Beretta PX4 Storm Subcompact 9mm - $400?


May 16, 2011, 10:00 PM
Guy says it's in mint condition and it'd be a face to face sale, so no tax. What do you guys think?

I have a BUNCH of handguns, but I've never owned a Beretta. And even though the moniker 'subcompact' is a little iffy (it's like calling a Honda Civic a subcompact - it ain't really that tiny), I have always thought the lines on this gun were nice.


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May 17, 2011, 08:46 AM
Hmm... nothing huh?

May 17, 2011, 09:07 AM
The sub compact doesn't have the much touted rotating barrel, but other than that it is a great little gun. I haven't owned one and there are too many other weapons on my list ahead of that one. It just doesn't do it for me. I've shot one and it seemed nice. The price seems fair if you look around on gunbroker.

May 17, 2011, 08:26 PM

sounds good to me.

May 17, 2011, 08:37 PM

May 18, 2011, 12:45 PM
Sounds like a good price, a solid pistol, personally I'd go for it at that price. What else are you going to do today?

And put up pics when you get it (you will right?)!!!

May 18, 2011, 01:05 PM
I shot one when I was looking for a new CCW, and I didn't like it. Can't really say why - it shot okay, it just felt funny in my hand. Like holding hands with your date in the movie theater, then you look over and find out it's your sister.

May 18, 2011, 03:14 PM
I bought one a while back, let me copy & pasta my review...

Since this is a CCH board, I figured I would post up my review of my latest CCH option, since I posted it on my car board. Beretta PX4 subcompact, 9mm

First, I will compare it to a Glock 26...because I can

PX4 subcompact
Caliber - 9mm
Standard capacity - 13
Optional capacity - 15/17/20
Length - 6.2"
Height - 4.8"
Width - 1.2"
Weight (unloaded with mag) - 26.1 ounces
Barrel length - 3"
Sight radius - 4.5"

Glock 26
Caliber - 9mm
Standard capacity - 10
Optional capacity - 12/15/17/19/33
Length - 6.29"
Height - 4.17"
Width - 1.18"
Weight (unloaded with mag) - 19.75 ounces
Barrel length - 3.46"
Sight radius - 5.67"

As you can see, they are very similar in form factor. The PX4 is a little taller and heavier, but that is easily negated by the fact that it holds 13+1 rounds in such a small gun. Awesome!

The gun feels pretty nice in hand. It doesn't feel "chunky" or "blocky" like the Glock does. It comes with 3 backstraps, so you can select which one feels best to you. The small/medium ones felt about the same, but the large was noticeably larger

The sights are your standard 3 dot variety night sights. Not much else to say here

It uses the same DA/SA trigger found in the PX4, which is basically your standard Beretta trigger. You can place the trigger in a "half cocked" position, which takes some of the slack/weight out of the initial DA pull. If I had to guess, it would probably be around 10lbs for that pull...feels about as heavy as a SIG's DA/SA pull in DA, but it is much shorter. The SA pull is very nice. It's crisp, has almost no over-travel, has no creep as you're pulling the SA, and feels at about 4-4.5lbs. Very happy with how it feels. Much nicer than the Glock trigger. Reset is pretty short, but the Glock does have a shorter reset. Unlike a standard SIG/XD though, once you reset the trigger there is no slack in the pull. It feels like the SIG short reset trigger. Once it resets, it's ready to "break" again. Very nice

It has a manual safety, but **** it. It has enough passive safeties that it will not magically go off by itself, so I will carry it (half cocked) without the safety engaged

The magazines are nice. Black and slick, they insert and click into place well. If you notice on the magazine not in the gun, yes that is a built in pinky extension that retracts! With it down, I can get a 3 finger grip! With it up, I get a 2 finger grip (like you would on any other subcompact 9mm). That's an awesome feature to have. Saves money, and you can change it on the fly. It's very sturdy too. You have to purposefully lower/raise it. It would not move on its own. I'm 99% confident you could carry it extended and never worry about it moving


Okay. Like I was saying, this gun performed very well. Better than I had expected. I normally can't shoot small guns (anything that requires a 2 finger grip) worth a **** (by my own standards), but this changed all of that

I put 100 rounds of Remington UMC, 100 rounds of Federal, and a box of Hornady 124gr JHPs through the gun. As expected, no failures of any kind. Not expected though, was how soft the recoil was. This was one of the softest shooting 9mm guns I've ever shot, and by far the softest shooting subcompact

Notice how thick that barrel is, and that it uses 2 recoil springs on the guide rod. Add in the fact that it is a little heavier than the others, I guess you get a really soft recoiling subcompact. I could easily shoot this thing all day and not have any fatigue. I can only imagine how gentle the full size 9mm will be

Accuracy was beyond my expectations. For one, like I mentioned earlier, I kinda suck with small guns. I shot with both a 2 finger grip, and (with the magazine that has the retractable extension) a 3 finger grip. Though I did not see a big improvement in accuracy with the 3 finger grip, I did notice that it made the recoil even softer

I'm sure after a couple of range trips with it, I will have this gun grouping all through the middle (10) hole

The safety lever actually benefits me. It basically gives you a super slide serration for sling-shotting the slide after you reload, and for when you're doing a press check. As long as I can't feel it when I'm carrying, I won't be swapping it out to a low-profile one. It's also plenty stiff to where it will not switch on while carrying it, so I will be carrying it safety off, half-cocked position. And yes, it has passive safeties to where the gun is still drop safe, even when riding half-cocked

So in a nutshell, I love the gun. It's more accurate (in my hands), softer shooting, has a greater capacity, is easier to manipulate the slide, as is pretty versatile. Plenty small to CCH, but flip the mag extension down and you have a 13+1 gun that you can get a firm grip on for home defense. Shoots soft and accurate enough for extended range trips and for target shooting

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