G-Code SOC holster, MOLLE belt, and duty belt hanger Review


May 27, 2011, 07:21 PM
I received the G-Code SOC for the Glock 17/22/31 series and 2 accessories in black/tan a little over two months ago.

This holster uses the company's RTI system which allows much modularity from a variety of accessories that allow you different ways to setup carrying a handgun. The RTI system is a triangular piece that is mounted on the back of the SOC holster.

This in turn fits or 'plugs' into any RTI wheel. Mine came with a MOLLE belt attachment and a duty belt hanger.
MOLLE belt adapter

Duty Hanger

This piece coincides with the RTI wheel and locks into place via the studs of the triangular piece of the holster going into the female ends of the RTI wheel. Then the smaller parts of the studs slide down into the wheel and they are then locked into place by a lever on the side of the wheel.

As I found, as long as the molle or belt attachment is done correctly and on snug, it will not move anymore than any other holster. WIth one exception that I will talk about later that's not really the fault of the RTI Wheel.

The RTI MOLLE belt wheel is mounted via two screws that screw into the MOLLE 'arms' after they are inserted into the PALS webbing.

The duty belt hanger is more like a police or duty holster that puts the holster in the low ride position. It will fit belts up to 2 inches wide. It can also be used in certain MOLLE battle belts.

The G-Code SOC holster itself has two parts to it. The main body of the holster is made of delrin which is harder than kydex, although albeit not as 'moldable' and seems very tough. Kydex makes up the second part of of the holster known as the cowling. What makes this holster unique is that the kydex lower portion, or cowling, is made for the gun as it comes from the factory. This cowling can be removed and replaced with another cowling that is made for your tactical light while attached to the host pistol. This allows someone the modularity of not having to have two full holsters. Also, if you're light breaks or you switch to a different light, you only have to concern yourself with the cowling rather than a whole new holster.

Backside of the holster

Bottom of the holster (protects the muzzle)

There is a piece molded on the back of the holster to aid in stabilization with a thigh rig. I was unable to test this...

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May 27, 2011, 07:27 PM
The SOC holster has two forms of retention. The first is an internal retention screw on the cowling that is user adjustable to your desired level. The second is the rotating hood. Not in the traditional sense, this hood is spring loaded and when you place your thumb on the 'thumb drive' and push downward, the hood is released and springs forward.

When attached to a MOLLE belt, the holster sits at an angle away from the body to aid in clearing armor and/or load bearing equipment.

I had a chance to use the SOC at two different ranges. The first time I used the holster I attached the MOLLE belt adapter to my MOLLE battle belt.

This gives the holster a mid ride feel that I am used to and is still fairly thin in relation to fitting on the MOLLE battle belt. While the belt was good. I noticed that the holster would flop around while running or moving. This is not the fault of the holster (although adding attachments, i.e. holster to RTI to belt rather than holster to belt) however you are giving up a little stiffness in my opinion. But the main reason for the flopping was because this particular MOLLE belt attached with velcro all along the bottom seam of the belt. So in essence the molle part of the belt was kind of a 'flap in wind' so to speak. I then used that belt to test the duty hanger. Since then I've sold that belt and bought another one that is sewn in on the top and bottom and holds the RTI MOLLE adapter much more securely now.

As I said earlier the duty belt hanger puts the holster in a low ride carry position. While my duty rig, off duty rig and the MOLLE belt RTI are mid ride holsters, the duty hanger is a low ride which changed up my drawstroke a bit and took some time to get used to.

The drawstroke is performed by pushing down with the thumb on the 'thumb drive' and then pulling the grip with your fingers and drawing the pistol out of the holster while still pushing down with your thumb.

The drawstroke is quick, simple, and easy once you get the hang of it. Sometimes I would try to pull the gun out before the 'thumb drive' was pushed far enough to actuate the rotating hood. I've been used to and trained in nylon and leather with snaps, so I'm used to something breaking and the gun coming free. In doing so the gun wouldn't release obviously and the holster would be coming up. This was in part to the 1 and 1/2 inch belt and the fact that I was getting used to the holster. The other part that threw me off was that I realized kydex is obviously thinner than leather, hence the extra bit of movement. However this holster is much, much lighter than leather. As with everything else, you train with your gear. It only took a few times to get used to it and then I was drawing fast with ease. After getting used to it, a gun shop owner friend of mine actually complimented me on a fast draw, and he competes quite often. He also has never complimented me on anything ever before. I felt like it was pretty fast as well. He liked the holster too, he just wished that you could force the 'thumb drive' down harder and it would still open if you happened to draw incorrectly during stress if the spring mechanism was accidentally not released. It's a training issue I say. Once you get the 'muscle memory' down, it's very fast as well as very secure.

If you like lots of options to choose from, G-Code has you covered. They also offer magazine pouches and other holsters with various retention devices, belt, paddle, shoulder, duty, thigh rig, MOLLE vest accessories and even a universal RTI wheel for mounting in a vehicle, under a desk or almost wherever you want. They also offer more conventional holsters without the RTI wheel. Most of these are available in black, od, foliage. coyote, and multicam.

in conclusion I really like this holster, a lot. I want to try out their pistol mag pouches as well as the multicam cowling for this holster. Not only that but these holsters are a great value. You get excellent American made gear for a very reasonable price. That's hard to come by nowdays. Highly recommended. For more information go to http://www.tacticalholsters.com.


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