Taurus vs. Taurus


April 19, 2011, 09:02 AM
no brand X vs brand Y vs brand Z, please
just Taurus vs. Taurus.. revolver specific, but any all models and calibers
kindly do describe vintage as well, if you will
(me, I think vintage matters a lot, any/all brands, bar none.. except maybe Korth, not that I would know Korth anyway)

also a real good notion to mention if NIB vs USED, you know
not doing so always struck me as about as sensible as praising or cussing any flavor of USED automobile; neither you nor the factory have any control over what the last owner did to 'em. Some people change their engine oil and some people don't.

there are at least some of us who own several flavors, even though not "TOA" people
so... what specific model/caliber Taurus revolvers do you own, shoot and enjoy, and which do you avoid like the pox ?

I would name my picks here, but already have more than once, so let's hear about yours. Play nice now. :)

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April 19, 2011, 10:28 AM
I have owned a ultra light snubby (M85?) and a Titanium Tracker in 357, both from the 90's.

Both worked just fine. I sold them because I don't like shooting super light guns. No problem with their quality or function.

Owned a 38 revolver from the 80s that was horrible (don't remember the model, but it was K frame size, 4 inch blue). It would break while sitting in the bureau drawer.

Do not know if this is of any use to you.

While I have no plans to get any more tauri, I consider them to be no less of a crap shoot than buying a Smith. Maybe less. So do not count me as a taurus hater.

My preference is for older Smiths and Colts.

April 19, 2011, 10:33 AM
I guess you're wanting a discussion of various Taurus models??? If so, I own a M85SSUL and two M66s. The 85 was bought new in 96 and the two 66s I picked up used at gun shows for eye opening good deals. The 85 is awesome, fantastic DA trigger and quite accurate. The 3" 66 was 180 bucks and the 4" was 197. The 3" 66 is a mid 80s gun, blued, and has the hammer block trigger system. The 4" 66 is a transfer bar trigger. I'm assuming somewhere around 1990 there was a change in the system. It was a change for the better as that 4" gun has a very slick DA and creep free, light SA. The 3" has an almost imperceptible bit of creep in SA that isn't noticeable when shooting, but which you can feel when playing with it. It also has a slightly rougher DA than the 4" gun. It's plenty serviceable and I do carry the gun IWB for the shorter barrel (what I bought it for). The 4" gun shoots 1" groups from a rest at 25 yards with its favorite rounds and the 3" ain't far behind. These are two of the most accurate medium frame .38/.357 caliber guns I've ever fired.

I'd say, if you look at used Taurus revolvers, look for the transfer bar trigger system. It seems to be an improvement over the hammer block system. I can also say that the 85 and the 66 are tried and true designs, a couple of Taurus' best. The trackers are similar to the 66s, but I don't like ported barrels. They're a little lighter, though, for a field carry gun and they have a Titanium tracker that is really light if I did much back packing, but the 4" 66 ain't that heavy at 38 ounces.

That's my input based on the ones I own. Others can elaborate on other models. I can tell ya that my two 66s have found a home. I have divested myself of a Ruger Security Six and a Smith and Wesson M19, neither of which shot as well as the 4" 66. I picked the Taurus 66 to keep based on its accuracy and built quality. It's tight, it times perfectly, and it's a tack driver.

I figured I'd toss in the above endorsement based on my experience because I KNOW some yahoo is going to come in there bashing my guns based on internet "wisdom" and brand bias, someone that don't have a clue. :rolleyes: Just giving you my opinion on what I know for a fact with the guns I own and shoot.

Black Butte
April 19, 2011, 12:24 PM
Taurus vs. Taurus

Given that choice, I'm going with the Taurus. :)

April 19, 2011, 01:34 PM
I really like Taurus revolver's, actually all of their handguns have been good to me. I only know of one instance in which I saw a Taurus revolver that was not uup to par. My Brother in law bought a new 66, I think it was a 66, back in the early 1980s or so. The barrel was off center enough that you could easily see it. I donn't know how he managed to buy it without noticing the problem. But on the flip side, he sent it back to Taurus and they made good on it.

April 19, 2011, 06:51 PM
I'm not a Taurus basher...I've had one experience with a Taurus and it wasn't a good one, it's the only one I've ever had or shot. Got it about 2 months ago, NIB. A stainless Taurus Tracker 4" in 44 mag. I got it home from the lgs and took it out of the box. The cylinder fell out onto the floor. I'm not a gun mechanic but after some looking and messing around, I got it locked back in. I waited several days until I could go to the range. On the first 5 shells I loaded into the cylinder, 2 went bang. Then the cylinder locked up and the trigger locked. Had to take the side plate off and fool with the innards. I'll try to make this much shorter and less painful than it was. On the 2nd and subsequent 3 cylinders full, it locked up. I took it home and wrote it off to a bad day at the range. I took the revolver to the range 4 more times over the period of about 5 weeks and it locked each and every time. The last time I drove home with it loaded and cocked because I couldn't get it unloaded or the trigger forward. Taurus Company now has my new gun and is working on it. That's my experience with Taurus up to this point. Seeing how I'm a reasonable guy, I'm thinking (hoping) it was just a factory oversight or I just got a lemon that can be fixed. I like the gun and I'd like to continue shooting it...

April 19, 2011, 11:15 PM
I purchased my new 44 tracker less than two months ago and have had several problems. I sent it in and it did not get fixed. With a little elbow grease it's working pretty smooth now, but during my work I ran into another internal part that should be replaced. I called Taurus and they said they would have the part to me within 10 days, it's been over 2 weeks. It seems to be the large calibers on the small frames that tend to have the most problems. I'm a fan of the price but not the headache. :banghead: On a lighter note, I have a 970SS that has been an excellent gun. When I need to look like I'm a descent shot I reach for my 970, it covers over a multitude of sins. :rolleyes:


May 1, 2011, 06:51 AM
Update on my Taurus Tracker problems. Sent my gun back to Taurus 2 weeks ago, after having it several weeks from a brand new purchase. I was having lock up/trigger/cylinder problems with it. I got it back this past Friday and took it to the range on Saturday. Same problems as before. The cylinder is now very hard to swing open. Other than that, it appears they didn't do anything to fix the original problems. You can't shoot a full cylinder of 5 without it locking up. It's going back to the lgs where I got it and being traded in. Does that make me a Taurus basher? If so, so be it. Taurus no more...

May 1, 2011, 02:26 PM
Update on my 970SS.....I took it out this last weekend and I'm now having problems with 2 chambers not locking in properly (loose during cylinder trigger test). This causes lead to spray and hit you in the face. I guess I can't brag anymore about my remaining good Taurus. Dang....I really did like that gun.:banghead:

May 1, 2011, 04:47 PM
605 3 inch bought NIB 10 yrs ago. Fantastic shooter, great trigger, One of my revolver carry guns.

May 1, 2011, 05:01 PM
I own to older taurus revolvers. 1 is a SS model 85 21oz snubby. carried it for many years and it has the smoothest trigger and with an equaly as old wolf hammer spring pull wieght is 2.4lb sa and 4.4lb da pull. Great old revolver . I also have a blued model 94 3" barrel bought as a practice revolver mainly. But it has turned into a good trainer for my daughtes and they still enjoy shooting it. The 38 has never been in for anything and the 22 went in to get a new firepin and a check up. 2 weeks from house to house and works a 100% again. Both wear hogue soft rubber 3 finger grips as all my revolvers do. As I said both are older pistol and I would not trade them for another brand. I Have bought a new ultra light but not a taurus as I could not get one then. 11oz revolvers are not enjoyable to shoot BUT they do try job as a cc firearm.

May 1, 2011, 06:18 PM
Have a pair of Model 85s, old enough to be non-+P rated. Have a Model 82, 4", a Model 66, 3", a pair of Model 94s, both 4", and a 4" Model 941.

All were thoroughly examined prior to purchase, and also detail cleaned and lubed prior to shooting. The sole issue that I've had came at round 5000 of the Model 85 CH. I had used it exclusively with +P and +P+ loads, just to see how long it would last. At the 5000 mark, it was starting to shave lead. I sent it back to Taurus, with a letter explaining what I had done, and asked for a price to repair it. Six weeks later, the gun returned, tight, re-blued, and working just fine today.

I have Taurus semi-autos, some of which are over 25 years years old, and the only thing ever replaced were the recoil springs.:)

Mike J
May 1, 2011, 08:16 PM
The only Taurus in our house is my wife's model 85. She already had it before I met her. I am sure it is at least 10 years old. I have taken her out with it a few times just to make sure she knows how to use it (she hadn't even shot it until I took her to the range with it). I have shot it a few other times. It is fine for what it is.

May 1, 2011, 10:44 PM
I have a blued 2" Model 85 (1988 mfg), a blued 4" 669 (1988 mfg), and a stainless 6" 669 (1992 mfg). The 6" was bought used and the other two new. All have worked well no complaints. The 85 has only shot a few boxes of +P the rest std pressure ammo. The only problem was the rear sight came off the 4" while shooting magnums (this was with maybe a total round count of 5-6k rounds). The screw holding the sight had loosened (I fouind the screw not the sight). Sent it to Taurus and got it back in about two weeks.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy any Taurus that met a requirement I had (real or imagined).

May 1, 2011, 11:49 PM
I have used three Taurus revolvers. Had to sell one during a cash crunch a couple years back.

I have the Model 94 which is a 22 rimfire 9 shot gun (barrel cut to 3 inches). I bought this as a kick around 22 or tackle box gun if you will. I mostly shoot it SA and it has been reliable and accurate enough. DA is heavy, but I see no need for a DA in this caliber. I chose it over a straight SA gun for the ease of loading with the swing out cylinder.

I have a Model 731 Ti which is a 32 H&R magnum. They did not make this model in total titanium for very long and they were at the time quite expensive. I got this gun about 7 years ago and it was still NIB for the same price as the non Ti versions. It is a 13oz gun and has never failed to go bang. It is my pocket carry gun. For plinking I shoot the 32 S&W long cartridge. The gun also can fire the 32 ACP , or the 32 S&W(short).

I had to sell the Tracker in 44 magnum. It was at a time that ammo was hard to get, prices were high, and I got a good price for my Tracker. It was a great gun that I mostly used 44 Spl ammo in. One of the smallest if not the smallest 44 magnums this was a 4 inch stainless steel version with frame size about like the S&W L .. A nice trail gun that would carry well. Again, no problems with this gun and I would buy another in a heatbeat.

May 3, 2011, 06:58 PM
I have seven Taurus® revolvers.............
• Mdl 85B2CH 38 Special - 1994
• Mdl 669SS4CP 357 Magnum - 1996
• Mdl 85B2 38 Special - 1997
• Mdl 617SS2 357 Magnum - 2003
• Mdl 605SS3 357 Magnum - 2006
• Mdl 85SS2UL 38 Special - 2007
• Mdl 605SS2 357 Magnum - 2010

All have performed superbly and I continue to shoot them all almost every week.

I have only encountered these problems.........
• Mdl 85B2CH broke a firing pin after 11,000+ rounds. I replaced the firing pin & it's still going strong.
• Mdl 85SS2UL had the cylinder stop (part# 44) wear down after 10,000 rounds. Called Taurus® and they shipped the part right away. Installed new cylinder stop and now the gun works fine.

I have zero complaints with Taurus® customer service. The one time I had to send a gun in they fixed and returned it when they said they would. Specifically.....................
• Mdl 617 developed excessive cylinder to forcing cone gap (.011") after almost 6,000 rounds. I sent it to Taurus® and they replaced the cylinder and adjusted the crane and yoke. I've since put 2,000+ rounds through it and it's still going strong.

I will not hesitate to buy additional Taurus® revolvers. They are an outstanding value.

May 5, 2011, 05:47 PM
I love the Taurus line. Something for everyone if you do your research.

I own a goodly number of Tauri.

2-model 66s. One + 25 years old in blue and a newer 7 shot stainless model.
1-model 65. It has the 2.5inch barrel and in nickel. + 25 years old as well.

Both the 66s and the 65 have light crisp let offs and like anything in 158 grain bullet weight.

1-model 82 in .38 Special. Fine and accurate gun.
1-+25 year old 85CH.
6- model 441s & 431s and in two barrel lengths and finishes. Blue and stainless. .44 Specials at that.

1-model 327UL in .327 Federal magnum.
2-model 856s. One is the Lyte model and the other is the standard frame in stainless steel. Both are 6 shot revolvers on a 85 frame.

Add that to the 941 in .22WRM and the 94 in .22lrf. Both have 5 inch barrels.

I enjoy them all. No problems.

These compliment my Ruger revolvers quite well.

May 5, 2011, 06:36 PM
Some of the best Taurus' made were the 450s, 455s, 606s, and any 44 special. If you find these for less than 300 you should consider buying them.

May 6, 2011, 01:10 AM
I had a 66 from the 1980s and it came new with a barrel allignment issue I didn't notice when I purchased it. Sent it back to Taurus and many weeks later it came back but it hadn't been fixed. Don;t know why they thought they had addressed the issue but it was clearly not repaired. I lost a lot of faith in Taurus after that and have just recently given them another try with good results. I have a model 608 that is realy quite nice and a bunch of AL's that absolutely rock. Outside of the issue in the 1980's, I think taurus makes a pretty good product.
I'm not sure what transition if any Taurus has gone through since the 1980's, but apparently the quality has improved since then according to friends and family who have experienced simular issues with the older models.

May 6, 2011, 04:09 AM
'82 vintage Taurus 669. My first wheelgun bought in '09. Figured any issues would have already been addressed.

I'm VERY happy with it. As good as my Smiths? No... but a very servicable revolver.... and none of my Smiths got out the door for $300... :D


Brian Williams
May 6, 2011, 09:14 AM
I have had 2, a 608 in 357 and a 445 in 45 Colt, I wish I had the 45 Colt. The 608 was way too big.

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