Anyone with a 22" 6.5-284? Velocity question.


December 29, 2010, 08:56 AM
Gonna buy a Savage 116 this year in 6.5-284 when they become available. Will be used for mulie and white tail, hogs, and maybe antelope if I ever get there.

Anyone out there shooting a 22" barrel on a 6.5-284? Looking for real world velocities with shorter barrels, all the data out there seems derived from F class and 28" tubes. I think 2950 FPS with a 140 grain bullet isn't likely in a 22" tube. Looking to get 2850 at least without pushing the brass to the ragged edge. Not really wanting to be shooting max loads.

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Ol` Joe
December 29, 2010, 02:26 PM
I am comfortable driving Nosler 140gr Custom Competition HPs or Sierra GK to 2850 fps from my 22" 6.5x284. Mine`s built on a 1999 Montana BBL`ed action.

Norma 140 gr factory ammo ran right at 3000 fps from it, but primers cratered and were ironed out pretty well. I don`t care for this much pressure and as I built mine prior to the factory ammo coming out I don`t know how well my chamber fits the SAAMI std of today.
If I was to do it over I`d go with a 24 or 26" barrel today.
R17 seems to be the best bet out there from what I`ve used (R22, H4831, & H4350) if you are interested in powders choices. I`d try it to start if velocity is your main concern. YMMV

December 29, 2010, 02:27 PM
I understand your wanting a 22" barrel for hunting, but I'm sure you know that the 6.5x284 thrives on slow powders and longer barrels. You may find that you will lose a large amount of velocity compared to a 26" which I believe should be the shortest length used in that caliber. The ratio of bore to case capacity is a clear indicator of the need to have a decent length to be efficient.
You may find that a 22" 7mm-08 can be a better choice for your intended use and that although the 7-08 is a bit smaller in case capacity, barrel length will be more of an equalizer in the end.
I have no first hand information, but here's a link to a couple forums talking about this exact issue.


December 30, 2010, 06:27 PM
Would anyone speculate then that with two rifles, both with 22" barrels, the .260 Remington would be within 100 FPS or so of the 6.5-284?

Seems like that's pretty logical, Savage is also offering the .260 in a short action alongside the 6.5-284 long action. Would make more sense to go with the .260 if they'll be so close, just wanted the extra oomph. Probably not worth the extra powder and barrel wear for 100 FPS or less difference, what do you guys think? If they made the 6.5-284 in a 24" I'd buy it for sure over the 260. Reading what I have now I'm not so sure.

December 30, 2010, 06:55 PM
Would anyone speculate then that with two rifles, both with 22" barrels, the .260 Remington would be within 100 FPS or so of the 6.5-284?

I would venture to say yes given the case capacity of the two. The 260 is going to more effecient with the 22" tube over the 6.5x284.

I have a Cooper M22 chambered in 6.5x284 with a 26" barrel and while quite accurate, it's a dog when it comes to delivering the velocites of what others are getting in 26" tubes.

December 30, 2010, 10:20 PM
The Nosler #4 manual has data on the 6.5/06 which is essentially the same case capacity of the 6.5x284.
That will give you some idea as to what a 24" bbl delivers.
The velocity loss will be almost the same as the .270wcf with 130gr bullets which also run about 3,000fps from a 24" bbl. A 22" tube will loose 80-140fps.

On the other hand, there's no real way to determine what YOUR velocities will actually run.

In 2004, I traded for a Remington M7 in 7mm-08 w/20" factory barrel (new rifle). I was planning to rebarrel/rechamber it to either 6.5/284 or .284wcf. I made the mistake of shooting it with some PMC factory 140gr ammo that came with the deal.
Best mistake I ever made!
The factory ammo ran across the chrono at 2,900+fps. What I was hoping for from a .284 or 6.5/284 and 200fps faster than a .260 with same barrel length.
Best accuracy however is at ~2,800fps, which is no big deal. Rifle has since taken 1-6x6 elk, and over 2 dozen deer. My all-time favorite centerfire rifle.

I've got a Savage M110 left-hand in '06 that I bought to rebarrel to 6.5/06 but just haven't gotten around to it. Have the dies and bullets/brass ect, but no barrel......

I think that you'll be satisfied with the rifle. Just don't get too hung-up on chrono numbers. Remember that the 6.5's get their reputation from the high S.D.'s and B.C.'s of the bullets. The only reason the match shooters worry about the velocity is to keep the bullets super-sonic at the 1,000yd line. And the original reputation of the 6.5's as game killers came from standard low-tech 154-160gr round-nose cup-and-core bullets at ~2,300fps.

I've got an aquaintance who's son that is a top competitor in NRA bullseye, rebarreled him a Remington M700 with a Shilen barrel in 6.5x55. His 26" tube runs 140's at about 2,850fps and shoots under 2" at 300yds with the Lapua Scenar OR Sierra MatchKing..... He shoots deer with a 125gr Nosler Partition and gets monotonous Bang-flops out to,,,, way across-way out there on a gas-line ROW and soybean fields in South Georgia. (one shot he claims was over 600yds according to range finder).

I'd get the 6.5x284 and FIND OUT WHAT IT ACTUALLY GETS...... I'd bet that it will suprise you.
FWIW; I've got a Savage M110 in .300RUM with 26" bbl. It actually has the same throat as the .300WbyMag rather than the short Remington throat (.375" free-bore). With the 26" tube, I'm seeing max pressures at about 1.5-3.0gr under book listed max loads,(ie:Retumbo at 98.5gr gets 3,300fps) and more than 100fps higher than max load listed velocities for the 26" Remington tubes. My IMR7828 loads for 180gr bullets are ~200fps faster than those listed in the latest Speer book with the SAAMI 24" test barrel at same charge weights.

Savage sometimes does some things a little different than the other manufacturers. Who knows what they'll do with the 6.5x284. I'd bet it actually comes with a 24" or 26" tube as does their 7mmRemMag rifles, rather than a 22" as may be currently listed. My above mentioned M110LH '06 has the SHORTEST chamber of any '06 I've ever measured/loaded for. It requires ALL bullets to be loaded to SAAMI spec's or they won't chamber. It also won't take the usual loads. IE: a 150gr spt with IMR4064 is usually listed as max with 52.0-53.2gr. Mine max's out at 50gr with slightly sticky extraction, and faintly cratering primers.... but, velocities are right up there at near 3,000fps from the 22" bbl . Go figure!

So, just like the fellow above with the re-barreled Montana action (slow barrel), you don't know what you've got till you try it out.

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