November 5, 2011, 01:03 PM
Well these lists pop up all the time, but usually contain 1 or 2 revolvers if that. Usually the SAA or the 29 and the Python. So lets make our own personal top five lists. I googled top ten revolvers of all time and found NOTHING. So lets get some opinions to work with. (please include barrel length and finish)

My 26 year old opinion:

1. Colt Python 6" Royal Blue- I never thought I would find one at a reasonable cost and was scared by all the internet fragile remarks, I scored a 1963 model described above and I am completely blown away by it in all regards I don't have the patience to write the many reasons why this is to me the ultimate handgun of all time. I can simply say that all my same age friends who are hung up on autos and other movie guns and it leaves a lasting impression on all of them.

2. Colt SAA .44-40 5.5" CCH- Super slick, "Steve McQueen" cool, beautiful, and powerful. Historically I believe the most important handgun ever, kind of a surrogate father of the 1911.

3. Smith & Wesson 19 3" .357 magnum- Perfectly balanced, both aesthically, power-wise, and function wise.

4. Smith & Wesson 29 4" .44 magnum- A gun that needs no introduction, I think that anything bigger than this is really so big and cumbersome that you might as well carry a rifle.

5. Smith & Wesson 642 1 7/8" .38spcl +P- While I prefer the SP 101 in a snub I think this gun in any finish is the bare minimum of confidence. Not to downplay the usefulness of this gun. It's a gun anyone can use, simple and to the point.

Runner Ups-

1. Ruger LCR- In any flavor, once this gun proves itself I think it will fill the Glock void on the wheel gun side of things for being inovative and all business. I know it's not the true first plastic revolver, but neither was the Glock in autos. It is a true success and has given us an affordable good trigger with engineering and new materials.

2. NAA Mini- Any size really brings a smile to anyone's face. I can't say mine is really handy, accurate, or powerful. But it's pretty and its a functional novelty.

3. Phillips and Rodgers Medusa 28 calibers- I have never seen one but I really, really want one. Self explanatory.

4. Smith & Wesson Model 10 .38spcl 4"- The Double action revolver...

5. Ruger GP 100- Tough, Utilitarian, and modern.

I would of made a top 10 list but I really can't order the last five and don't criticize me for not adding this and that, just tell me your personal top 5 or 10.

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November 5, 2011, 02:15 PM
I can only tell you about the "one" I never thought I'd have. Its an 6" Colt Python, Royal Blue, what a beauty! As far as fragile, no, they are a very sturdy firearm, I've shot about 5 boxes of .357 through mine, now just .38's, but they are definitely not fragile. Mine is not a beater, I bought an Ruger SP 101 for taking with me where ever I go now. Would I buy another one? In a heartbeat!

November 5, 2011, 02:46 PM
I messed up on the title if maybe a mod can correct it. Something like top five revolvers of all time.

November 5, 2011, 04:54 PM
Good afternoon
#1 Dan Wesson... The revolver that dominated Silly Wet & many other revolver competions and still gives the $1500 "factory" single action revolver a real good run for Top Revolver. Well built & stronger than most. Interchangable barrel length and twist in 2 minutes. Simple barrel tension control. generally long cylinders for caliber. Aswe used to say in drag racing.. All go & some show. That is what wins in my thinking.
#2-#5 The various Dan Wessons in 357 Supermag 375 Supermag 414 Supermag 445 Supermag... again any barrel length you want it in. I am particular to the blued models.
Mike in Peru

November 5, 2011, 05:04 PM
Got add the whole D frame family to that list, especially the Diamondback.

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