Coyote and 25-06 load?


January 7, 2012, 01:41 PM
Anyone got a good work up on 25-06 bullet and powder. Shooting a Ruger M77 rifle. Thanks. Joe&40

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January 7, 2012, 02:07 PM
Not tested in your rifle = not suggesting you use either load in your rifle.

Sierra 87 gr. SP - IMR-4350 - 52.5 grains.
Sierra 75 gr. HP - IMR-4064 - 49.0 grains.

That is what I have used for about 40 years in my custom Mauser.

Got to say though, neither one of them kills coyotes DRT, as fast, as my old 22-250, or the .220 Swift I had years ago.

I think there really is such a thing as too much power in a coyote rifle.


January 7, 2012, 03:29 PM
Again, as rcmodel warned what works for me may not work in your rifle. These loads are safe in my rifle and have worked for years. If you use my data work up to it. My rifle is an old Remington 700 VS which has just been redone with a Krieger barrel. Fortunately it likes my 87 gr bullet loads as well as the last barrel did.

Sierra 87 gr SP - IMR-4350 - 53.5 gr
Sierra 87 gr SP - RL19 - 57.0 gr

Primer is Federal LR BR and Winchester cases.

The RL19 load is right at 3600 fps in my rifle and came from a Nosler manual using their 85 gr bullet which I have yet to try. I've been using this load for the last 5 years. The IMR4350 does almost 3400 fps and was my favorite for 29 years till I discovered RL19.

Have to say I've never seen anything as deadly as these loads. They have always produced spectacular one shot kills for me going on 34 years. Always 1 hole if it's a good hit. So my experience differs from above by 180 degrees. I've yet to see any other cartridge kill as fast.

Also tried the Sierra 75 gr HP for 2 seasons, same load as rcmodel used. It was very accurate with a velocity of about 3700 fps. It's fault was it would run out of steam past 300 yards and give unpredictable results. There were times when it went clear through the animal with no damage leaving the animal to wander off and die and times where it seemed to explode. After the 2nd season I went back to the 87 gr bullet.

The Sierra 87 gr is my favorite in this cartridge for varmint shooting. That bullet never failed me in 34 years of hunting. All one shot kills. I could also tell a hit with this bullet without seeing the results, it always sounded like a slap on impact. I had such good luck with this bullet that I now use only spitzer style bullets for hunting. When it comes to varmint hunting the Sierra 87 gr is my first choice.

January 7, 2012, 03:45 PM
Hornady V max 75 gn with RL19. The Hornady bullets are less expensive and blow up on impact, no exit holes, just dead coyotes.

Ned Biehl
January 7, 2012, 04:10 PM
JOED, What was the barrel length on the Krieger barrel?

Ned B.

January 7, 2012, 04:37 PM
I like em hollow pointed. 75 gr. Sierra HP, 58.2 gr. RL19 will litterally blow a yote to pieces. I don't recall the velocity, but I know it was in the 3600-3700 FPS range.
My current yote load for my other high power's are worked off the same slow burning powder platform, and make a big mess of them dogs.

My most memorable back in the 1980's was a yote I spotted at about 150 yds. and was standing broad side at the top of a hill, probably at least a 45 degree angle. After I shot him with the 90 gr. Sierra HP from my .270 loaded to the hilt with IMR-4350, my nephew and I spent several minutes trying to find him. All we saw was lots and lots of blood and furr, until some blood dripped on my nephews head at which point we looked up and found a mass of unidentifiable blood, guts, and furr smeared accross the limbs of the tree.

January 7, 2012, 04:52 PM
JOED, What was the barrel length on the Krieger barrel?

Ned B.
I kept the barrel the same length as the original at 24" with the same contour. Don't know why but that is my favorite length for a bolt action rifle. Still gives me some decent velocity for 24" though. Groups are amazing and are slightly under 1/2", it never did that well with the original. When I bought that barrel I told the builder that I wanted the best barrel Krieger had, I think they followed through.

The story after I got it back is an interesting one too. The builder promised me I would see 1/2" groups or better. I shot it with a 100 gr Sierra load left over from before the work. With 30 shots the best I could do was 1" groups with some over that. Sadly I took it home, cleaned it and set it in the back of the safe where it sat for 2 years.

Last year I needed a rifle to use for ground hog hunting and pulled it out of the safe. The only loaded ammo I had was the Sierra 87 gr from before the work. So, I stopped at the range to sight in before heading out. When I saw the target I couldn't believe my eyes as there was nothing but a ragged hole for 5 shots. It now has 60 rounds though it and will continually do 1 ragged hole with the 87 gr bullet.

January 8, 2012, 04:04 PM
The .25-06 has been an interesting cartridge. When I bought my rifle in 1978 it was really a duel purpose cartridge, 87 gr for varmint, 100 gr for all around use and 120 for medium sized game. Today it seems this cartridge is more popular with the heavier bullets for medium game. It's a rare occasion when you see it chambered with a heavy barrel or see factory ammo loaded with less then 100 gr.

I've used mine mostly for varmint hunting since I've owned it as that's about all we can use a center fire rifle for in OH. To me it is a spectacular long range varmint cartridge, able to connect at unbelievable distances.

Recently I added a .22-250 for hunting ground hogs and coyote. After a season of use I can say it just doesn't hit like the .25 did. Those 85gr to 90 gr bullets are just devastating on small game.

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