Please hep me ID this S&W


February 1, 2011, 09:18 PM
Hello everyone this is my first post here! I ride my quad alone alot and wanted a good used revolver to carry so I inquired if any of my co-workers had an old 38 revolver they would like to sell and a gentleman said yes. Well he brought in this nickel 38 in an old holster and said he would part with it for $100 and a pair of binoculars. Of course I said yes and bought him some nice Bushnells to go with the cash! It polished up like a mirror. I have tried in vain to identify this gun but there is no model number I can find on it. Ive looked everwhere inside and out on the gun. My question is what model, year, and potential value this gun has. All numbers match and serial number is 4907XX. Also are the grips original? I may sell it or trade it for a good Glock 26 in the future if its worth enough. Thanks in advance for any help provided.

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February 1, 2011, 09:30 PM
You have a pre WWII - probably made 1925 or 1926 - Smith & Wesson 'Military & Police' Model, a 'K-Frame', which began life with a longer Barrel, and, has had the Barrel shortened ( loosing the Ejecter Rod 'Lug' which normally is under the Barrel for the ejecter to latch into when the Cylinder is closed), and, the front Sight re-located.

Probably it was Blue originally, and, was Nickel Plated along the way at some point or other...possibly when the Barrel shortening was done.

Stocks would have been checkered Walnut originally, and, 'Round Top', and, were changed at some point to an aftermarket plastic kind having a different top profile consistent with later model style Stocks.

These were very well made, High Quality Revolvers.,,typoiucally having very smooth, & positive mechanisms.

Some people prefer not to carry all six chambers loaded, and or to carry with the Hammer over an empty Chamber, since the M&Ps of that era, if dropped on concrete and landing on the Hammer Spurr, can sometimes let off a round.

Factory Nickel would have Case Hardened, non Nickel Plated. Trigger and Hammer.

Jim K
February 1, 2011, 09:34 PM
It is a Smith & Wesson Hand Ejector, Military & Police Model of 1905, Fourth Change, made in the 1920's.

The gun has been heavily buffed and nickel plated but it is not a factory job. The barrel has been cut off, removing the front lug that is important on S&W's to keep the cylinder aligned. I can't tell what it is but there is something wrong with the hammer and there is the possibility that the gun could be dangerous.

The value is low but if you want to shoot it, have it checked out by a gunsmith before doing so. If it is shootable, it might do for your purposes, but I doubt any gun shop would take it in trade because of the potential problems. I would consider the $100 as too high for that gun; I hope the binoculars weren't worth too much.

S&W did not assign model numbers until the late 1950's so that gun never had one; the same basic gun later became the Model 10.

Assuming it is .38 Special (they were made in .32-20 also), please do not shoot any +P or +P+ ammunition in it; stick to standard velocity .38 Specials or the equivalent handloads.


February 1, 2011, 09:51 PM
Wow thanks for the education guys, no wonder I couldn't id the thing! I am curious about the "hammer" statement and will take your advice to have it checked out. It actually seems as though I found exactly what I needed, a used gun with little value that I dont mind getting a little dusty. Also, I got the binocs on clearance, the two included boxes of 38 shells more than make up for those.

Best Regards!

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