Squirrels MIA?


Joshua M. Smith
November 16, 2011, 11:28 AM

This squirrel season I've not seen but one. I shot it.

Even in Wabash Town, where they usually thrive, they're not near as thick as previous years.

Been hearing the coyotes pretty close, but I've heard that before and it didn't really affect the squirrel population. (The rabbit population was a different story).

I almost wonder if there was a decrease in town and the woodland critters migrated that way for scraps.

Still plenty of deer, to the point I'm thinking of popping one or a few this year to thin the home herd.

Just the squirrels, and to a point, chipmunks, have disappeared.

I'm hoping for a light dusting of snow here soon so I can track with more certainty.

It's been unseasonably warm. It's near December and still reaching into the 60s some days, so I doubt it's a food issue. Good yield from the apple tree this year too. Plenty for the squirrel, deer, and whatever else.

Figure I'll start spreading food in a clearing to see what I can come up with. Help everything through the winter, too. As I teach part-time, I can come up with all sorts of stale biscuits and such from students who work at fast-food joints. The fat content and carbs should help all the critters through the winter.

But I'm off on a tangent.

Anyone know what's happening with the squirrels? Is this countywide, Indiana-wide, or nationwide?

I'd be interested in hearing from folks in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky as well as Indiana.



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November 16, 2011, 11:49 AM
Northern Michigan squirrels are plentiful. I usually get my limit every time I go out (5 fox and gray). Reds are unlimited. I see a metric ton of reds. In a given day I'll be out for four hours and get a dozen or so reds.

If you do fishing, remember to save the squirrel tails and send them into Mepps lures in Wisconsin. They pay cash or give you credit towards some of their lures.

Right now we're getting hit with a snow storm (6-12 inches worth in 18 hours) so I'm indoors.

One tactic I like to use is bring a .22 rifle with me when I deer hunt over bait. Make sure it includes corn. Squirrels love it. Pop them with the .22. If you can hunt with suppressors there, the better. We can't in Michigan yet.

Another is use a squirrel in distress call. Cabela's has them. Shake a sapling tree while calling and watch the older squirrels come to the rescue. They will lay flat against a tree trunk offering a good shot and backdrop.

November 16, 2011, 12:05 PM
It's funny how it works. I walked an area for squirrels early in the season and didn't see anything. Went deer hunting in the same area and they were everywhere. They mus know I won't take a shot at them with my deer rifle.

Joshua M. Smith
November 16, 2011, 01:04 PM

Thanks folks.

I've not had much luck with artificial calls. I just mimic cutting nuts or whistle myself. Seems to work best.

There's a lot more challenge in filling squirrel limits than there is in filling deer tags! Probably why I squirrel hunt a lot more. Haven't done the deer thing since half my lifetime ago. Waaaay too easy.

I'll take the stance that the squirrels are just hiding from me, for now...


... though some are too big to hide. ;)



November 16, 2011, 06:54 PM
Squirrels appear to be plentiful throughout central and southeastern Ohio. According to the Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources, estimated population levels have been fairly steady for some time, with a slight increase in the last couple of years. You might want to check with your local Wildlife Department if you suspect variations in your area.

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