I just want one good night's sleep!!!!


December 14, 2011, 11:15 AM
I was very, very tempted to grab the 12 gauge last night.

Every time I'd fall asleep, the big flock of geese that are nesting down by the lake about 75 yards from my house would start a loud ruckus. I mean, loud.

Then the coyotes would start up.

Then the geese would sound off.

Then the coyotes would howl and yelp.

Then the geese would go nuts again.

Etc.. etc..

I couldn't get to sleep until close to 4 AM - with World War 3 going on out back. Hungry group of coyotes + big flock of nesting waterfowl = very, very loud.

I'd never been so tempted to grab a gun out of anger before. (Yes, I was getting very mad). I had all of 3 hours of sleep before work.

The only thing that checked me, was I realized I wasn't in the right mindset to go tromping through the woods in the dark. That, and I couldn't find my flashlight. :)

Both groups are in season. I might have to thin them out some. Thinking I'll start with the coyotes - the geese should be more quiet if they're not stalked all damn night long. I can't hunt geese at night, but coyotes are fair game.

But, there's a problem - too close to the neighbors to take coyotes with centerfire or slugs (there's a 300 yard limit). I *am* far enough away to use 12 gauge shot (that's a 100 yard limit from neighbors buildings, which I'm clear on).

I could safely take them with anything - even a 50 cal, just not legally - there's no houses whatsoever in that direction and I have an 80 foot tall backstop on the far side of the lake.

So, the question is - what size shot will ethically take coyotes at 20-25 yards? 00?

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December 14, 2011, 11:20 AM
00 buck would, I have even used Heavy shot T-Shot out to 35 yards

December 14, 2011, 11:22 AM
Can you legally take coyotes with a rimfire?

December 14, 2011, 12:44 PM
Can you legally take coyotes with a rimfire?
Check the regulations in your state. In Ohio you can take coyote year round with a pistol or rifle of any caliber.

December 14, 2011, 12:52 PM
#4 buck would work great. The heavyshot (or similar) mentioned above would probably do a great job, but I think it's a little pricy. If you're near me, I'll gladly thin your geese out, just hope your neighbors are early risers (cause it will sound like WW3 at sunrise!).:)

December 14, 2011, 01:01 PM
Check the regulations in your state. In Ohio you can take coyote year round with a pistol or rifle of any caliber.

I'm asking Trent if it is legal in his state. If it is then a .22LR could be a good option as well with good shot placement.

ETA: sorry Cottswold, that kinda came off rude when I re-read it and I didn't mean it like that at all :o

December 14, 2011, 10:35 PM
ETA: sorry Cottswold, that kinda came off rude when I re-read it and I didn't mean it like that at all :o
I understood it and took no offense. And yes I agree, the .22 lr for coyote could make a good option. Might even be a good time to try some CCI Velocitors!

December 15, 2011, 01:07 AM
Yes, 22 rimfire is legal in IL. I've got a Ruger MK3 target model with a scope on it that'll plug a bullseye at 50 yards, should do the trick.

What about subsonics? Will they have enough penetration to make it through the skull? They don't cycle in my Mark 3 but they don't need to. That gun don't miss and those things are damn quiet..

Reason I ask is I'm thinking of sleeping neighbors here, and that the coyotes are only out en force in my backyard from about 2AM-4AM.

Don't want to freak someone out with a 12 gauge in the wee hours of the AM. I've heard gunfire here in the country as late as 12:30 AM - probably a neighbor dusting some coyotes as there's only one, rarely two shots fired that time of night - but (personally) think shooting a big bore scatter gun at 2-3 AM is kind of rude to the neighbors. :)

I have a 2 person goose blind already emplaced, that the geese are nesting RIGHT in front of it about 10 yards out - how damn convenient is THAT! :) , so I could sneak down there and get some nice close shots if the coyotes are stalking them on my side of the lake.

Dmitri Popov
December 15, 2011, 01:22 AM
If they're keeping you up at night, maybe they are keeping the neighbors up too. I'd ask permission to fire within the 300 yard limit, of couse not toward their house, just within their perimeter.
You know unless they're hateful or something.

December 15, 2011, 01:25 AM
If you have enough coyotes to make the neighbors worry about pets/stock I promise they won't mind, unless it becomes a nightly habit. Almost everyone I know sleeps with a fan running in the bedroom to block out noise......they probably won't even notice the noise. The only thing I hear above my fan is my dogs if they're barking near the house or in the house.

December 15, 2011, 01:56 AM
Wish it wasn't Christmas time and all my money earmarked for my kids. I'd order that game camera now and see how many I've got to deal with. It sounds like a very large family pack - maybe 8-12 coyotes.

Doesn't sound like they are starving, either - there's four to five "scuffles" a night between them and the geese. Doubt if they're getting a kill each time, but they're persistent enough I bet they are getting a few.

I'm going to go scope it out in the day time Saturday when I don't have to work (dark when I leave, dark when I get home right now on weekdays).

What "sign" can I look for, with coyotes, other than tracks? And are their tracks just like dogs? Shouldn't be hard to pick them out in the mud down there this weekend - considering we just got 24 hours of rain, everything will be soft and it will be easy to spot tracks.

Sorry for all the "noobish" questions, never hunted coyote before and don't really know what to look for!

December 15, 2011, 02:22 AM
Well.....if you ever watch some of the predator hunting shows on tv.......it ain't like that, it's not that simple to get them to run to you. Although a dying rabbit call will certainly bring them in range. Scat with fur/feathers would be a clue, considering you don't have feral dogs.

December 15, 2011, 02:31 AM
You could also look for dens, here they make them on the side of a slight hill next to a road that was bulldozed at one time. I have a 10 acre plot and this hill is the boundry line. I'm surrounded by a WHOLE lot of pasture land. I have a black lab and he's really good at keeping things out of the yard. Everything from cow's, coyotes, buzzards, hawks and armadillos. I have some chickens and a few pygmy goats= easy prey.

Anyway having said that....the coyotes are living right here but it's seldom I see one let alone get a shot at one. They ain't dumb by any means.

Sav .250
December 15, 2011, 07:20 AM
Just think,If you lived in the city, you`d never get to hear any of that. :)

December 15, 2011, 01:36 PM
Was a quiet night last night. So much rain yesterday, think it kept 'em all hiding.

The only "good" approach I have to the lake bed, that isn't putting a neighbors house in the line as my backstop, is a 60 degree slope to the back-left of my house. It's muddy as heck now with so much rain. At the foot of that saddle is my goose blind, facing out towards the far side of the lake where there's no houses.

There's a much gentler slope on the back right of my property but then my approach would be facing other houses.

My daughter, to my immense surprise, offered to help last night. But, I haven't got her through a hunter safety course yet, so it wouldn't be legal.

Here she is, on her first time shooting, ever a month or so ago, with the 22 I was thinking of using. This pic was taken right smack on the edge of the area where the geese are nesting now and the war is being waged between them and the coyotes.


Last time I was down shooting alone, down there, is when I got tackled by one of my neighbor's dogs - he was looking for the bird I shot (I was just target shooting though).

So, I don't want to use anything too loud, or his dogs will drive him bleeping crazy in the middle of the night. The other neighbors .. they mind their own business.

I'll post an update Saturday and maybe post a couple of picks of the layout.

If I got out with the 12 ga, I'd be hoping for a double :) Wouldn't mind some fresh geese for dinner this weekend, and they're still in season ...

December 15, 2011, 03:01 PM
I dunno that I would use lead shot. Steel BB or T shot would work on a coyote fine. The reason I bring it up is that IF a game warden were to turn up it would not be pretty. There is no way he would buy the story you were shooting coyotes.

Food for thought.

December 16, 2011, 01:43 PM
As a note, if your going to be doing ANY shooting at night. it would be good to let your neighbors know. Sound carries alot farther at night, and somebody shinning a light around accompanied by the happy pops of gun fire can startle people. Ive shot quite a few deer with standard velocity .22s of 40grns or so at night (damage control permit), on head shots they would achieve penetration from either side or back, if i had a frontal shot it would go under the chin. Ive never gotten real close to a coyote, only seen a few while visiting my uncle, but they should have skulls about as thick or not quite as thick as a deers.

Steel Talon
December 16, 2011, 02:07 PM
Use #4 on coyotes. It will put them down everytime. Dbl Aught buck patterns to wide to be real effective. I've shat at Coyotes with 00 and can swear they were stepping over and around the buck shot as they were turning and burning LOL.

December 16, 2011, 03:24 PM
Earplugs? *shrugs*

December 16, 2011, 04:13 PM
Two or three coyotes can sound like a whole bunch.

December 16, 2011, 06:42 PM
Geese kept me up again last night. Actually woke me up twice during the night with their blasted honking.

Saw a big coyote on the way to work today - full grown. Got a late start, was broad daylight. He damn near got hit by the car in front of me.

I've decided I have a goose problem, not a coyote problem. I got a head count of the geese before I went to work today - they'd swam across the lake to the other shore, and I got a real good view of them... Almost ran my truck off the road when Isaw them. There's well over 250 of them down there. About took my breath away. I was expecting SOME geese, but good lord.. I've never SEEN this many in one place at one time!!

Anyway, coyotes aren't going hungry, but they aren't my problem. They're not loud enough to wake me up. The GEESE.. they're my problem.

Current plan is to take my limit each day this weekend. Can probably get two or three a shot as dense as they are packed, if I can get down there quiet before dawn. I've got a bunch of steel #4, it's what I use on turkeys. Didn't know it'd work on Coyotes.

I assume #4 will work fine on geese too?

Oh.. and anyone got good recipes? I've never actually cooked goose before.. was a city boy before I moved out here to the boonies.

Thanks in advance - I'll get some pics this weekend when I'm out and about in daylight hours. :)

December 17, 2011, 01:24 AM
Your 2 or 3 a shot is pretty ambicious. I was paid a kid to chase off geese from a mans yard that bordered a river and was immaculate. Get a good dog and he'll chase them off for you. I cook goose like turkey, season it how you like and baste it with butter or beer. Goose isn't as dry as turkey, more like duck.

December 17, 2011, 01:33 AM
Bird bombs

December 17, 2011, 11:19 AM
I think Steel talon was refering to #4 buck. Back several years ago we used #4 plated lead bird shot for fox hunting. Several of the guys that are hunting coyotes right now are using BB plated lead shot and it's good to 50-60 yards on the coyotes. Steel T's would probably be good from 40-50 yards if there is a worry about lead shot. #4 steel is a bit small for geese, 2's and BB are about right and T for longer ranges. 4's we use on ducks and smaller teal. It's not like it was when lead was legal.

Steel Talon
December 17, 2011, 11:43 AM
Kudu, yes you are correct.. #4buck ...

Larry Ashcraft
December 17, 2011, 12:10 PM
Oh.. and anyone got good recipes?
Cut the breasts out and marinade them (I think the recipe for marinade came out of Ted Nugent's cookbook) and then roast them in the oven. Best goose we've ever had, more like a nice roast beef.

December 17, 2011, 03:57 PM
Got my waterfowl stamp today.. and a few boxes of goodies.


Problem is, I get home, and there's no more geese on my lake!!! I don't know where they went off to, but I guess the word got out.

Going to set the alarm for 4:30 AM to see if I can sneak down before dawn.. hope they bed down in the same place, and haven't moved on...

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