My Letter to Feinstein (New Years Tradition)


January 5, 2004, 12:03 AM
As a new years tradition, I always Email our dear Diane Feinstein and start the new year off right.. I've been busy these past few days and so didn't get to do it on new years, but, better late than never; and I encourage all of you to write your congress (yes, that's CONgress, opposite of PROgress..) critters and start the year off right.

My email for the year (warning, contains harsh and sarcastic comments... not for the weak or hearts or your leftist democrats)


"These guns are often used for drive-by shooters and criminals going into a major criminal event – who are seeking to do the maximum damage possible in the shortest amount of time. "

This is the type of trash you spew on your website. It makes me sick. You make it sound as if those doing the drive-bys bought their guns at Walmart, after waiting the 10 day waiting period, having his persons fingerprinted, + ID checked. It's CRIMINALS who are committing these aggregious acts, not citizens, of whom you are trying to impose your iron fisted will upon.

CRIMINALS DON'T OBEY THE LAW. That's why they are called "CRIMINALS".

These are very basic concepts that seem to ellude you and the administration..

Plastic bags kill more children every year than guns, as do swimming pools, 5 gallon paint buckets, mini-blinds, bicycles etc.. But why should you care? You aren't trying to actually stop children from dying.. If you were; you'd do something useful. Let me go ahead and quote Paul Harvey and say "your child is 100 times more likely to die if you own a pool than a firearm." Of course, I won't confuse you with the facts...

If you want to prevent dealth of children, then enact tougher swimming pool laws. If you want better "gun control", take a shooting class. If you want to keep guns off the streets, ARM THE CITIZENS. Switzerland has almost no crime because everybody is armed. An armed society is a polite society.

Compare Vermont, with State-wide CCW, vs Washington DC, the cesspool of crime. Who's got the tougher gun laws? I see how "tougher gun laws" have worked their magic in DC and NJ. :rolleyes:

Gun laws don't work, because they apply to only law abiding citizens; who aren't the problems!!

Enforce the current laws we have, and stop adding new ones just to give yourself warm fuzzies.

If a criminal didn't obey the first 36,000 gun laws you passed, what makes you think they will obey the 36,001st? Did you think this up by yourself or was there tax-payers money wasted on a committee for this?

Gun stupidity and ignorance is almost synonymous with the name Feinstein.. "It will do no good to keep guns off the streets, but hey, it scares the sheeple and gets me votes."

This administration makes me SICK. I am curious if it's the ignorance that's more sinful, or the spreading of the ignorance..

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January 5, 2004, 12:16 AM
I often wonder if such letters are actually useful.

I hate to say it, as this is The High Road, but presenting a logical argument to characters such as Diance Feinstein doesn't look like it will ever work. As much as I'd like to think there's a logical thinking person inside there on the RKBA issue, her stance has gone so extreme that there's just no negotiating.

The only course of action is to call her out, and remind of her how horrid her actions are. Sorry, but attempting to disarm the entire US population (as she's stated she would do if she could) is just horrid. Horrid. I cannot look at a picture of that woman without feeling contempt. Doing that while not coming off as a raving lunatic is hard though.


I see no fault in your arguments. They're logical, and you're just calling her out for the hyprocrite she is. She doesn't really care about the children. We all know that. If she does have some inner feeling guiding her to save children her effors are HORRIBLY misguided. I presume you're a subject of California, though your 'Location' information reads Taiwan.

I'm not a CA resident... though I have half a mind to spout of a letter or two every month to Diane remindering that as an American citizen who's announced she'd like to remove arms from my posession that she is an enemy of me, personally, and of our countrymen.

January 5, 2004, 03:20 AM
I applaud the sentiment but, for some reason, I have the sneaking suspicion that your letter will go unread and unheeded.

January 5, 2004, 04:14 AM
I cannot belive she's stupid enough to not know exactly what she's doing.

All you've acomplished with your heated letter is to now let her know that YOU know what she is doing...

Be careful out there.

January 5, 2004, 07:21 AM
I read about the statistics that say, for every call they get, it equals about 400 other people they've pissed off. For every letter they get, it equals about 1 to 2000 people they've pissed off. Emails do count, and while mine will probably go unread as well, that's fine. They just need to know that someone who knows the facts is watching their every move and in their inbox.

I don't actually believe I will sway them, but I need them to know I am out there.

I use to call my old congressman David Dreisier (who's last name I could never spell correctly) to the point his secretary use to pick up the phone and know it was me.

For all the good or not so good my letter does, at least I'm not sitting on my butt. What I can't stand are the slideliners and the armchair QB's who are yapping about what the NRA hasn't done for them lately.. What have THEY done for RKBA lately??

If everybody on THR sent their congress critters an email every new years, we might see a big change...

I make it my new years tradition to piss off people in congress. That's been a new years resolution of mine for a long time. Why hasn't it been yours?? :D

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