My new Taurus PT-145 Pro 3rd Gen


June 5, 2011, 08:05 PM
I had just picked up my new toy last Friday! I have to say that over all I am pleased with it. The grip for my hand is just right. I love the way it looks and feel. I had taken it to the range just this Saturday.

I have two 10 round magazines and one 12 round magazine from my stolen 24/7. Now, Before going to the range, Me and my brother had made sure to clean up all that gunk. One thing I noticed is before I picked it up is that the breech had some scratch marks on it. That sucked but I know they test fire them so it's no big deal. ( I think its called the breach...)

Also, I noticed that the barrel is Off-Centered. I had to call Taurus and ask them about this and they told me that this is done on purpose. I forgot what he had said as to what the purpose was.

So, At the range, With all three magazines ready to go. The first 10 rounds shot without a hitch. The Hienie sights are Straight 8 if I'm not mistaken. I was shooting at some steel plates. There were only 5 plates and I had hit 4 plates after going thru the magazine. So its pretty decent on accuracy I would think. I am a novice shooter for a small .45....Well a novice for any gun really.

Anyways after that, I had used the other 10 round and 2 round magazine and this is where it started. I had gotten one stove pipe from both magazines and I also had one FTF from both magazines. The first mag didn't do this until the end of my session which was only one FTF.

No, I did not clean the mags because I had taken them apart and looked inside and noticed nothing was dirty. I still should cleaned it up anyways. NOW THIS IS WHERE I NOTICED IT. I have the 10 Coil springs in all 3 of my mags. I had checked this out before I had shot them and wanted to see if it would make any difference. And I'm not sure what generation the mags are because the 12 round is not the same as the 2-10 rounds

I had shot a total of 88 rounds. 50 230 gr FMJ MagTech and 38 Remington 230 gr FMJ. I want to run at least 200-300 rounds thru it because I really want to use this as my CCW

So, I have some pictures I am going to upload and you guys tell me what generation they are. I know we have a thread that explains it all but I would like to know from these pictures because I have a hard time comparing them to those in the thread for the mags.

All 3 of them are 10 coils. 2 of them are from the PT-145 and the 12 round is from my 24/7. Im thinking it is the mags fault because to what I read, Once they become 8 coil and the followers are adjusted some, They have no flaws and shoot with the gun perfect.

Before I plan on doing any mods to them, I would like to know if Taurus will replace all three of the mags, Or do I just cut the coils and can I buy the followers for the gun? Im not to crazy about the follower modification. Any insight there would be great.

As far as the gun goes, It is awesome. Recoil is a snap-push. Not bad and not to hard to do follow up shots. The trigger pull does take some time but not as bad as most made it seem. The reset of the trigger is truly long but I still was able to shoot before the reset...I don't know, I was really paying attention to my sight placement.

Also, The extractor shoots the empty cases about 3-4 feet+ from where I am and sometimes will eject 1-2 cases behind me instead of to the sides. Any input there would be great to. I don't really mind. Just wanna make sure its ok.

IM VERY SORRY FOR THE LONG EXPLANATION! I just figured the more detailed the better...

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June 5, 2011, 08:11 PM
Thanks for the review.

I have one and like it too. Really for such a compact gun in 45 it is more comfortable to shoot than I thought it would be.

June 5, 2011, 09:41 PM
It is a nice piece. I enjoyed it a lot. I feel confident with it in terms of recoil and handling. I just need to iron out those issues.

Some have suggested that I polish the feed ramp which is a good idea seeing as there is a slight machine marking.

I did shoot at targets. It did shoot a little low for where I was aiming but like I said, Im still a novice in terms of firearms so it could have been me.

I had a what I guess would be a 3 inch grouping. I dont have any targets with me but next time I go, I will make sure to get some and post em here.

Forgot to add the mags!

June 6, 2011, 08:46 AM
Josh..I would not modify the mags if you intend to send them back. I would shoot it a bit more and see how it runs after a few hundred rnds.
I have a 2nd Gen 145 that I bought used and have put hundreds of rnds through it with no issues at all. I love it and its my EDC gun. You will love yours too when you get all your issues solved.

June 6, 2011, 09:16 AM
Josh, that is handy little gun. I have one in 9mm and it's my daily carry. Be patient, keep working with it. You may narrow the issues down to one or the other of the mags. Keep a firm grip on it, the recoil needs to be as straight as you can make it. Just for trial, fire one shot and hold the trigger back, then slowly release it. Soon it will click just a little. That is the short reset and you can pull and fire the pistol again. Do it again until it becomes easy to find that position and you will be able to fire quicker and more accurately. I'm working on that at the range now.

Have fun. That's a good pistol.

June 6, 2011, 04:03 PM
It is a great pistol. I really do like it. Not bad for $344 NIB. Everything is good for me.

As far as the mags thing goes, I have cleaned them last night and one was FILTHY and the other two were almost clean. Could have been the issue. I also noticed that all 3 of my followers have pitting on them. If I didnt mention that earlier....

I was thinking about using some sand paper to maybe get that out but like Nimble mentioned, I shouldn't modify if Im gonna send back which would probably be best. I hope they got the 8 coil mags in stock. Those are the ones people have said work fine.

Hopefully, I have some time and more ammo to get thru the break in period and see how she does that.

I already applied for my CCW! Any ideas on a decent IWB holster? nothing fancy and easy to draw with it is all I ask.

June 7, 2011, 09:56 AM
My holster for mine Is made for an xd and it works great, go try a few and see how you like them,

And yes I've had my3rd gen for a year or two now and it is most definitely the mags, has to do with the follower and shape of the lips, if you choose to try and make them work you can GENTLY massage the lips a bit but if you're sending them back I wouldn't bother

Happy shooting

June 7, 2011, 03:45 PM
Sending them back it is. Lol

There isnt much of a selection around town for holsters. So..I have to make a small trip or I can order online. Its best to actually do it in person to get a real feel for them.

my $0.02 anyways

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