FTF/Classifieds in Maine


July 10, 2011, 04:20 PM
Hi All,

I'm a long time lurker and admirer of the site. I'm an eighteen year old firearms enthusiast, headed off to college, and a former member of my high-school gun club. I've recently purchased an 870 Express Combo (I've always bent towards practicality first and foremost), but I think it's time that I realized my dream of owning a quality handgun. It is completely legal in my state for me to buy FTF, but I can't find that many FTF sellers. For those of you from the area, I've tried using the local periodical "Uncle Henry's", to no avail. I'm a responsible young student, know my safety, etc, but I need as many sellers as possible, because many refuse when they learn my age, regardless of my attempts to educate them. I respect that it is their perogative. Enough ranting: I do not know if soliciting sales is allowed on THR, if it is, I will. If not, can someone help me find private handgun listings in the MidCoast Maine area? I will not be in state for the upcoming gunshow.

Many thanks

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July 10, 2011, 06:58 PM
What kind of handgun are you looking for? I live downeast but if you're legal I'd be willing to try and help you out.

July 10, 2011, 07:47 PM
If you have the time/cash, I recommend getting a Maine CCW. Not only does it let you carry when you get the gun, it is also really useful as a "good guy" card. I had several people on the fence about selling me pistols until I showed them my carry permits. (I'm 20 and started buying pistols when I was 18.)

When you're putting up advertisements saying that you want to buy, don't mention anything about your age (and definitely don't say "FTF only, trust me its perfectly legal") that will just scare people away. Remember, there are many people looking to buy pistols who are over 21, why should they go into something they're not entirely comfortable with? Its much easier to tell them if they ask after you've already met them. Then they can see that you're a legit buyer and not some gang banger or whatever the rest of the world thinks people under 30 are. :D (It's not always the best idea and I wish there was a better way to do it, but I have found that just not mentioning age is the easiest and most effective way to go.)

Also, another downside to being in a restricted class as far as purchases go is that sometimes you'll run across a jerk who charges a premium because you can only buy FTF and can't just go to a retail location and buy new or transfer from a buyer out of state. I had a guy actually RAISE his price when he found out I was under 21. Just walk away from these guys. Unless there's some really extenuating circumstances where you just have to have a gun RIGHT NOW, its not worth giving in to people like this.

As far as actually finding a gun, I would sit down and figure out exactly what you want and what you will accept in a gun, then make a list of guns that fit into that category. Don't limit yourself to only one specific model. Then join as many gun boards as you can and keep looking in the classifieds for something that is on your list. Local/state forums are best as a vast majority of people selling guns there will be able to sell to you too. Another option (while not nearly as good as the first) is to go to gun shows and buy pistols from people walking around selling them. They are more likely to offer you a fair price than the people who have bought a stand. Non FFLs still can buy stands though, so keep an eye out for deals there as well.

Last but not least, always keep it in the back of your mind that in a few years, you will be able to buy any pistol nearly anywhere. Don't let anyone talk you into a purchase that you don't want to do by rationalizing it as "you'll never find this pistol again." The guy who tried to price gouge a Sig said something similar at a gun show. I turned around and 15 min later had bought a similar gun in much better condition for $200 less! :cool:

July 11, 2011, 03:44 AM
+1 to getting a CCW permit. That won't allow you to purchase a firearm from a FFL dealer but ya once you do get someone to sell it to you you'll be able to carry (as tele just mentioned).

July 11, 2011, 04:35 PM
Thanks a ton for the help guys. I was hoping to pick one up before I head out to college in California for a little while. Definitely not going to have any luck there. Regardless, it's nice to hear how other people work around this issue, I knew I wasn't alone.

July 11, 2011, 05:24 PM
What area of Maine are you from? I grew up in the Bucksport area and then went to school at John Bapst in Bangor. I may be able to ask around with old friends about guns.

July 11, 2011, 09:37 PM
Many thanks for the help-- Knox County area, Rockport, Lincolnville, etc.

I'm more than happy to drive, however.

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