Shot my Balls today


December 7, 2010, 11:15 PM
Could not resist that title. A couple weeks back I picked up an Investarm Sporterized Hawken in 54cal. About the same time was placing order for new Lee molds so this all worked out very well for me, also my wife could not stand me using the Coleman cook stove so now I have the Lee production pot. Got to say the electric pot sure works a lot better than the Coleman. Anyway weather and my body got on the same page so I got to walk out back and try out the 54cal. The new shiny balls with .10 patch was a snug fit not too tight and not too loose. Started off with loads I had prepared earlier in cigarette papers these were 45g BP. First shot was just one charge, shot was very close to bulls eye, second one loaded up 90g and it was low at 8:00. Last rounds were all within a 2" group which for me is more than enough heck if I can hit the paper that's good enough. Got to either put white paint or something because it just about disappeared all together. All in all very pleased with the rifle and more happy with my shinny balls. Got to get my Christmas wish list out to the kids Need more molds and LEAD...

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December 8, 2010, 06:38 PM
Yeah, I need to get more molds and lead, too. I also want to get the 20 pound Lee Pro Pot. I have the 10 pounder and it goes quickly.
The only thing I don't like about mine is that the danged spout drips all the time.
I've tried cleaning off the seat and stem. Guess I need to dig out the Clover Compound and lap them together.
What I'd like to do, is turn a new stem from tungsten steel rod OR from pure tungsten rod.
That way, the stem would be much heavier and less likely to try to float up off the stem.
Problem is, either material is going to be expensive. Probably costing more than the pot cost.
I also have a Lyman 10 pounder that uses a dipper instead of being a bottom pour.
Guess I need to get happy about using the dipper again.

I need to make handles for my RCBS .454 RB 2 cavity mold.
I need to cast a bunch of BP balls and bullets.
I need to figure out why my Lee Minie mold casts Minies with thick flashing at the skirts, and often with voids at the skirts.
I also want to make my own birdshot caster.
I need to cast a LOT more buckshot.
Then there's my need to roll up a bunch of paper carts and shotshells, and foil carts.
Guess I could try making my own foil canister shot for the Howdah.

I agree completely about 2" being good enough.
That's plenty good enough to drop a deer or hog.

Shiny balls are good. If I can't get mine shiny, without wrinkles, I'll crank up the pot temp, and preheat the molds on a hot plate.
Frosted balls are just as good, just not pretty. (That didn't come out right, did it?)

December 8, 2010, 09:26 PM
Lee makes a mold for shot, it cast 18 double 0 at a single pour the part number is 90486 . On their web site close to the bottom is where its listed. this is the page for molds by LEE

December 9, 2010, 07:08 PM
Sounds painful!


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