.257 wby need reload advise not happy with the way 100gr sierra performed last year


mo bow hntr
November 3, 2011, 07:07 PM
im looking for a load bullet combo to handel northern missouri whitetales the last few have avreged 250 pounds and my shots are all between 200 and 350 yards open crop country shot two does and a 150 class buck but all ran a long way and had to shoot buck three times with 100gr sirerra any combo wuld be greatly apreciated

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Coal Dragger
November 3, 2011, 09:45 PM
In order for us to be helpful you need to tell us more about how the bullets actually performed, and where you actually hit the animals. A gut shot deer with any bullet is going to cover a lot of ground and die pretty hard, once they get an adrenalin surge from being wounded they'll take a lot of punishment.

November 3, 2011, 10:37 PM
It would be nice to know what kind of Sierra bullet you specifically used.

If it was a Sierra Matchking, it probably performed like it was supposed to. They are target bullets and shouldn't be used for hunting because they don't expand like a hunting bullet should.

With your Weatherby magnum velocities with a 100gr bullet are likely in the neighborhood of 3,500FPS:what: , it would be wise to use a premium bullet if you haven't tried yet such as a Nosler Partition or Accubond, Barnes TTSX, Hornady Interbond or GMX, etc...
Yes they cost more, but it's worth it if it would make or break your hunt. In the grand scheme, the cost of a bullet is miniscule. Bullets constructed weakly can even rip themselves apart in mid air when driven to very high velocities because of centrifugal force.

There are many loads listed in reloading manuals or even online references published by powder companies. (http://data.hodgdon.com/main_menu.asp) The Hodgdon site lists numerous loads for your caliber.

mo bow hntr
November 4, 2011, 01:20 AM
i am sorry for not giving all the info wasent thinking that was a broad qustion.i was shooting a 100grain sierra spitzer boat tail with 63 grains of imr 4350.right around 3400fps. the buck was 325 yards the first two shots were in the lungs just behind the shoulder the third probley was not needed but he had alot of head gear and was down but moving i made sure he stayed down lol. the two does were 250 yards both behind shoulder lung shots all three ran about 100 yards. only one out of five shots pased thru and only one out of the rest mushroomed good.some say a 100 yards is not that far but i have been useing a 7mm with 150 grain sierra since 1992 and i might have one run at most 40 yards. i chose the .257wby becuse it shoots flatter and thought it would be a beter gun for my shots becuse all my shots are around 200 too 350 or more but i stay were im comfertable with and thats 350 with 7mm my vanguard is a sub moa factory with a trigger job and a floating barell hopeing to extend my range a little.i have 3200 acres but only 350 acres are woods so my bow stand are in strips and gun stands are box stands in the feilds to cover multiple strips.i was geting three and half inch groups at 400 yards i was impresed with the accuracy but not with the results.

November 4, 2011, 02:46 PM
Try 120 gr Partitions I have the same rifle. They shoot the best, and I haven't had a deer run more than 50-60 yards. I plan on trying the new Barnes TTSX bullets in 115 grain. I can't remember the powers charge off hand for the partitions.

November 5, 2011, 03:26 AM
It seems you know what you're doing and can place accurate shots. The only advice I can give you is to try a 'premium' bullet. A bonded lead and copper bullet (Hornady Interbond, Nosler Accubond) would be a good choice if you want to use the same-ish load data, but work up your load to be safe. A boat tail bullet with a ballistic tip would give you a high ballistic coefficient too.

There is a possibility that your soft points were 'exploding' on impact because of velocities and were not able to completely penetrate vital organs. Again, using a well built bullet could remedy this.

November 5, 2011, 04:42 AM
I shoot 100 gr. sierra spiter flat base for years at 3400 - 3500 fps. 35 deer went nowhere. Three of these were bounding and slid to a stop dead. I was going to buy 100 gr. spitzer boattails like you use for higher B.C., but I had 25 boxes of the spitzer heads and they worked for me so never did. Never recovered a bullet. Most shots were behind the shoulder to other shoulder. Distance was 40 yards to past your distances. Results all the same. No run, no bullet, exit area not editable, dead deer. Weights are does 90 - 180 pds. bucks up to 260 pds. Maybe you could try a plain sierra spitzer bullet. There might be a difference in how the tips expand. The two bullets look almost the same. Just different tails. Have fun and bangaway

Lloyd Smale
November 5, 2011, 06:01 AM
Ive killed quite a few deer with the 257 using various 100 grain and heavier cup and core bullets and have never lost a deer shot by one. Only problem ive ever had with it is when I tried barnes bullets this year. If i had to pick one bullet that has performed the best overal in it for me it would be the 117 sierra pro hunter. I dont think any deer has done more then take one leap after being hit properly by that bullet.

November 5, 2011, 08:13 AM
Switch to the Hornady 100gr "Interlok". Thats what the factory loads in the Weatherby ammo. I love the Sierra's in my .257Robt, but they are a tad "soft" for the Weatherby. (I too have a Vanguard that not a "MOA" model, does shoot moa. I killed a Doe with the load you are using (IMR4350 @ 63.5gr) and yes, it chrono's the same as your gun. I used the Hornady 100gr Spt. I shot a doe @ ~90yds. Bullet was recovered under the hide on the far side. Double lung and heart shot. Deer ran about 100yds. Typical. (I shot a doe in my back yard yesterday w/150gr Nosler BallisticTip @ 2,800fps from my 7mm08. The double lung shot 70lb doe ran ~100yd half circle before dropping. Typical for particular shot placement). Recovered bullet from doe shot w/.257wby and 100gr Interlok weighed 63.5gr. The interlok feature worked as advertised (again. I recovered a 117gr BtSpt Interlok from a deer shot lengthwise in 1993. bullet weighed 97.0gr and perfect mushroom- 240lb deer, bang flop @ 270yds from .257Robt @ m/v of 2,800fps.).

I also suggest you try the Nosler 100gr Partition, as well as the Swift A-frame. Either of these will give accuracy near equal to the Sierra's and superior penetration.

If you still have "issues" with the lighter bullets, move up to the 117gr Sierra's or 117gr Interloks. The Interlok will perform very well from the .257Weatherby.

I use a non-cannister powder called WC-860. It is the mil-spec version of Hodgdon's discontinued H870. With 76.0gr I'm getting 3,200fps and MOA accuracy.

A final option is the Nosler 110gr Accubond. I'd try these with the IMR4350 you have at 58.0-60.0gr. Likewise, Reloader25 @ 70.0gr will run them to about 3,300fps. If they are accurate from your gun, that's your load........ I'm using this with either a 115gr Berger or 117gr Sierra or Hornady Boat-tail Soft point.

I strongly suggest you try the 117gr BtSpt Hornady first as it is an "interlok" bullet and holds together like a Nosler Partiton without the 3x cost.

I bought 500 "blem" Hornady's (100gr Spt) and use it over 74.0gr of RL25 for 3,700fps. It smacks deer at over 500yds with authority....... But if I don't hit heavy bone, they will run a ways....

mo bow hntr
November 8, 2011, 12:37 PM
I just wanted to say thank you to evrybody that replyed to my post i took all the advise and found a happy meidum. i loaded 115 barnes tsx with h-4831 62.0gr. and shot a 1.00 group i did not think that was bad for the first load i dont have time to fine tune it becuse missouri riffle season starts sat 12. but i am confadent that it will work thanks again for youre time ill use it wisely.

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