Question(s) for owners of Auto-Ordnance 1911s


January 24, 2003, 08:20 PM
greetings to all, (appologies for the length, but i don't know how else to express all that i need to with regard to this question, except to write it out)

first i wish to express the following. this preface may seem slightly rude to some, i assure you i do not intend it to be so. i simply wish to clarify who i wish to direct my inquiry toward, and why.
I am looking for the oppinions, ect of those here who have owned and used, Auto-Ordnance 1911A1 pistols. Especially those who've owned examples made after Kahr bought them out. and not to be rude but those who've had Direct experience with, or owned a gunshop and dealt with them that way, are teh ONLY folks i want to here from.
And here's why, i've been on this merry-go-round before, and the last two times i've gotten a wheelbarrow load of answers from those who have NEVER owned ANY A-O product, but responded negatively b/c they either took a gunwriter's word as gospel (gunwriters are humans paid to write articles that will sell not only the magazine but the products of that publications major advertisers), or had a political and/or religious objection to anything related to Kahr Arms (owned by Justin Moon, son of Rev. Sun Jung Moon, founder of the "moonies").

Now for my question, could any of you that have direct experience please share your, oppinoins, insights, ect on the Auto-Ord 1911??
i am looking into getting one of their "WW2 Parkerized" versions.

Problem is, as of yet have not received a consistent answer among the shops i frequent. one shop had/has an issue with Kahr adn refuses to carry (or even special order) their products, one is a chain store that has a canned line, IE "that product did not meet or standards" that is used to describe any item that the owner of the chain doesn't want to carry (mossberg shotguns, Savage rifles, and many more).
The last one, is of the opinion that for the use to which i intend to put the gun, (straight range duty, a 45acp "plinkin" gun) that a Post-Kahr take over Auto ordnance will serve me just as well and have no more inherent snafus than any of the other 1911s in the same price block (under $600). also this shop the one place that due to my dealings with them i feel secure that any and all questions i ask them will be answered as straightforward and honestly based on their true experience with the product. this shop is also the only one i have seen that has tried to keep an Auto Ordnace in stock.

regardless i wish to know the experience of others who've owned them.

thank you for your time and sorry to be so long winded, your paitence is appreciated. as well as your input.

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January 24, 2003, 08:43 PM
which is supposed to be the heyday of quality problems. Problem is that it rocks and rolss with the best of them. Its accurate and reliable. When you shake it, it rattles like a 69 Plymouth Duster. Go figure.

Sorry, didn't answer your questions...just had to vent in a positive way.

January 26, 2003, 10:18 AM
I had an older Auto Ord, 1980's production, it was poorly finished, roughly machined, but the price was right, so I took it home. I found it to be reliable only with FMJ ammo, even after throating the original barrel and buying new magazines it was only reliable with FMJ. The factory barrel was a casting, like all other parts of this gun. Some of the holes in the receiver were slightly out of spec, making fitting of new parts a challenge. I have finally been able to make it a fairly decent gun, but the only original part remaining is the receiver!

I have handled some of the new production Auto Ords. Some were nicely finished and seemed to be quality guns. Some seemed like the same old junk, just a different manufacturer's address. Auto Ord spent years making a really bad reputation for itself. If they are now producing decent guns, and by some reports from owners they are, it will take a very long time before Auto Ord becomes a trusted name.

My advice is to examine a specimen very closely before buying. Field strip it and look for flaws and defects. Don't expect an Auto Ordnance pistol to be as nice as a high end Colt, Kimber or Springfield, but then it is not going to cost nearly as much either! Carefully inspect and look at several different specimens if possible, then decide.

January 29, 2003, 10:36 PM
thanks for all teh replies guys gonna send this to the top one more time :D

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