Benelli Nova Question


January 27, 2003, 10:03 PM
How much plastic has Benelli used in the internals on the Nova pump (i.e. the trigger-group)? I looked at a Nova today, but did not take the trigger-group out. 'Just can't "warm-up" to a receiver that's an amalgam of plastic and steel. I'm sure the Benelli is a fine gun, but I still like the 870. 'Guess the jury's still on the durability and longevity of the Nova. Meanwhile, I'll stick with the "1950's Technology" of the 870...

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Dave McCracken
January 28, 2003, 05:57 AM
JL, when the last Nova gets junked, the owner will take comfort from the fact that his/her 870 is still going and going and going (G)....

Seriously, we ned some folks to take their Novae out and run 40K shells through them and see how they hold up.

Also seriously, the Nova seems to be a decent shotgun for the casual shooter, a la Mossie 500, etc. Trouble is, I'm not a casual shooter.


January 28, 2003, 05:30 PM
if I could find the time and money, I'd find a way to put 40K rounds through my Nova. But I've got hungrier 870's to feed.;)

February 1, 2003, 11:33 PM
Although butt ugly,I'd take my Nova out in weather and places where I'd leave an 870 home.Find mine to be a good shooter too.

Kahr carrier
February 6, 2003, 08:47 AM
The trick is to have both and 870 and a Nova.;)

February 6, 2003, 11:38 AM
I was treated to a guided duck hunt in Arkansas by one of our suppliers this year. The outfitter had several Nova's that he keeps for people who didn't bring a gun or have gun trouble during the hunt. He indicated that a couple of them had over 10,000 round through them and had never had any problems with them. These same guns were also used during his dove guiding season in West Texas. He thought very highly of them.

February 7, 2003, 03:35 AM
Being the helpful guy I am :) I pulled out my Nova to check the trigger group for you. All moving parts excluding the actual trigger itself are metal (as far as I could tell). The housing around the trigger group was made of both plastic and metal.

Kimber Kid
February 10, 2003, 04:37 PM
JL, I have taken my new 870 Super mag apart and compared it side by side to my new Nova. I didn't know what to thing about a plactic gun either.

What I found was somebody had worked hard to build a gun as cheaply as they could, a far cry from the vintage 870 Wingmaster.

The Nova on the other hand was a different story. Well thought out in design and function. The trigger isn't the best on the Nova and I worry about the barrel to receiver fit after being broke down and reassembled time after time. I don't break mine down but once a year or so for cleaning. There are times when hi-tech poly is the best material for the task at hard, giving longer wear and a lighter weight with little or no maintenance than any other material. Not to mention lower cost.

Which gun of mine is going to be the best 50 years from now, 870 vs Nova? That's a question I can answer with certainty, I won't care. :what:

February 12, 2003, 01:44 PM
eye candy:

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