308 bullet advise


August 31, 2011, 01:36 AM
Hello all looking for some advise reloading for a rem 700 sps with a 20 in barrel, useing Imr 4064 for now question is what would be a good bullet for target and possible hunting would like to work up 1 load and set scope to
that load and call it good.
Thanks in advance for all advise

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August 31, 2011, 05:11 AM
sierra game kings could be a starting point. The bergers would work also.

August 31, 2011, 05:18 AM
I shot some Nosler Ballistic Tips the other day through my Savage, looking for a hunting bullet, and are they accurate! 47grs Varget, 150gr Nosler BTs equal one bullet splash at 335yrds on my steel target. But man are they expensive! SMKs for non hunting applications.:)

August 31, 2011, 07:20 AM
In MHO, the best combo match/hunting bullet is the Hornady 178gr Amax bullet. A very accurate bullet that performs well on deer.


August 31, 2011, 10:11 AM
Just about any spitzer boat tail from 150 to 180 grains will work reasonably well, use 4064 for 168 or under, 4350 for 180 (4320 for 180 if it's a semi auto). It's all experimentation from there.

August 31, 2011, 10:04 PM
Sierra has so many choices, readily availible, and near perfect products. Plus they will send a cool bullet chart for your garage.

September 1, 2011, 09:53 AM
It depends upon what you are hunting. The Sierra 165 GK BTHP is a great choice for the budget conscious shooter. You wont break the bank shooting them, and they will flatten a whitetail when the shooter does his part. The A-Max is another choice for both applications, but is not recommended for big game.

September 1, 2011, 11:22 AM
I have killed lots and lots and lots of deer with the 165 SGK out of the 308. Works well and is plenty accurate/consistent.

Killed quite a few with the nosler BTs as well from 243 win and a 7 mag.

I do not think I will switch over to the noslers in the 308 because of cost.

It was mentioned to check out the AMAX bullets. They are great too, just about the best bullet suitable for both hunting and target shooting AND they are just about the same cost as the SMK. I have used about 250 and couldnt be happier with them. I cant get them locally as easy or I would be shooting those most of the time.

September 1, 2011, 12:15 PM
thanks for all the good advise my use will be for target 100 yard paper and fun plinking
hunting would be dear sized not a big hunter or a bench rest shooter would like a decent cost bullet, 1 bullet i could work up a great load my my rifle and adjust scope for that load then I would be good to go accurate multi purpose round i shoot mostly shotgun and handgun this will be a new path for me thanks for all oponions I need them.My local store stocks Hornady,speer,serrira.

September 2, 2011, 04:53 AM
It isn't an optimal hunting bullet (actually, it isn't recommended for hunting), but I've had great luck with the 175 gr SMK (Sierra Match King) for target shooting.

What is the twist on your barrel? I've heard that some people have had better luck with the 168gr SMK bullet in .308's with a 1:12 twist, whereas the 1:11 or 1:10 twists seem to do well with the 175's.

On the Rem 700 SPS line, I seem to recall that the basic 'SPS Tactical' was a 1:12 twist, while the 'SPS Tactical AAC' edition was built with a 1:10 twist. Someone else might be able to confirm or refute that information.

September 2, 2011, 10:37 AM
Sierra Gameking 165gr BTHP is very accurate and I've just started trying out the Hornady 165gr SST. So far it looks like a sub-moa bullet too.

September 2, 2011, 10:54 AM
For hunting and paper I have used the Sierra 165 gr gameking.

September 3, 2011, 01:01 AM
AAC edition is indeed a 1/10". 5R is 1/11.25" twist if I recall and the SPS is 1/12".

September 4, 2011, 12:46 AM
Have a friend with an SPS Tactical with the 20" bbl. I get tiny little groups with 168 gr. Nosler Custom Competition bullets and Varget in his gun. I say "I"" because his groups aren't as small as mine lol. Have a target hanging at the office with 5 shots in a hole you can cover with a nickel.

In my own 308 which is just a sporter I run 165 gr. Ballistic Tips with AA2230. That's my all purpose load for playing around and paper punching (something I don't do often with that gun) and whitetail hunting. Obviously you didn't mention Varget or AA2230, but I thought they were worth throwing out there.

September 4, 2011, 11:52 PM
any one tryed hornadys sst 165gr ?

September 5, 2011, 12:57 AM
I would start out with a 150 gr. - 165 gr. bullet. The Sierra GK, Speer SPBT, Nosler's line, and Hornady V-Max or A-Max.
Powder is a consideration I always choose acording to it's relevant burn rate in which case I would go with one that provides a dense load, 95% and up to compressed data. The slow burning powders generally perform better and are easier to find the most accurate, highest velocity load, without having to stress about pressures spiking easily.
The rest is as easy as pie. Seating depth is easily determined by finding the OAL listed in the data and then deciding how much longer you want it and will function through your magazine and not get into the lands.

Ky Larry
September 5, 2011, 08:17 PM
I get .5" groups with 150gr Hornady SP's. Rifle is a CZ-550 Varmint with a Nikon Monarch 5.5-16.5X 44 scope. They don't quiet shoot as well as Sierra M.K.s but for what they cost, I can live with them.

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