My best range day last summer


March 16, 2011, 03:21 AM
Ok, so it wasn't a rifle range, but still was a good time and my fondest pre-deployment memory. Enjoy reading about another shooting sport.

Before we came out here, my unit (3/25) got one week home and I wanted at least one day to be spent at the range. Guns were out of the question for this social type of shooting event. So with a few friends and my family we hit the local 3-D target range for a day. With ten shooters and a few observing little ones (babysitting issues) going through at once you can imagine it took a while. It was August and it got a little warm, but I still had a blast losing to almost everyone there. Of course, a thread like this is worthless without pics so my nieces shot some.
I failed in the most hilarious way. I can't even describe the embarrassment I faced with my new bow, and thinking I could sight it in as I went.
My favorite hunting partner. MaKala, my oldest, outscored me, my brother, and Ronnie! Good shooting girl! I can't wait to see her turned loose with her new .223 this year.
My other daughter wasn't shooting that day. She had just recovered from a broken arm so she did one of the things she is best at: Watched the little one. She'll be out this year and aiming for her first bow deer (already has one by gun) to copy her sister.
My wife never missed! The highest score in the family and the newest shooter too! She will have a new bow for this year that fits her better. You might see some smirks now, but it was only the first targets.
My brother killed as many trees and arrows as targets. Also notice the bandage from string slap.
My wife's cousin, Wade, with an old $50 bow still getting it done!
My friend and former coworker Bill checking to see who shot whose arrows this time.
Ronnie taught me to hunt. I tried to teach him how to shoot. Result? One arrow survived. JK people, but he and my brother did score the most tree kills.
Wade's daughter Santana just starting out. Future hunter?
If I had to choose someone to trust with my gear and to get advice from on anything archery related, this is him. Jim owns a small shop and has never steered anyone wrong. He is considered THE expert on the brand of bow he is shooting (Rytera/Martin, which is also what I shoot now too).
"I don't know how I missed that one!" Tony (my brother) being a ham as usual.
Someone had cheer Ronnie on. So he brought his daughter who goes with him when he hunts. Arguably, the cutest one at the range.
Faye, Jim's wife, taking a break. I think she beat me too!
The photographers revealed! They want to hunt with us, but their mom is against it (for now). Twin troublemakers they are. They are getting their first 22's and/or bows this year even if I have to buy them and keep them at my house.

For those who don't know what a 3-D target is it is a life sized target in the same shape as a game animal. They are a blast to shoot and can be very realistic too.

I will be back home in a month and hoping to get us all together again for another good time. For those here who have not tried a bow, you should. It is a blast and the tech is more advanced than firearms now a days. I shoot my bow ten times as much as any gun, though I do hunt with a gun more.

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March 16, 2011, 08:05 AM
Looks like everyone had a blast. And thanks for your service!

March 16, 2011, 07:00 PM
Those are some funny lookin guns you got there!
Looks like it was a great day.

March 17, 2011, 02:15 AM
Yeah, we did have a ton of fun laughing at each other. I know they look funny, but I do better with them than a pistol or most shotguns. Besides a bit of variety helps.

No need to thank me either. I chose this life style. My kids and wife deserve it for putting up with me. And old vets so too. It takes old vets to make new ones. There are actually 5 vets here: Tony (USMC), Bill (USAF), Wade (Army), Ronnie (USMC), and of course me (USMC). Vets just seem to attract to each other everywhere.

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