I gotta stop going to my toy store... (Romanian AK Vs. Yugo SKS content)


June 6, 2011, 08:50 PM
I went in for ammo, nothing more, just to see if my toy store had any 54R ammo for my MN 91/30, on a whim, I stopped off at the handgun counter, as they keep their battle rifle selection behind the handgun counter....

I saw the familiar underslung folded bayonet of an SKS, and right next to it, the unmistakable lines of an AK-47, both in the used guns section

Since I had never handled an AK before, I asked to see the AK first, it was a Romanian AK, with a poly pistol grip and rather mundane laminate wood, upon hefting it, I was immediately struck by how *light* it was, it felt almost ....toylike...., the LOP was remarkably short, heck, I think my CZ Scout .22 "Youth" rifle has a longer LOP, even without the Limbsaver slip on (only used to bring the LOP up to adult dimensions), the action seemed gritty, the magazine had a slight wobble, the whole thing felt *cheap*, shoddy, and tinny, but the sights were nice and crisp, shouldering the gun, I was underwhelmed at the poor ergos (poor ergos for me that is), the Romanian AK did not impress me, sadly...

I then picked up the SKS, and was immediately struck by how much more *solid* the gun felt, it had a nice solid weight to it, a balance, sliding the bolt back was nice and smooth, it had a real *precision* feel to it when compared directly against the AK, shouldering the rifle, it settled naturally into my shoulder pocket, balanced well, and pointed instinctively

the bluing looked brand new, the stock appeared to be nicely finished beechwood, and locking the bolt open and peering down the muzzle, I was treated to an absolutely pristine, sparkling bore, bright and shiny, if I didn't know better, I'd swear it was chrome lined (I've read that Yugo SKS's don't have chrome lined bores), the sights were a nice three-dot setup, it just felt right when shouldered

they wanted $495 for the Romanian AK
they wanted $300 for the Yugo SKS....

the Yugo fit me better, felt far more solid, and was less expensive to boot, so without a moment's hesitation, I put the Yugo SKS on 7 day hold (did I mention how much I love 7 day hold? ;) ) it allows me to set aside interesting new acquisitions and then research them at my leisure, with no worries of the gun being sold out from under me, if I like what i find, I can go back at the end of the week and make the purchase, if not, I can either call them to cancel the hold, or just wait and it'll go back on the floor on day 8

Now, I'm checking out my gun and knife collection to see what I can trade in to make the acquisition of the SKS hurt the wallet less....

Problem is, all my guns have purposes, and I don't think I ca part with them, most of them are inexpensive anyway so I won't get all that much in trade for them

Oh well, worse comes to worse, I'll just convert the 7 day hold to a 30 day paid hold and pay it off over time......

I *really* gotta stop visiting that toy store, seems they get something new and interesting every time

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June 6, 2011, 09:14 PM
As I think about my trade options, the only guns I find I'm even slightly willing to part with are;

my H&R 20G Pardner Compact single shot shotgun (already have a H&R Topper Deluxe Classic 20G single that I love and will never trade), the Compact was bought mainly to introduce my nephew, Logan, to shotgunning, starting off with my New Shooter Trainer shells (see the thread buried in the shotgun forum for details) and/or to use as a travel/trunk gun for extended car trips.

it's just brutal with conventional shotgun shells due to it's light 4 Lb weight, not a good gun to introduce a new shooter to shotguns with, due to it's recoil, worse than my 870 pump 12-gauge, besides, Logan seems to be getting stronger anyway, and has little trouble hefting my TDC to his shoulder and shooting the NST shells, that 9 Lb gun absorbs even the nastiest recoiling 20G slugs easily, he'd have no problems on the trap range with sporting loads in the TDC

then again, I'd be lucky if I got half what I paid for it in store credit, $80ish, so I might as well hold on to it, at some point I'll end up gifting it to him anyway....

The only other gun I really wouldn't miss is my Ruger Blackhawk .45 Convertible, it's 7.5" barrel makes it more of a range toy anyway, I don't hunt with it, and it would be thoroughly impractical as a PD gun, I'd have to open carry it as there's no way a 7.5" barreled revolver could ever be considered a concealed weapon of any sort, unless the person is built like Andre the Giant... ;)

I'm hesitant to trade that one, because I know I'd miss it, plus, Logan seems to be going through his "cowboy" stage, and has more than a passing interest in "cowboy guns", last week, we were discussing firearms related stuff, I got out both my 1911 and my Blackhawk, after we discussed the Four Rules and their importance, he showed a *lot* more interest in the Blackhawk, sure, he thought the 1911 was cool, but something about the Blackhawk just seemed to fascinate him, especially when I removed the cylinder, put the support rod back in, and let him try a couple supervised dry-fires so he could see how light the trigger was on that one, I'm pretty sure the trigger pull is down around 1.5 to 2 Lbs, just by moving one of the trigger spring legs off the post, the previous owner of this gun definitely had some trigger work done to it.... come to think of it, I'd be crazy to part with this one too

Mosin 91/30, naah, just bought it, and besides, like the H&R Pardner Compact, I wouldn't get anything back for it, and besides, the supply of M-N's will eventually dry up and I'd be looking at paying SKS prices to replace it, plus, the 54R cartridge has a *bit* more punch than the 39....

Oh well, looks like I'm down to my knife collection as trade fodder...

Why oh why did my stupid iPhone have to die last week, if it wasn't for that unexpected expense, I could be playing with my new-to-me SKS right now...

June 6, 2011, 09:48 PM
3 years ago my Yugo SKS was $119. I doubt you can lose on it.

June 8, 2011, 08:21 PM
I have never had any real desire to own an AK of any make, I do have a Yugo SKS that is second to none. Today I stopped at a relative new store and they had a Romanian AK on the shelf, so I had to take a look at it. It was exactly as MacTech described. Lightweight, rattleing mag even though it did lock in solid, LOP was almost childlike for my arms anyway. Don't know for sure if the bolts is suppose to lock back on empty but this one would not lock back period. I did the typical bartering but decided to do more research before dropping any cash and glad I did. The Rommy WASP-10 has more bad write-ups than I thought could happen. Guess I will keep looking.

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