Fastest gun EVER


December 6, 2010, 12:02 PM
My Brother in law sent me this link.
Is it real?
Have any of you guys heard about this guy before.

RCmodel is this your son?


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December 6, 2010, 12:07 PM
That's a very old video.
Yes it's real. Pretty amazing stuff.
We've touched on it a few times here on the forum


December 6, 2010, 12:07 PM
Holy Crap

December 6, 2010, 12:34 PM
Bob Munden.
Gives new meaning to "Smokin' Hot!":D


December 6, 2010, 12:45 PM
Bob Munden is a household name in the shooting community!:cool:

That video is probably 15-20 years old and Bob is on shows like "Impossible Shots" still thrilling the non-super human people all the time. He is truly amazing at what he does!

December 6, 2010, 01:17 PM
Very cool, I've seen some of his more recent stuff but not that one. Thanks for posting.

You've gotta wonder though how far off that camera man is, because he's down range of the targets.

Sniper X
December 6, 2010, 01:23 PM
Bob Munden has always been and always will be NEXT level, and I don't think anyone will ever reach his level. He's like Superhero fast.

December 6, 2010, 01:24 PM
You've gotta wonder though how far off that camera man is, because he's down range of the targets.

The quickdraw folks use wax bullets so other than wanting eye protection it wouldn't be any worse than being hit by a paintball.

To hear him talk about his abilities he's far from humble. But perhaps not quite verging on arrogant. I guess he's been at the top of his game for so long that his honest admission of his status as the best is earned. It still sort of made me gag a bit when I first heard him in one of the video interviews.

December 6, 2010, 03:16 PM
I noticed right off that there were many fewer laugh lines in Bob's face so I realized the video was older. I watch every one of the "Impossible Shots" shows I can because Bob always seems to come up with increasingly "impossible" shots that I can only wish I could come close to. He and Jerry Miculek are alwys worth watching.:)

Marvin KNox
December 6, 2010, 03:37 PM
Kurt Russel would have pistol whipped him the second he stuck out his thigh and put his hand anywhere near that gun.

Jesse Heywood
December 6, 2010, 04:56 PM
Munden, Miculek and Tom Knapp have each carved their own niche in the "gun entertainment" world. None of them have to brag, but they have certainly earned the right too.

December 6, 2010, 04:57 PM
You've gotta wonder though how far off that camera man is, because he's down range of the targets.
The quickdraw folks use wax bullets...
Like he said, he was using blanks for the balloons at 8 feet. This gives him no recoil so that he can handle the gun quicker after the first shot. It also produces a shot pattern of powder granules so that he can more easily point shoot a balloon at 8 feet from the hip.

December 6, 2010, 05:05 PM
But perhaps not quite verging on arrogant.Nope, he's arrogant alright.
I have talked to him several times, and what you see is what you get.

But self-promotion & gun skill is what he makes a living at, so I guess you can't blame him.

Fastest gun ever?
I don't know about that either.

Bob had a falling out with the sanctioning body of the fast draw crowd many years ago.
So he took his cookies and went home.

There have a lot of very fast quick-draw champions in the last 30 years or so that Bob has never been timed against.

And I have seen Bill Jordan and Jerry Miculek shoot too.
Bob might be fast, but Long Bill in his heyday would very likely have killed him in a real gun fight.
Or maybe it would have been a draw and they would kill each other at the same time?
Once either of those guys gun hand starts moving you can't see them move with the naked eye. One moment the gun is holstered, and then you hear a shot and something breaks.
In Bill Jordans case, it was often aspren tablets several feet away.
They are harder to hit & break then ballons!

Bill Jordan’s .28-second time has since been bested by Jerry Miculek.

But Bill was a real gunfighter in his day, so he might have an edge in the steely nerves in a real gun fight department over Bob & Jerry?


December 6, 2010, 05:12 PM
Then we have toolbags like this guy who thinks hes faster than Bob Mundan.

Messenger Guard
December 6, 2010, 05:39 PM
Ed McGivern is worth looking into. Jerry idolized him. The best thing about McGivern is he set most of his records only after he had to build his own timing equipment. UNfortunately he was in his later years by this time. No telling how fast he was in his youth.

Sniper X
December 6, 2010, 05:54 PM
He is almost so fast that it's like the "wanna see it again joke".

December 6, 2010, 06:01 PM
I saw some tests they ran on Bob Munden when he does that fast draw and the double shot that looks and sounds like 1 shot. The tester said Bob Munden's draw is faster than the strike of a Rattle Snake and the the double shot can hardly be seen by the testing equipment.

The man is truly Superhuman! (that was the show BTW, Stan Lee's Super Humans)

December 6, 2010, 06:11 PM
When they get up to that sort of speed I just bow low to them all.... :D

As for who would get who in a real gunfight let's face the fact that once anyone in that sort of league begins to draw the gun WILL fire and send a bullet in the direction intended. Likely the two would pass in mid air with the cross over shifted one way or the other by the few milliseconds difference in draw speed for the faster shooter. But unless those bullets collided both shooters would be hit since neither bullet would still be in the gun without the hammer falling when the other landed. This would assume that it was a shot or wave from the sidelines that initiated the draw rather than one of them "going for it" and the other reacting to the movement of the first.

December 6, 2010, 06:25 PM
Fastest I have ever even imagined.
Would make a good cop. or body guard.


December 6, 2010, 06:47 PM
He's almost as fast as the Waco Kid. (Spanish)

Steve C
December 7, 2010, 02:26 AM
I had the privileged to see Bob's demonstration live in 1970-71 when he was at one of my high school assemblies during my senior year. One of the most memorable events I have from High School.

He showed the exact demonstration with 2 balloons and you only heard one round go off when he broke 2 balloons but he showed 2 fired blank cartridges. He had the full set up used in fast draw competitions where 2 shooters would draw when a light turned green and the electronic pickups determined the speed of the draw.

He took a couple volunteers from the class and had them try to beat him to the shot with a cocked pistol and all they had to do was pull the trigger when the light said go. He could handily beat them every time.

His demonstration included a bit on safety and the dangers of blanks in firearms when he showed how a .45 blank would blow a big hole in a steel coffee can (they had those things in that day) and how a blank will cause serious injury or death at close range. Something that someone should have told a few Hollywood actors that killed themselves goofing around with a pistol loaded with blanks.

December 7, 2010, 08:48 AM
Most do realize that wax bullets are a regular then shooting in many cities or buildings and around crowds or in settings that have a worry of control. But when Bob Munden has the area to play with live ammo he is still at the top of the game there too. But notice he and all others ,with live ammo also wear a holster with a steel "spoon" at the bottom to deflct bullets away from there legs.+ the fact the he is a flat out great shot at longer distance's. Bob must be getting close to 70 by now . His wife also is a crack shot , not as fast but very accurate. If you have ever do get to meet him or lis'n to him talk to someone his speach pattern seem to be more like he talks on tv. Cocky,Yes but part of it is just the way he talks.

December 7, 2010, 12:22 PM
rather than one of them "going for it" and the other reacting to the movement of the first. I saw Bill Jordan in K.C. many years ago at the opening of Hodgdons Bullet Hole range.

He ask a city cop from the audience to hold a cocked revolver on him and snap it when he saw Bill go for his gun.

Bill "killed" him several times in a row from a holstered K-Frame hands up start.
Then he "killed" him some more left handed with a Chiefs Special he fished out of his left hip pocket while the cop was watching his gun hand!

As I recall the cocked cop never did beat him, not even once.


December 7, 2010, 12:47 PM
Fireman just go to "You Tube" and type in his name. Bond has some videos of him with their Derringer that are amazing. He's the fastest but there are others that are close.

December 7, 2010, 12:49 PM
Bob is cocky but it's part of his charm. He wouldn't be near as entertaining if he was humble. I don't, however, consider him to be arrogant. He might not be the absolute fastest in fastdraw but it doesn't really matter and fastdraw ain't all he does. He's a good guy, does wonderful gunsmithing work and he's fun to watch.

December 7, 2010, 08:55 PM
Concedering he held 18 gueness world records. He has not competed in some years now. No one has beat his records but he probably ain't as fast today as he was 40years ago. And today is what the newbe's try to compair them self's too. Can't find the video of him shooting his colt SA in a 5 shoot fan. Sounds like one long shot ,even in slowmo it looks like one extened shoot. amassing old guy with a firearm.

December 8, 2010, 02:36 AM
And probably all those young guys who 'may' be faster, that's all they do. Bob is a well-rounded shooter and full-time gunsmith. It's a lot to measure up to. Older the bull, stiffer the horn. ;)

December 8, 2010, 05:37 AM

you are absolutely right on. I met Bob once at a show in Spokane, WA years ago. He & his wife were there displaying a HUGE collection of his pistols. YES, the man is very cocky, but only in his videos during a demonstration. The man is very humble & advocates his sport to the fullest. His gunsmithing skills are IMO works of art. He gave me a three different pistols to hold & dry fire. Stock, one of his "Plinkers" as he called it & one of his "Trick Rigs". The trigger on the plinker is smooth as silk & his trick rigs have the hairiest (not sure I spelled that right) of hair triggers I've ever seen!!

As I said, he was very humble, nice & pleasant to talk to. He kept saying, "Practice practice practice" & "Perfect practice makes prefect" as in doing the same thing everytime repeatedly. Though I do agree with this, I also have to believe that some people have that extra something, extra long tendon, faster refelex etc. The man is just plain good with iron.

December 8, 2010, 05:56 AM
I LOVE this post.

Next time someone says a SA revolver doesn't work for self-defense::eek::neener:

December 8, 2010, 06:19 AM
The experts with Shotguns are cocky, it's just part of the act.

December 8, 2010, 12:57 PM
I managed to catch Bob in mid-draw (dryfire) at a demonstration down in Florida. He also had a bunch of his guns laid out for folks to fondle. Word of warning though, if you do manage to handle a professionally tuned SAA, you can never go back to out-of-the-box roughness.

December 8, 2010, 01:29 PM
he is absolutely amazing

Arkansas Paul
December 10, 2010, 02:09 PM
Of course Bob's arrogant. Most would be with his skill. Like the song says, it's not cocky if you back it up.
I've saw a quick draw in action at a big company party in Texas one time. The guy claimed he was second in the country. After what he showed me, I believe him.
He had me stand with my hands a foot apart at chest level. He stood with holstered gun and hands hanging. Some one would give a signal and I would clap my hands. Every single time, he put his Colt between them before I could clap.
He was good, but I still don't think he was in Bob's class. That man is just on a different level. The Cisco Kid is on the Outdoor Channel with a special rig that isn't even legal in competition and he still looks slow compared to Bob Munden.
I'm a fan if you couldn't tell.

Sniper X
December 10, 2010, 02:18 PM
And still in my book, one of the coolest, and most tallented men to ever live.

Sammy Davis Jr.

December 10, 2010, 10:28 PM
As previously mentioned, that is an old video.

Bob’s a showman, a salesman, a serious promoter of his many talents and as such, he comes off as arrogant. Now in his late sixties he can still do stuff with guns that the majority of us can only dream of. He was blessed with superior eye hand coordination and reaction time -- God given abilities that no amount of practice can compensate for. His speed with a single action is truly amazing, but I’m also impressed by his long range and aerial shooting. As a hunter he has taken Alaskan brown bear with a handgun along with other lesser species.

His talents extend to gunsmithing and he is amazing to watch firsthand. The quality of his action jobs on a variety of platforms (single actions, double actions, lever actions and some shotguns) is well known.

So, here is a man in his late 60s that works full time as a gunsmith, still travels around the country to perform his fast draw exhibitions, finds time to film “Incredible Shots” and hunts during his off time. And at the same time still has incredible reflexes.

Bob is a member of our gun club. I see him maybe a dozen times a year. He will always stop to chat or stop what he is doing to visit -- he never comes off as arrogant – opinionated sure, arrogant not so much. Some don’t feel as I do – personalites do enter into it.

Comparing the various high profile shooters (and some soon to be high profile) may be fun, but in reality, they are all a “notch above” kinda like La Bron, Tiger, Barry, etc. They are all super stars - but like the rest of nature, they ebb and flow like the tides.

By the way, his wife Becky is a talent in her own right.



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