What To Do On CO. Military installations?


February 22, 2011, 01:16 PM
I would like to know if there are others with my problem and what they have done to improve their situation.
I have two sons at different military installations in CO. Springs, one on each end of town. When I go to visit I presently stay and leave what guns I may have at a friends house in Monument but since my oldest has moved to Carson I will be staying there more often so I would like to skip the 30-40 min side trip to my Monument place and just proceed to the USAFA or Ft. Carson.
Is it possible to register what guns I would have in possession and unload, case, lock, or disassemble and then keep them secured in my vehicle or my sons on post housing.
For now this is purely for SD guns but it will develope into varmint, bird and possibly big game guns as well.
The Academy has a campground that I would like to use but it is within the gate. I have thought of renting a storage locker in a central location and putting a safe in it and having some room for us to store some gear as well but it might be more hassel than what I'm doing now. My oldest has guns he has claimed on post but I am not sure if I can have him add mine and carry in and out the gate.

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February 22, 2011, 04:24 PM
This is an interesting question.

My experience with the USAF and guns hasnít been good. I was transporting weapons to Langley AFB and no one would sign off on letting me drive onto base with weapons in LOCKED cases. These were mil guns too. It was kind of a joke. I have also heard to own a Firearm on an AFB you need to take them to the armory.

I think your best bet is with the Army base. I am not sure of the process for base housing. Every housing situation is different. In VA Navy housing you had to add your firearms to a list and have proper storage of the firearms. There was also a time period it took for the 06 to sign the paper to approve your firearm. But that was just that housing for Norfolk.

I would contact Base housing and let me know what happens. Thanks

February 22, 2011, 05:14 PM
Check the Ft Carson's Military Police first, but their posted reg is not too dissimilar to what I've expereinced on other posts & USAF bases:

Military personnel assigned or attached to Fort Carson, civilian employees, visitors or anyone wishing to bring a weapon or firearm onto the installation must register their weapon with the Vehicle Registration Office, Building 6012, within three working days after acquisition of the weapon or firearm or initial arrival to Fort Carson. This requirement applies to individuals living in government quarters or in an off-post residence.... Weapons should not be stored [my emphasis] in vehicles under any circumstances

I've not had problems within this set of strictures, including having/transporting weapons over a 30-year span. (and yes, I've had to keep them in the armory during the short times I'd not yet been assigned quarters while PCSing.) Check that your giving them into the care of your son upon registering is OK, but I would expect so. The Post commander usually just doesn't want guns running around that he can't say he (or his Provost Marshall) knows about.

Once registered, going in/out of the gate should not be an issue. (Keep a copy of the registration w/ you if/when stopped/inspected at the gate). Regardless of anything you read, get your son to do a face-to-face w/ the Provost to ensure/understanding agreement.

The Air Force Academy is a bit more complicated (or maybe just behind/ahead of the times) in having their post newspaper state they require Lautenberg's "Qualification to Posess Firearms/Ammunition" form upon registering.

February 22, 2011, 07:13 PM
While out hunting two years ago, my dad (Ret.AF) and I drove on to a USAF base, to get gas, with rifles in the back seat. I don't remember that we had to do anything special.

February 22, 2011, 07:35 PM
This requirement applies to individuals living in...an off-post residence....

To the best of my knowledge, this "off post living registration of firearms" was tried at several installations around 2009 and then soundly repealed to the embarrassment of many high ranking officers after many complaints to Congress of infringing on the 2nd Amendment.

To answer the OP, it varies from installation to installation. Generally, if you register it at the Provost Marshall as required, you can transport it unloaded in a locked box that is not accessible by the passengers (truck, back of SUV, etc.). That doesn't give permission to ride around with it all the time, but to and from is okay... Keep a copy of the registration with you/in your vehicle in case you are stopped with it. Also, understand your rights against warrantless searches (different at the gate than just on base).

Any other questions can be answered at the Provost Marshall when you go to register them. Might do a trial run with just one at first. DO NOT take it in to the building. Go in first and ask what they want you to do. Generally they just need make, model, serial, so write that down in advance.

Whenever you stop going there, my last order of business would be to stop back there and have it removed from their records. Unnecessary papertrails...

February 22, 2011, 11:18 PM
So I should perhaps submit the 2760 form along with make, mod. and ser number?
I think I will attempt to get some info from the Provost Marshall through email and follow the instructions if it is something I can live with otherwise I guess I'll quit carrying. I don't like that so much since I have a 250 mile trip to get there and I stop in Denver from time to time.

February 23, 2011, 08:26 AM
don't like that so much since I have a 250 mile trip to get there and I stop in Denver from time to time.

How do you think servicemembers feel? We are sworn to uphold the very Constitution we cannot exercise!!! The state may recognize that you can carry; your country lets you carry and make life and death decisions in battle; you are highly trained, yet you are treated like an untrusted child once back home on a military base.

I suggest you write Congress over the issue. Nothing will change without orders from the top. Think about all the lives that could have been saved if a CCW'er were present when Hussein went off at Ft. Hood?

February 23, 2011, 09:08 AM
How do you think servicemembers feel?
Having been both commanded & commander, my view is prejudiced. Personally I have never felt overly constrained while on/living within ilitary bases. Whenever I arrived on post/base, I immediately went to the Provost's and they quite professionally (and with occasional wide open eyes) documented the guns in my U-Haul and stored them for me while I arranged for permanent quarters on/off base. They then no less professionally gave the guns back -- along w/ the original paperwork -- when I removed them from their facility PCS. I never had a problem transporting (not carrying) to/from/through a post as long as the Provost knew I had possesion of them.

"...applies to individuals living in government quarters or in an off-post residence..."
Poster above is corrrect that this is OBCE (overcome by Congressional events) and not applicable to the OP's situation. All other aspects of the mandate would still apply however. As the Poster suggested, a call/visit to the Provost is the best avenue for happy conclusion in all this.

As to "carrying" while on a federal/military installation, I leave this as prerogative of the commander. He is totally responsible for everything that happens on that post -- from littering to murder -- and doesn't have the flexibility to suffer any number of unknown persons running around w/ guns... regardless of local/state expressions of civil trust.

Now it used to be that officers and (very) senior NCOs could/would openly carry back in the brownshoe days. When we became a kinder/gentler nation 65 years ago that tradition changed.

It might be time to reconsider....

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