After market Night sights for Smith and Wesson revolvers.


February 27, 2011, 02:51 PM
Are after market Night sights available for S&W revolvers?

I have inherited three S&W revolvers. I am a revolver for self defense person. The problem is two of these revolvers have the plain black front sights. One has the red ramp insert. When my Daughter went to practice for her CHL I brought the three revolvers. We were in a relatively well lit indoor range but I couldn't see squat for the sights and basically was pointing and shooting. The 'scores' reflected that.

I have a 4" 686 with a red ramp front sight and a shorter barreled 45ACP 625 with a black sight. The 625 has the front sight held in with a small drift pin.

These two revolvers would be for the house only and not for CHL. I don't have a CHL as I am too old, fat and slow to even think about going all Wyatt Earp on anybody's backside.*:rolleyes:

*Revolver only please; no get a semi suggestions, please.

Any suggestions?

Also, which gun for the house? The way our house is laid out is in the form of a 'T'. Three bedrooms at the top of the T with my bedroom door in the middle in a straight line with the front door. We're only going to keep one of the revolvers here as the other two, because of how they were acquired, are going into a safe deposit box at the bank. My Wife and Daughter have scatterguns and her own pistol, respectively.

4" 357 686 or about 3" 45 ACP 625?



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February 27, 2011, 05:32 PM
You mean like this

This is a Dawson Precision front night sight for a 1911 that has been fitted to a 2.5" S&W M66-7, paired with a Apex Tactical U-see rear sight

Between your two choices, I'd keep the M625 for a house gun and back it up with a couple of loaded moonclips...less flash and faster recovery

February 27, 2011, 05:40 PM
I replaced my rear sight with a white outline sight from midwayusa; then painted my front patrade with orange fingernail polish; but for the home, hard to beat lasergrips!

February 27, 2011, 07:53 PM
I've been told that the front sight is the most important. The LASER grips are a possible option.

I also agree and have pretty much come to the conclusion the 625 is the best option.

Less potential for through the open front door, downrange, across the street, secondary damage.

That big ol' N frame is a chunk of gun!:D


February 28, 2011, 06:17 AM
Find a store that has one of the current S&W 'Night Guard' series of revolvers - or the one I just bought - a 60 Pro. They come equipped with a Tritium front sight - which glows, as they say, 'in the dark'. For my eyes, this means only in total darkness can you see the glow - and then you won't be able to discern your target. Find one so equipped in a store - and shield the front sight with one hand - can you see the 'glow'? I can barely detect it - but my eyes are 'mature'. I keep meaning to paint the surrounding ramp on my 60 Pro's front sight an iridescent orange - or change it for a fiber optic sight, like a HiViz or SDM - when I find one. Many of my other revolvers have the HiViz f.o. sight - it's a great sighting aid in any light.

I would use either the 686 or the 625 as a house gun - you can get any gunsmith who can tie his own shoes to fit a proper fiber optic sight to that front base - or send it back to S&W for same, if you must. Call their 800# (800-337-0852) for a price - and they'll send you a pre-paid FEDEX label, too.

Which to keep? I would stoke the 686 with Remington R38S12 +P 158gr LHPSWCs for home protection - very effective. In that 625, any .45 ACP - even 230gr FMJ 'ball' ammo - like the UMC ammo WallyWorld carries for ~$85 for a box of 250 - will be effective, as well as cheap to practice with. Good luck!


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