DAO Smith action


January 8, 2004, 09:59 PM
I`m looking at picking up a police trade in compact .40 Smith (4053) and I`m wondering how you guys like the S&W DAO triggers? For those not familliar with them they`re somewhat similar to a Glock in that they cock partially when the slide is racked so the DAO pull can be shorter than the DA pull in a traditional DA/SA pistol. So waddaya think should I go for a single stack 4053 with Novak night sights? Marcus

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January 8, 2004, 10:15 PM
I have a 5946, 5943TSW, and 4046 (as well as other, TDA S&W autos). I happen to like the S&W DAO triggers. My 5946 was a retired police gun that saw light usage and came to me in excellent condition. If find it easy to master the trigger and I like the consistent triggerpull from shot to shot. Third generation S&W autos retired from police duty tend to be excellent buys. Most have been carried alot and only shot maybe a few hundred rounds a year (basically during qualification and in the weeks leading up to it). I think if you like the 4053, it should serve you well. My first preference would be the 6900 series 9mms though (I'll eventually wind up with a 6946).

January 8, 2004, 11:31 PM
I was issued a 6946 for awhile and I bought a 4569 (or something like that) on my own.
Same trigger every time, reasonably managable, mine were/are reliable.

January 9, 2004, 09:26 AM
(Man, if you really want to hear about these guns, go post on the Smith forum and ask to see some of SmithNut's DAOs.)

I've got a 6946 that I got from a friend at a good price. Initially, I wasn't hot on the idea of a trigger that's partially cocked (bad experience with a Glock that would suffer from light strikes when schmootz got in the striker channel from high pressure chambering in .357 Sig), but I have never had a FTF with the Smith (in probably walking up to 2k rounds about now). The heavy hammer whacking the firing pin provides additional insurance for primer ignition that the low-mass Glock striker just can't in a dirty gun situation. Frankly, I have become a convert - this is a trigger system that works, and it's idiot-proof. In a high-stress situation, idiot-proof is probably good.

Well, wait a minute . . . maybe it's not idiot-proof. There's no trigger-disconnecting external safety. But if one can handle a revolver safely, one should be able to learn to handle a S&W DAO safely.

Anyway, thumbs-up from me.

January 9, 2004, 10:42 PM
I`ve been checking out the S&W Forums. There`s some good info over there. I`ve pretty much decided on a DAO Smith now I have to decide if I want a 4053 or a 4553TSW for $90 more..... opinions? Marcus

January 9, 2004, 11:13 PM
Frankly, I think the TSW additions are worth $90 . . .

Big Mike
January 9, 2004, 11:56 PM
Marcus, I'll echo the comments already made about the DAO Smiths. I myself was seriously looking at a 4053 when a 6946 that a co-worker had made me an offer on a trade. The trigger is consistent, sorta heavy but smooth with no slack. I like it. I have yet to shoot mine. I already have the 6906 which I find to be an excellent compromise in all performance areas. It has been 100% reliable with everything I have shot in it.


January 11, 2004, 12:35 AM
I have a 4553 TSW, (on my hip right now), an my son has a 4053TSW. I have no complaints and my son seems happy with his. My brother-in-law gave me three boxes of ammo and said "shoot 'em up and reload". Its the only ammo to ever fail to eject. Very light recoil with a 165 gr projectile...stove pipe almost every shot. I mix in one with good stuff to practice clearing my weapon...ready made training ammo :D . With all other ammo its been 100% reliable and I like the gun. Get one...have fun!

January 13, 2005, 07:54 AM

I have a 4053TSW and am having a hard time finding leather for it. I want to buy a really nice leather concealment holster with thumb strap. Something similar in quality to what Mitch Rosen makes but with a thumb break.

I also need a duty holster for it but am having trouble finding leather that really fits it also.

One other question. I've read some comments about there being different generations of the 4053TSW. What are the differences? I suspect that mine is a 1st generation.

Thank you!!


January 13, 2005, 08:58 AM
I have two TDA S&W pistols. I thought they had discontinued all the DAO models and they do not appear on their web site. Every once in a while I come across forum posts that seem to imply they are still available. So, is S&W still selling the DAO models?

January 13, 2005, 09:58 AM
I had a 5946 9mm doublestack for a while.

The DAO trigger was so good that despite myself, it deserted the gunshop and left with me.

The first day I had it, I hit a target at 100 yards. I walked in two shots as sighters and hit on the third through tenth round. :)

It was a nice gun, but I needed $$ suddenly so off it went. :(

January 13, 2005, 12:39 PM
Smith & Wesson's performance center can allegedly convert and DA/SA Smith auto to DAO. The newer TSW models are supposedly designed to be easily converted with just a parts swap, while the older models take a little more work. I had considered converting my 4506-1 at one time and they assured me it wouldn't be a problem to do.

I have owned a 3954 or 5946, both DAO 9mm's, both with amazing triggers and above average accuracy. I highly recommend the DAO Smiths.


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