Cap and Nipple Graphic


March 18, 2011, 09:57 PM
I've been searching for a graphic that is around here somewhere. It is of the different nipples and how they fit different caps. I believe it was by makos_goods but I can't seem to find it again.

makos, if it was yours, could you please repost it? If not, anyone have a link to the thread where it was posted?


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March 18, 2011, 10:06 PM
What do you specifically need and I can accommodate you? I can't remember what I posted on this forum. Was it just Remington caps or CCI as well? Was it Treso cones, Uberti cones, Pietta or Ruger? I don't think I have ever posted an RWS or Ely on a cone but I have models.

I've done several different ones over the last couple of years.


March 18, 2011, 10:19 PM
Is this the one you are talking about?

That is not correct at all. The numbers do have meanings, they give you a fit for the cap. You are looking at it incorrectly.

It's all about the cones, not the caps. The cap size basically tells you what size cone it will fit. For instance, you have taken the "inversion" of the "sizes" (that) being the overall height of the Remington caps and have jumped in your logic and taken it from the “rational to the absurd.”

Cones are tapered. Because they are tapered there are two ways to create an interference or tight fit between the cap and cone. The I.D. and internal height can be used together or independently to effect a fit. Remington has chosen to freeze the I.D. to one dimension and vary the fit with the skirt length. CCI has taken a different approach and vary both the internal height as well as the I.D, between their cap sizes.

Below are three simple models that show the relationships of Remington and CCI caps to a “standard” Uberti cone. All models are created from direct measurements taken from a population of current (within the last three years) caps and cones from two revolvers purchased in 2007.

First of all note both #11 caps fit this cone with a light interference. It’s all about the fit not a direct relation between different vendors dimensions.

The dimensions on the Uberti Cone basically show where you will have about .003” of interference between the cap and cone with the #11 caps. Incidentally, both the Remington and CCI #11 caps have an I.D. of Ř.166.

This is not isolated to just caps there are many things in our world which use a standardized system for identification of their use, yet there may not be a direct one for one correlation from vendor to vendor on all or even some of the dimensions.


March 19, 2011, 02:05 AM
Yes, that was the one I had seen. Do you have one for Treso and Pietta nipples with the different caps? It would be most appreciated in explaining to a bud why he is having problems with caps on his Pietta Remington.
Thanks, very much appreciated.

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