Taurus 650 Lightstrikes


September 17, 2011, 04:30 PM
Hey All,

I recently picked up Taurus 650 from a pawn shop for $270, with the knowledge I could send it in to Taurus for repair if it needed it. Gun checked out great for timing and lockup, so I went for it.

Got to the range this morning, and everything ran well except for intermittent light strikes. Maybe 1 out of 20 or so, roughly. Didn't matter if full .357 or .38 spcl. Primers were dimpled but not "fully" dimpled on the rounds that did not fire.

I'm new to revolvers, I've spent most my time with auto loaders. Are we talking about a spring replacement here? I'm not scared to tackle something like that, especially if I don't have to send the gun in for 2 or 3 months.

Thanks in advance for the advice!

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September 17, 2011, 04:44 PM
First thing to do is clean the old dried packing grease & dirt out of it with Gun Scrubber. Then apply a drop or two of light gun oil to all the slots and holes you can find.
Then dry fire a couple dozen times to work the oil into the moving parts.

Also clean throughly under the extractor star with an old toothbrush & solvent to insure there isn't crud and powder flakes holding it up off the cylinder slightly and cushioning the FP blows.

Next thing to do is try a different brand off ammo to rule that out.


September 17, 2011, 04:50 PM
Before you change springs try this. Cock the hammer and let it down while holding the trigger back. Look at how much firing pin protrusion you have. Now cock the hammer and while the hammer is back push on the firing pin with a stick or screwdriver. Do you have more protrusion than the first test? If you do here is a simple fix.

I have done this on two Taurus revolvers that didn't always fire. You need to remove the hammer and grind a very small amount of metal off the nose part that contacts the frame. This will let the firing pin come out a little further and should stop the misfires.

You only need to do a little bit of metal removal. After you are satisfied you have increased the firing pin reach you can heat the hammer nose with a torch and quinch it in water or oil to restore the hardness.

If you are not sure you can do the job then let a gunsmith do it for you. If you disassemble the gun and it looks like the springs have been clipped or ground on then try replacement springs first.

Since you posted this in two forums I will answer it in two forums.

September 17, 2011, 08:51 PM
I'm going to give it a good taking apart tomorrow afternoon, and a thorough clean up in the process, we'll see if it has any effect.

Thank's ratshooter for the tip in both forums. The 650 is a shrouded hammer design, so I'm not sure if I can check it out the way you're describing?

September 17, 2011, 11:03 PM
Hey crisco I didn't know that was a shrouded hammer gun. You may still be able to check it if the side plate comes off and exposes the innerds. I have never had one of those to look at but I bet there is a way to check the firing pin travel to make sure you are getting a good protrusion. A picture of the right side might be helpful.

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