ASE Utra Rimfire Suppressor


Odd Job
August 21, 2011, 12:59 PM
My suppressor arrived today: an ASE Utra (made in Finland, distributed here in the UK by Jackson Rifles). Here is a link to the manufacturer:

I didn't get an opportunity to give it a thorough scientific test because I need to get sub-sonic ammo for it, but certainly on the R55 Benchmark when shooting RWS Target Rifle, the suppressor makes it comfortable enough to shoot without ear muffs (obviously you do this at your own risk).
On the SIG522 I didn't get time to test the Target Rifle rounds but I had a loaded magazine with CCI MiniMags and I tested it with those. It is too loud to go without ear protection in my opinion.
I am very happy with the look and weight of this suppressor. It is all steel, parkerised, with 18 baffles. You can see it if you follow the appropriate links on the website I listed. This suppressor is for barrels with 1/2" x 28 threads.

Here it is on the R55, which I just had threaded 1/2"x28 (UNEF):

You get bonus respect points if you can point out what is wrong with that set-up (given that I hurriedly assembled the rifle for a brief range session).

Here you can see why I had the R55 threaded 1/2" x 28, it is to match the factory threading of my SIG522. Here are the two rifles together, the suppressor on the SIG this time (and the previous R55 set up error corrected):

The suppressor fits nice and snug on both rifles. Here are close-ups of the SIG522 muzzle end:

And these are some of the baffles from the can (there are 18 in total), these are already covered with residues from only 120 rounds of RWS Target Rifle.

By the way even after 120 rounds, the baffles were too dirty to drop out just from gravity (well the first 6 did, but not the rest). So I cut a plastic-coated wire coat hanger on the long edge, to include a few millimetres of the section where the wire does a 90 degree angle. With that, I can easily just hook the baffles out, works nicely!

I am very impressed so far: I am not even using the right ammo and also shooting in a semi-enclosed space (out door 25 yard range with a two storey concrete wall behind the berm).
So I am willing to bet that on the R55, when out in the countryside shooting rabbits and using sub-sonics, all that will be heard is some noise from the action.
That ASE Utra cost me 80 (with a previous charge from the metropolitan police to have my firearms certificate revised, of 26). From the time I submitted the application and cheque in the mail to the time I got authorisation to buy the suppressor (which they call a sound moderator here) was less than two weeks.
I have another vacant slot on my certificate for a second suppressor, so if I hear of any other ones available in the UK in 1/2" x 28 threads, I will be getting that also. I want to be able to mix and match and experiment :)

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Odd Job
August 21, 2011, 01:05 PM
I forgot to add that from that brief test session the groups are slightly tighter than usual, with that ammo.
I need to test some other brands such as Lapua and Eley also.

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