News Like this makes you wanna cry


January 28, 2003, 03:28 PM

Man kills three of his children, then himself
January 27, 2003 2:37 PM

Horner, West Virginia
A Horner, West Virginia man in the middle of a divorce has shot two of his children and a foster child to death, burned down a house the family was building and killed himself.

Gayle Sams' estranged wife and their 14-year-old daughter escaped unharmed and ran to a neighbor's house to call police.

Sheriff Robert Rinehart says a four-year-old son of the estranged couple and a four-year-old who was being adopted were slain along with a 17-year-old boy. The children's bodies were found upstairs in the farmhouse.

The sheriff says after the shootings, Sams went to a house the family was building about a mile away, and set fire to his truck and the house, destroying both. Later, a shot was heard. Sams' body was found this morning in the woods between the two houses.

The location is on US 33 near Elkins in north-central West Virginia.

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January 28, 2003, 03:32 PM
..........why do these morons always screw the sequence up? Shoot your'self first, than your family!

The story of the 3yr old abandoned in the toy dept of a Target store in SLC today is to me just as sad. If I did not travel so much I'd offer to adopt the poor kid.

January 28, 2003, 03:32 PM
Makes me want to cry for the kids.

Ticks me off that the coward doesn't have to spend a few years pondering what he did.

January 28, 2003, 03:38 PM
:cuss: I HATE stories like this. May the souls of those boys rest in peace.

January 28, 2003, 04:33 PM
I've been divorced twice, and heartbroken a couple times more. It has occurred to me to end my life at times.

But the love and strength of God has kept me alive and functional. I am now probably more equipped for life than I ever have been.

So. In all your preparation for life; in checking weaponry and ammo and holsters and gear; in checking locks for your home and alarms and peepholes; in checking savings accounts and investments and retirement plans:

DO SOMETHING TO SECURE YOUR SOUL. God gives power to live here and now, as well as forever.

Sermon over. I just had to say that.

Archie the Preacher

January 28, 2003, 04:34 PM
I don't think I will ever understand what makes these psycho's tick. How can you kill your kids it makes no sense to me. It's too bad this guy killed himself and we have laws against cruel and unusual punishment because this guy deserves so real cruel and unusual punishment. I hope the bastard burns in hell.

January 28, 2003, 05:15 PM
Oh, he will!!!


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