m1895 nagant revolver


September 3, 2011, 10:22 PM
I have found and read plebty of threads for this revolver. But not all my questions were answered.

When i purchased mine in came with 3 extra cylinders. Theres markes with tape/sharpee. But not my the previous owner, it was put there by the pawn shop, the info did not come fro the previous owner.

There marked as:
.32 acp
.32 long

Now. I know the .32 acp is sold for the revolver. and the tokarav was toovbefore it started blowing it up (i believe its going to stay on the shelf. Lol) however i have not heard of a 32 s&w long cylinder being made for these. Cant find anything on it. And i have read thst people shoot it fro the original cylinder no problem. So... Why would anyone make this cylinder if the cartridge works in the original? Im wondering if this is listed correctly.

I have some tokarav and 32 long ammo. Thy fit in there respected cylinders. I also tried to place the 7.62 nagant round in the 32 long cylinder, thinking mabye it was actually another original. It does not fit. i also verified that the 32 long seems to fit in the original, not sure why it doesnt go both ways.

Also, i have found no case were the .32 long or .32 h&r mag as done damage, however. I have been told they have twice the charge as the nagant round, and therefore unsafe. Whats are yalls thoughts?

I have been told that the 32 acp may not "fit". It doesnt look used the others, however, i placed it in tye gun and it seems to fit and function. So i assumes its good to go, could this be a false assumption?

Last, i know the star/ arrow is tula. And the date is below, but heres tons of other stamps and codes on here, what are they? Any way to find out?

Thanks for any info, i have not shot his gun yet, dont plan on shooting it a whole lot to do ammo price, i thought it would make a nice addition to my small collection and would be fun to shoot on occation. I got the gun, a hard plastic case with eggshell lining. And the 3 extra cylinders for $189.99. $208.99 out the door. I fiured the gun is $100-120 online. Count the $25 ffl fee, and shipping. and that the 32 acp cylinder is around $60, i figured it was a good deal.

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September 3, 2011, 11:24 PM
Interesting combination. I've seen the .32 ACP and .32 S&W cylinders for sale, but I've never seen one in 7.62 Tokarev; that's a good bit hotter than the other rounds. I think it's probably higher pressure than the .32 H&R Magnum, which will fit (loosely) in the original cylinder, and which some people have safely fired, likewise the .32 S&W Short and Long, though the brass cases expand too much to be reloadable. The Nagant is a pretty sturdy piece of work, but I think I'd probably pass on the Tokarev cylinder, if it was me, and just stick with the regular .32s in the cylinders made for them, and regular Nagant ammo in the original cylinder.

September 4, 2011, 12:24 AM
Yea im definitly not using the tokarov one. But it has more wear on it than the othere. So the p.o. got lucky quite a bit it seems.

32 acp is $11 online for cheap stuff, fixing to place an order anyway. So i plan on using mostly 32 acp with it. Getting 1 box of the 7.62 nagant just for when i get a wild hair to use it. It would be nice to use the 7.62 nagant every now and then.

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