Light Weight Rifles: What is your lightest, handiest rifle?


January 5, 2011, 07:07 PM
I just weighed my scout rifle, a Remington 700 with Burris Scout scope and mount, and leather sling, and it came in at 7lbs 10oz. This is not optimum for real scout rifles, but as close as I could come with the long action .30-06, cut down from a standard barrel, with the factory stock. It was an unusual run of an ADL variation, with camo fiberglas stock. For comparison, my M1 Carbine weighs 5lb 12oz with sling and no optics or mount. With all the controversy over the new Ruger Scout rifle, it would be interesting to see just what forum members pack around. Let's see some rifles, and weights, etc.

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January 5, 2011, 07:25 PM
Kimber 84M, 308. 5 lbs 15 oz with a Leupold VX-3, 2.5-8X36 scope in Talley lightweight mounts.

January 5, 2011, 07:33 PM

.357 mag weighs about 4.5 lbs

January 5, 2011, 07:35 PM
5.0 pounds:

January 5, 2011, 07:39 PM
My Kel-tec Su-16C. My "Charlie" weights 4.7 lbs, 5.5 with scope.

January 5, 2011, 07:49 PM
Ruger 10/22......IF you can consider it a rifle..........otherwise, my Model 7 with 18" barrel in 7-08 and a compact Burris 6X scope - right about 6#

January 5, 2011, 07:53 PM
JMR40, for comparison, do you know what your Kimber weighs with the scope and sling, if you use a sling? I believe the weight you gave does not include the scope. I'm trying to find out what each working rifle weighs in the field with the equipment used included.

January 5, 2011, 08:03 PM
loaded out with 1.5-5x scope, mounts sling and a few bullets i'm guessing low to mid 7 lbs. i have in the past used it with a peep sight and a red dot and it gets down to around 6.5 lbs. things get a little nasty at that weight.

451 Detonics
January 5, 2011, 08:07 PM
Probably my Cav Arms AR build. Weighs in just under 6 pounds with optics. I used a Colt Lightweight Sport upper on this so despite being rifle length it still comes up light. Weight does not include the bipod.

As you can see this barrel has the HB profile from the sight forward but is skinny under the handguards...

January 5, 2011, 08:23 PM

January 5, 2011, 08:33 PM

The Rifle alone is 5lbs 2oz.
Scope= 11.4 oz.
Mounts=2 oz.

Total weight 5 lbs. 15.4oz
My scales are not digital and show 5 lbs 15 oz. They may need to be calibrated, but that is close enough. Add an Unkle Mikes Mountain sling at 4oz and I'm still under 6.25 lbs.

January 5, 2011, 08:37 PM
My 10-22. This picure was taken before I finished it and without the optic. It has a threaded TacSol aluminum barrel, collapsable Knoxx stock, micro holographic red dot. 3 lbs, 9 oz. Carrying it with a sling makes it easy to forget it's actually back there.

January 5, 2011, 08:55 PM
for years it would have been my ruger 10/22- but it has beefed up considerably since adding a heavy laminated target stock and barrel.

Now- it might be my del-ton 16 ultra light with a 22 conversion bolt in it.

January 5, 2011, 09:24 PM
the lightest handiest one I have is an Asenal AK74, followed closely by a Saiga 308. The lightest handiest one I have had (and one that would rival anything in terms of weight and balance) was a SMLE no. 5 Mk I. 303 British. Not too accurate though mind you.

January 5, 2011, 09:30 PM
my camp 9 with sling and empty 15 rnd mag. comes in at 7 lbs even.

sorry no pic yet

January 5, 2011, 10:07 PM
Unbelievably my CZ 550FS .308 is the lightest, or feels as though it is. It actually weighs a tad over 7lbs but the balance is so nice you don't notice it.

January 5, 2011, 10:19 PM
Not sure on the weight...
But my Marlin 1895STP is my lightest and handiest.
Lever action with 6 rounds of .45-70 and a 16.25" barrel.


January 5, 2011, 10:24 PM
My 1951 Winchester '94

January 5, 2011, 10:32 PM
Around 5 lbs. for my Sav. '99 in ,250. No sling, scope.

January 5, 2011, 10:36 PM
Have several CF levers and .22's but this is probably the lightest hunting rifle I have,a Kimber at 7lbs 2oz.

January 6, 2011, 12:01 AM
I haven't weighed them, but I'm thinking a tossup between the M1 carbine, the 10/22 that I mocked up as an M0.5 carbine, or a light lever gun, I have a Henry lever carbine and a Win 30-30 that's so light that it is no fun to shoot more than 10-20 rounds.

No scopes on any of those, I have no use/interest for/in optics when apertures still work so well.

Looked up specs on the H001L:
Henry Lever Carbine
Model Number H001L
Barrel Length 16.125"
Weight 4.5 lbs.
So the Carbine has a 16.125" barrel, the standard model has a 18" barrel and OAL of 36" ... which gives the Carbine an OAL of 34.375 or 34 3/8" in theory

I'll take about 34" and 4.5# happily, plus the approximate zero weight of the max ammo load in the little thing, I can cram a LOT of shorts in there, at 27 grains per bullet plus whatever a case and powder weighs, that comes to what? ... 3 ounces of ammo weight?

January 6, 2011, 01:21 AM
Ultra Light Arms model 20 in .308 Win. with 22" bbl, Nightforce NXS 2.5-10 in Talley mounts with a level comes in at just under 6.5 lbs.

January 6, 2011, 01:26 AM
Marlin 336TK. It weighs about 6.5 lbs and is great in the woods...not much I can't do with some patients and my Marlin...

Picture ripped off from MO site. I don't currently have a picture of mine.

Lloyd Smale
January 6, 2011, 06:48 AM
stainless model 7 rem 308 that was 20 inch but i bought it used and the previous owner had ported the barrel so now its cut off at 18. Makes a real nice light accurate hunting rifle

January 6, 2011, 06:58 AM
Fomogo, nice rifle, but even nicer Ram Charger! I have an '84 and boy they are sweet.

January 6, 2011, 07:22 AM
Browning BL22 in rimfire caliber
Puma '92 in 38/357 for pistol caliber
Remington model 7 in 243 for rifle caliber (followed closely by Marlin TK in 30-30)

January 6, 2011, 08:44 AM
My CZ 527 Carbine in 7.62x39 is the lightest, handiest rifle in my safe. It's right at 6# with a sling, loaded magazine and no optics.

Old Time Hunter
January 6, 2011, 10:15 AM
Without a doubt, my M1 Carbine...closely followed by my '94 Winchester Trapper chambered in .44 Mag, which is a tad over 5lbs.

January 6, 2011, 10:24 AM
My K-T SU-16 "Bravo"

It currently is my trunk gun, but it is real handy and fun to shoot.

January 6, 2011, 10:28 AM
Colt M4 5.65 lbs.

January 6, 2011, 12:47 PM
Winchester M94 in 30-30 :) I have lighter .22's and small overall rifles, but when it comes to carry "in hand" it the old Winchester that gets the nod :)

January 6, 2011, 06:30 PM
My lightest rifle is my M1 carbine. My handiest rifle is my 1873 Trapdoor Springfield rifle.....chris3

January 6, 2011, 08:27 PM
IBM M1 Carbine

January 6, 2011, 08:30 PM
2.5 lbs, 22 LR

January 6, 2011, 08:43 PM
M1 Carbine...........Rock-Ola

January 7, 2011, 06:18 AM
My Marlin 30TK is a joy to carry.

Friendly, Don't Fire!
January 7, 2011, 06:34 AM
The lightest rifle that was extremely accurate, glass bedded receiver, Timney Trigger was a model 70 Winchester 22-250 Featherweight. I think that was the name. I had a leupold Vari-X-III scope, leupold mounts and shot quite a few woodchucks with that thing. I needed money for something else, and, as usual, took a beating when I sold it. I remember the stock even had some nice knarly-looking figures in it, something you don't see every day in a mass-produced product.

I should still have that gun today. I live and learn. Within the past ten years, I resigned myself to the fact that, no matter how hard things go, financially-speaking, I won't ever trade or sell a gun again. If I have absolutely no use for the gun, that's a different story.

If I still had all the guns that I purchased then later sold, I would have quite a nice collection of 20 to 30+ guns! And, I am talking these were all guns which I developed loads for and could shoot every one quite accurately! When I think of the literal hours, no Days, that I spent working up loads for each of these guns, I am dissapointed there is nothing left to show for it, except possibly my house which we bought. So, all things are not that terrible when I look at it that way!

January 7, 2011, 09:59 AM
You want light and handy?

About 28" and 4 pounds.

About 29" and 5 pounds.

Anything with a magazine will not be truly tiny.

Art Eatman
January 7, 2011, 11:39 AM
Sure, I have a GI carbine. Doesn't everybody? :D:D:D

But light weight sorta creates handiness. My 700 Ti in 7mm08, ready to hunt, weighs 6.5 pounds.

General Geoff
January 7, 2011, 12:17 PM
Light Weight Rifles: What is your lightest, handiest rifle?

Keltec Sub2000 (chambered for .40S&W). Weighs ~4lbs unloaded, ~5.3lbs with a loaded 30 round magazine inserted. Overall length of 29.5".

January 7, 2011, 12:38 PM
My lightest rifle right now is my trail gun--a custom Winchester Big Bore 94 in .450 Marlin.

January 7, 2011, 12:39 PM
My lightest rifle right now is my trail gun--a custom Winchester Big Bore 94 in .450 Marlin.
That sounds like a GOOD one...


January 7, 2011, 12:47 PM
Mine was a Tompson Contender carbine in 7x30 walters. A light 4x scope and was @5lbs with a 23" tube and a great deer rifle....till the house was robbed...

January 7, 2011, 03:23 PM
I used to go for my AR with a 1.5X ACOG on it that came in at around 7lbs, but these days I've found myself grabbing my little Rossi .357 16" carbine lever gun. That thing is not only on the light side, but is really compact.

January 7, 2011, 04:25 PM
My lightest big game rifle is a customized M98 Mauser FR8 in .308 with a Leupold 1.75-6 (discontinued short model). The rifle features an 18 inch step barrel and weighs 6.5 lbs with scope.

January 7, 2011, 04:25 PM
Marlin 1894 in 44 mag. Even compared to my Colt 6920 it's a light, handy and powerful rifle, but a short range one. 6.5 pounds, which is a little heavier than an unloaded Colt. But who hunts with an unloaded rifle? With my Colt 'loaded up to go' with a full magazine, 4x optic, leather sling, slipoverflash hider.. it's more like 8 pounds.

January 7, 2011, 04:49 PM
Not sure what it weighs, but mine is a Marlin XL7 .270 win with a Redfield Accurange 4-12x40 scope. Bipod just for the picture.

Spec ops Grunt
January 7, 2011, 04:55 PM
Not counting my .22, it would be my M38 carbine.

January 7, 2011, 07:38 PM
Weighing in at just over 3lbs the lightest by 4lbs would be the Bronco .22lr but it's really not all that handy.

The handiest rifle I own is a 7.5lb.30-06, it can handle any North American game with the right load.

Russ Jackson
January 7, 2011, 07:55 PM
My Walther G22 is short, lightweight and accurate. I think its less than 6lbs...Russ

January 7, 2011, 09:22 PM
My 14.5" AR-15.

January 7, 2011, 10:47 PM
ok so whats "the bronco"????? really really want to know!!

January 7, 2011, 11:33 PM
Handiest is a Mini-14 folder. Lightest is a Remington 511.

January 8, 2011, 01:09 AM
ok so whats "the bronco"????? really really want to know!!
The odd little rifles were made in Italy as inexpensive kids rifles in the late 1960s and early 1970s. They were imported into the US by Firearms International. They have a forward trigger that unlocks the barrel and lets the barrel twist to reload. Though a modern gun, it
resembles a wire stocked bicycle rifle of the late 1800s. It has a rotten trigger and horrid sights, but it works. They came in 22lr and .410.

January 8, 2011, 04:20 AM
General Geoff, I'd forgotten my sub2000, it is probably the lightest and smallest of the bunch, I enjoy shooting it, it runs well, but it just doesn't point naturally like a M1 Carbine or lever-gun does, at least for me.

But it would still go on any trip I felt the need for a long-gun on first, lots of reasons, but compact storage and ammo-sharing with my CC pistol do come to mind first.

January 8, 2011, 04:58 AM
Right now, it's this.

January 8, 2011, 05:43 AM

Have several CF levers and .22's but this is probably the lightest hunting rifle I have,a Kimber at 7lbs 2oz.

I have admired the checkering and the scope on this rifle alrady in other photos. That is a beauty!

This morning I took my Sako Vixen .222 Rem out of the safe to continue with the BLO finish and was again amazed at how light the rifle felt.

January 8, 2011, 06:17 AM
My lightest rifle is probably my M1938 Mosin Nagant carbine.

And it is pretty handy if you're in a situation where you need a rifle that will work for 50 years, or you need a club, or hammer, or crutch, or splint, or...


January 9, 2011, 11:08 AM
Of what I own currently, this is my lightest and handiest.

Joe in fla
January 10, 2011, 12:38 PM
deleted due to missing picture

Joe in fla
January 10, 2011, 12:42 PM
My "lightest" and "handiest" rifle? My circa 1910 Hamilton Boys rifle. About 3 pounds weight and ~28" OAL. New firing pin & breech block and a relined barrel now make it safe for .22lr and very accurate. Being small and very light weight both my kids learned to shoot with these. And yes that's a sub 16 inch barrel! But now classified as C&R. Being a single shot and only a .22lr, it's not my most practical small rifle. For that, I'd say any of my US M-1 carbines! For a heavier caliber then my folding stock BM-59. Great gun! The reliabililty of a US M-1 Garand and the benefits of a pistol grip, folding stock, detachable 20 rnd magazine and a flash supressor.

January 10, 2011, 01:29 PM
ok so whats "the bronco"????? really really want to know!!

In addition to Smith357's information, I have a Garcia Sporting Arms catalog (volume four; circa estimated @ 1968) that depicts the Bronco firearm. At that time, two versions were made, the Bronco .22 (which could be had in .22 rf or .22rfm) and the Bronco .410 (which could handle 3" .410 shells). The .22 version (priced @ $19.95 for the rf and $21.50 for the rfm) weighed three pounds; the shotgun version (priced @ $26.95) weighed a half pound more. Garcia billed the Bronco as being "an ideal barn gun for the farmer"; "a great boat .410 gauge, loaded with 3-inch slugs, it's a powerful piece of shark repellent" and "the ideal first gun for a boy." Garcia proclaimed the Bronco as being "...A totally new concept in a rough-and-ready work gun...No frills, no trimming...just plenty of rugged backbone." Made in Italy, the Bronco was introduced in 1968 and discontinued ten years later.
In 1976, an over (.22 long rifle) and under (.410 gauge) version was introduced. The o/u version was discontinued in 1978.

January 10, 2011, 01:31 PM
My "lightest, handiest" rifle is a Winchester Model 94, chambered in .30-30. It wears a Williams "FoolProof" receiver sight.

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