, 11:30 PM
Bout the same here Harley. Plus I load most of my own.

December 20, 2003, 04:59 AM
Thankfully you left the .45 for those of us who own REAL guns. :neener:

December 20, 2003, 11:10 AM

Mike Irwin
December 20, 2003, 12:47 PM
I just hate Sports Authority.

Don't think I've been in one since they went giant wussy on us and stopped carrying handguns a few years ago.

December 20, 2003, 01:24 PM
Sports Authority is sorta new around here, maybe only a few years. When they arrived no hanguns from get-go.
So far , so good so far on the prices and staff. I can run in, run out, and have rec'd equal to if not less than prices than what people say WM charges. On occaison where my Mom&Pop, or I failed to order I will use them. They did give a discount on cases a time or two, when a sudden need arose.

We had another Chain similar IIRC Spotman's Unlimited that went out of business, that did carry handguns, and reloading equipment for both metallic and shotgun. That sucked as it was on my way to and fro' the Big City , I lived in bedroom community at the time.

Now we have a new Chain opening, anytime now. Academy Sports, I have no idea what this Chain is like, or what to expect. I hate to shop, I hate the crowds, I like Mom&Pop gunstore, my buddy ordering...etc.

The reality is we have an increase in Sports minded persons. We have a Spaudlings that has been here for I'm guessing 50 yrs, all the Little leagues, and well everyone in any sport used them. It's whare one ordered Junior High and HS letter jackets, team clothes and the like growing up. Spauldings still the 'Niche" on many items and services. The chains just offer other items and stuff they don't or don't want to . Chains don't specialize per se' just a selection of "most stuff". Hit the high spots.

Some fellas are in town, they will pick up a CZ in .375 and my buddy ordered some selections of ammo, ammo reloading supplies, dies and the like. Leupold scope came in...some settting up is in order. A run will be made to Sports Authority to get some handgun ammo for plinking while they are here...and a pair of tennis shoes.

This father and son made the 3 am run to Wally World for toy the grandaughter wanted. [ Granddad had "orders" from Grandma actually].

Goods and services from where goods and services deemed appropriate I guess.

December 20, 2003, 01:59 PM
What the big department stores will carry seems to depend a lot on what state you are in (for US stores). The ones around where I live went from carrying a lot of rifles/shotguns/handguns to now only carrying a few shotguns and 22 rimfire rifles and ammo for them, and not a lot of much else firearm-shooting-related.
--->Larger-caliber rifles don't sell all that well in IL because rifle hunting is not permitted--it's shotgun slugs only for deer and shotgun for everything else. I always kinda wondered why they kept a couple dozen different certerfire bolt rifles on their racks because they only want volume business, and there's not a lot of reason for a IL resident who hunts locally to own one--unless you wanted a plinking/recreational gun like a Colt/EBR or SKS or some-sorta-military-caliber gun, , , -but they never sold them at all. ???? They probably could have sold ten times as many SKS's as sporting shotguns, and probably for a better markup.

Mike Irwin
December 20, 2003, 02:15 PM

You have an Academy Sports opening near you?

From what I have seen here on this board, I can only say one thing...

You lucky, lucky, bastard.

Judging by what others are saying, their selection and prices on ammo is excellent, and their gun selection is very very good.

I wish they would get up here to the north.

December 20, 2003, 02:21 PM
Doug , good point!

Mike Irwin did too, In my area we have a lot of hunting, deer hunting...you name it. I mean granted I'm getting older, but at one time Wally World sold handguns, and lots of them . Hardware stores too. That Sportsman Unlimited place that went out, started "caving" in to the liability madness and did not replace handguns once sold out, forget about special order handgun. Shotgun, Rifle, scope...anything else fine. They didin't want the liability.

We had about that time a biggie legal case, where an infant/child was shot in the parking lot of a pawn shop. Two rival gangs ( not a good area obviously), exchanging shots. Stray bullet ( spray and pray) entered the vehicle and hit whilst in car seat. Sad. Pawn shop got involved in the deal simply because he sold handguns...any and everyone that sold handguns was covering themselves with all the anti's, litigation...you name it.

Sport's Authority , has a better than basic ( last time I looked) of rifles shotguns, rimfire. Specials on Shotguns for dove and duck, and jiminey the lever actions sold for deer,oh bolts actions are used, but the lever actions are really great for the type of hunting environs the deer most are taken.

Even some "HD" type shotties, black syn stock , marine magnum defender...which honest kinda surprised me in this "PC" world.

Sad...really sad and I don't like it . Changing of society by stereotyping inanimate objects, litigation, and gotta be "pc". Sad.

December 20, 2003, 02:38 PM
Mike, I have no idea what to expect from Academy Sports . I went by and sheesh, that whole end of the parking lot is roped off, new face-lift on a grocery store that went out...scaffolds everywhere...this at 11 pm , mind you and the flood lights are on and workman everywhere.

I could see inside, seems the inside has to be finished, I could see some racks and clothing. They sure are making a big deal about it, dunno about opening date.

This location is a "better" traffic pattern path for me...see we in the South just send out road crews with trucks, equipment, concrete and cranes...no plans obviously...just send them out, they just work on roads, tear up existing ones, widen on a whim...gawd only knows what gets built ... and where...and when you can actually use the darn thing...and I'm not kidding....:D

This is in town...the freeways..."orange barrel rally" anyone?? :p

Must be opening soon...heck it might be open already, haven't checked in a day or two. They have advertised radio/TV, and I was told the paper last Sunday had and and the 870 express ( IIRC) was $209 ?? Some other gun spls too. They were gonna have to hump it though, even working at night, from what I perceived needed to be done from the work I observed.

Guess I need to go and do an "investigative report" huh? Ok I need the THR corporate credit card...OLEG !! Anyone have a flowered shirt I can borrow ?? :D

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