Forgive me but another 15-22 FTF thread. Please help me figure this thing out.


January 26, 2012, 10:40 PM

The gun was purchased in December of 2009 when it was fairly new. Since I am in California it came with a neutered full size magazine without the load button which makes it a bitch to load. Since then I got a standard 25 mag and pinned it to 10. Much better to load BTW.

The gun ran perfect for the first 1000 rounds. Nothing but grins. The problems started about 6 months ago. The bolt catches the round but it noses up at a very high angle missing the chamber.

Using many different types of ammo, Agula Hyper Velocity, Agula standard, Remington Golden Bullet (the worst) Winchester Super X, CCI Green and Mini-Mag and many others. The problem is very consistant and the gun does not favor any other ammo over another.

It went back to S&W on their dime in December. Recieved it last week. They had a very limited report and said they replaced the extractor and test fired. They also replaced the recoil spring and the two trigger springs. That was not in the report. They were nice enough to send me a new 10 round short magazine.

Off the to the range.

Shooting bulk remington, Winchester and some high dollar Elle match here we go.

The new 10 round mag performed flawlessly. When loading this one the spring tention was much greater than the other older mags.

The gun would not cycle a single mag without a failure. The original ones that were sent back with the gun. It looks like no work was done to the mags that were sent in. Same failures. ****.

To top it off I am getting a new failure now. When firing the bolt sometimes gets stuck in the rear position. With ammo still in the magazine I pull on the charge handle, no go. Go to push the bolt hold and it is in the inward position already. So I remove the mag and nothing seems to free it up. Finally firm smack to the butt stock frees it up. When cycling it by hand I can feel the bolt is catching on something and briefly gets hung up but dislodges itself and comes forward. It only jams rearward when firing.

If it is the last thing do I am going to get this gun to work right. The platform and controls make it the perfect training tool but as it sits I want to throw it in the fireplace.

I think a firm magazine spring might fix the failures to feed but no one I have found makes an extra power magazine spring. Anyone have a lead on one?

The bolt catching is a new one for me. I can tell they bent the ejector inward because my cleaning rod now rubs it where as it did not before I sent it in. Can't see how this would cause that failure to cause the bolt to stay to the rear.


Thanks for listening.

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January 26, 2012, 10:50 PM
Crap i have one of those guns. I get it where it doesnt push the cartridge in all the way and when u reack it out it pulls on the back and jerks the bullet. When i use rem thunderbolt i was getting failure to feeds and failure to fires about 40% of the time. Its ashame cause they are such a dandy rifle for training

January 27, 2012, 01:10 AM
Not good, but you are also shooting ammo that the 15-22 cannot digest, this is noted in the user manual and has been discussed at length on many forums. CCI is fine, I've shot thousands of rounds in my 15-22, Federal bulk is OK, but def no Remington and I have never bothered with Winchester. See what this dude says about the Winchester:

This may be your problem. Again, look at your user manual or do a simple search. The 15-22 is picky, but once you get the right ammo, it feeds like a champ. Again, I've shot thousands of CCI minimags and have never had an issue, maybe 5 ftf/fte so far.

January 27, 2012, 01:13 AM
You can get CCI minimags at Wallymart at a very reasonable price.

January 27, 2012, 01:19 AM
And maybe avoid wacking the ejector with a cleaning rod, try a bore snake. I prefer bore snakes anyway.

I have 10/10 mags and 10/30 mags, all work perfectly.

If you lived near me I'd be happy to meet you at a local range, a little too far though. I hope you resolve the issue b/c they really are great 22s and the bolt catch is a legitimate feature that the Uramax Colt failed to add to their firearm.

January 27, 2012, 04:06 AM
With the bolt catching to the rear, I would think there might be something wrong with the rails that the bolt rides on. Are they damaged in any way? Ive put somewhere near 1000 rounds through mine and havent had any issues other than a few failure to feeds.

Link is my 15/22 Magpuld out with a Vortex red-dot on top.

February 10, 2012, 12:27 AM
Any update, did you try CCI ammo?

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