YOUR dream gun cabinet...


November 11, 2010, 03:35 PM
Inspired by a recent post "If you only had three guns" and avoiding the SHTF scenarios, what would be in your dream gun cabinet?

Here's mine...

.45 Hawken short barrel
.45 Plains rifle
.45 Ruger Old Army
.38 Open top Colt conversion 7 1/2"
1873 Winchester .44-40
Colt Frontier Six Shooter .44-40
1950's Marlin Texan in .35 Remington w/4x Scope
1960's S&W Model 29 5" in Blue
1960's S&W Model 24 5" in Blue
Merkel Double rifle in .338 Magnum
Mid 70's Ruger Police Service Six .357 4" in Blue
Series 70 Colt .45 ACP
Ruger 10/22
Marlin Model 39A
Marlin 1894c .357
Ruger Redhawk .44 Mag 5.5" in Blue
Winchester Model 12 20ga full choke
Remington 870 12ga Police
1991A1 Colt Commander .45 ACP
Springfield Arms Omega 6" 10mm
Springfield Arms Soccom .308
Matched pair of Ruger .32 h&R Magnum Single Sixes 5.5"
Ruger Security Six .357 6" in Blue
Mossberg 42c .22s/l/lr bolt action
Winchester 1895 in .30-06
50's Colt Peacemaker in .44 Special 4 3/4"
Winchester Model 70 .270 Win
Colt Woodsman .22
Thompson .45 Sub Machine gun 12" suppressed straight foreend Military *bolt on the side.
M1 Carbine Paratrooper Model .30 Carbine

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November 11, 2010, 04:32 PM
All the ones I had to sell 10 years ago.

Mossberg 500-12 gauge
S&W Model 66
S&W Model 629
High Standard Sentinel
H7K USP Compact -.45 ACP
Luger from 1939
Walther P-38 from 1942
S&W Escort
Remingtom Fieldmaster
Marlin 925S-I might be a bit off on the model number
Marlin Model 60
Olympia Arms AR-15
Ruger P89
.32 ACP CZ that I can't thinkof the Model number right now

November 11, 2010, 04:55 PM
The cabinet would be made of 1/4" plate steel, clad with tiger maple so that it looks totally wooden. The glass would be 1" laminated ballistic Lexan, and the S&G dial would be hidden behind a panel. Something like this ( but a good bit deeper. I'd want it to weigh upwards of 2K and have attachment locations through the bottom and through the back. It would also have a dim interior light to add a bit of ambiance, but when you opened the door, a brighter set of lights would engage.

November 11, 2010, 04:57 PM
what would be in your dream gun cabinet?

November 11, 2010, 04:58 PM
All the ones I had to sell 10 years ago

Boy do I know that feeling...

November 11, 2010, 05:02 PM
what would be in your dream gun cabinet?
My guns, other expensive accessories and valuables. :)

November 11, 2010, 05:03 PM

November 11, 2010, 05:29 PM
6 Thompson sub guns
6 M-14's
A dozen Mossberg 590's
A dozen M-16's
A dozen .30 M2 Carbines
A dozen MP5's
A couple M249 SAW's
A couple M60's
A mounted .50 BMG

A Win 92 in every caliber
A BLR in .358 Win and .284 Win, .338 Win Mag (I wish) and maybe a few other chamberings
A .25-06, .30-06, .338-06, .35 Whelen, all built on Springfield 1903 actions.
A .243, 7mm-08, .308, 7mm WSM target rifles built on Savage actions.
A ULA Model 20 in 7mm-08 or .284 Win
M1A National Match
Marlin 336 in .35 Rem
Marlin 1895 in .45-70
A nice .22 Hornet
2.5" Speed Six, 4" Security Six
7.5" Redhawks in .357, .44
5.5" Redhawk in .45 Colt
9.5" Ruger SRH .454 Casull
9.5" Ruger SRH .480 Ruger
A dozen Browning Buckmarks
A half dozen Springfield .45 ACPs
A half dozen 4" S&W Model 19 target models
All the flavors of Springfield XD
A few Savage Mark II .22's
Marlin Model 60
A few Browning take-down Semi-auto .22's
A few Rem 11-87's

November 11, 2010, 06:22 PM
Well my Dream Gun Cabinet wouldn't be a cabinet. Think bigger...much bigger.

November 11, 2010, 06:37 PM
My list of contents would change every day...

November 11, 2010, 06:57 PM
Yeah, my dream 'cabinet' would be a room.

6mm Lee
WWII Garand
KW Garand
NPM WWII Carbine
M-41 Johnson
BAR (probably an A2)
1928 Navy Thompson
M1A1 Thompson
(Possibly a Reising)
60mm mortar
37mm RCL
Stoner 63
90mm RCL
DEWAT AT-4; Dragon & TOW + Redeye & Stinger

and, that would just be the collectibles--need another wall for the fun ones <G>

November 11, 2010, 07:00 PM
I thought this was a thread about furniture..... bummer.

I'm wanting to have a gun cabinet built, maybe I'll start a thread on gun cabinets :)

November 11, 2010, 07:30 PM
My dream gun cabinet would be BIG and FULL! :D

Sauer Grapes
November 11, 2010, 07:52 PM
what would be in your dream gun cabinet?

Does anyone keep their guns in a cabinet anymore???? :scrutiny:

November 11, 2010, 08:39 PM
Cabinet => Warehouse

Stock would be some of everything.


Hey, we gotta dream, right?:cool:

November 11, 2010, 08:49 PM
i believe mine would have to have a few of everything. i find them all interesting in one way or another.

November 11, 2010, 10:37 PM
So an expanded cabinet is what? A museum?

How about a museum with a central space about four stories high and large enough to comfortably hold an Iowa class 16" three gun turret. That we could roll outdoors on special holidays to fire off some three gun salvos.

And a comprehensive collection of 19th and 20th Century artillery and small arms. Small enough that you could see it all in less than three days or so.

Oh, and a really nice Colt Python, well lit.

November 11, 2010, 10:49 PM
Cabinet? I dream of a gun room, with furniture, full of guns and WW2 vintage gear.

November 11, 2010, 11:41 PM
I was at Cabelas today, the Gun Library and all it contained would be nice.

Nomad, 2nd
November 12, 2010, 12:23 AM
I don't have that much time.:D

I had the honor of Staying with Col Cooper while he was alive.

I'd imagine several here have seen his 'gun room' with the safe door....

I want me one of those.:p

November 12, 2010, 01:38 AM
Marlin 925 .22LR
Winchester Model 67 .22LR
Ruger 10/22 International .22LR
Ruger MKII .22LR
S&W Model 10 .38
Ruger Single Six .22LR/.22WMR
Ruger Blackhawk .45 LC
Colt 1911A1 .45 ACP
Savage Model 99 .300 Savage
Winchester 94 .30-30
Winchester 94 .32 Special
Winchester 71 .348
Marlin 336 .35 Remington
Marlin 1895 .45-70
Marlin 1894 .357 Magnum
Remington 760 .30-06
Remington 7400 .30-06
Winchester Model 54 .30-06
Winchester Model 70 .270
K31 7.5x55
M1 Garand .30-06
Remington 870 16 ga
Ithaca 16ga double

November 12, 2010, 11:32 AM
Ready for the best answer ever...?

2 of everything!!!

November 12, 2010, 05:42 PM
Add a sporterized mosin-nagant, a blackpowder rifle (traditional, forget in-line) a Colt 1911, a S&W .44mag, and some more mouseguns (just because they're like potato chips, can't stop at just one) and I'll have mine.

I don't have huge aspirations for my collections, just want a well-rounded one.

so far I have revolver and a rifle, 12ga shotgun (pump), 9mm subcompact carry pistol, .25acp mousegun, blackpower revolver. Enough variety to plink, skeet/trap, hunt, protect, shoot something that feels antique, even though it was made in the 90s (blackpowder revolver).

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