Daughter's first riflle


February 10, 2012, 08:29 PM
I found a T/C Hot Shot BSA edition at Academy Sports for $165.00. It is brown, and has a BSA symbol on it, but she was happy to get it because in the coming years her little brother will be able to use it.

She first wanted a Pink Camo, then a Real Tree Camo, and then a black colored Hot shot. When we saw this brown one for way less than the other Hot Shots we had seen we jumped on it.

To me the Hot Shot is the best made rifle for our needs. It is better quality than the crickets, and with the pistol grip it allows for her shorter arm reach. It comes with a stock extension that allows for growth, and T/C makes scope mounts so I can put on a red dot later on.

To tell the truth. My buddy and I have a squirrel hunt planned Sunday. I am thinking of taking this rifle. It will shoot shorts, and has a 19" barrel. It weighs at most 3 pounds. Should be a good gun to carry on a squirrel hunt, and quit capable of knocking down some tree rats.

Since she was about 2 1/2 we have gone over gun safety, and we both are excited that she has her own rifle. She has been shooting my daisy bb gun since she was 5, and is now close to 8 years old. It will be a while before her muscle memory, and strength will allow her to go hunting with me, and I will probably have to help her load during long sessions of plinking, but she picked out the rifle, a box of Winchester 333 plated HPs, some pink ear muffs which have to be returned because they hurt her ears when she wears her shooting glasses. So she will have to wear ear plugs. Not a big deal.

Here is to T/C for making a nice breakdown .22 LR that will shoot shorts for children, and for the father that wants to carry a very, very light weight rifle to kill squirrels.

Kids are our future protectors of the 2nd Amendment. I am doing my part to educate mine.

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February 10, 2012, 08:43 PM
Good purchase--T/C, and a good investment in your daughter's hunting future. Well done!


February 10, 2012, 08:44 PM
Nice! I've got twin daughters, 20 months right now. I can't wait for them to be old enough. I envy you.

February 10, 2012, 11:34 PM
My girl is 2 years old and we were looking at my guns today and she said she wanted a gun like daddy when she's bigger.
So I asked if she wants a browning,savage, or weatherby... and it looks like I've got a weatherby girl in the house. Ha a two year old saying weatherby just made my day.

February 11, 2012, 01:25 AM
That's cute.

We have watched every video I can find on gun safety, and we go over safety about every day because I carry.
She knows how to load every shotgun, rifle, or handgun in the house. Just in case an intruder leaves her alone, and ties us up. That would be a wrong move.

Anyway. That is kinda out there, but better safe than sorry. The thing I really like about the Hot Shot is it has a short arm length for her to the trigger. The Crickets and Marlin's are just to long and heavy. If you haven't held a Hot Shot for your kid. Please check it out. They are solidly built. I honestly think I will take this rifle squirrel hunting. It would be like carrying a golf club it is so light. I can't wait to sight it in for her. She picked out the 36 grain plated HPs over the shorts. Even though she like shooting shorts out of the Heritage 6.5" revolver. She knows the LR will be less loud out of the rifle.

As far as asking what gun she wants by name. Geez... She has from Colt, Ruger, Marlin, Taurus, Rossi, T/C, S&W, Lee Enfield, PSA, FN, Stevens, and Heritage to choose from.

Another reason I went with T/C is because I was having BP trouble with the Remington Genesis. For two years I could not get this rifle to group, and I wasted about 300 dollars trying.
One day I get feed up, and went and purchased a T/C Omega. And the first 3 rounds at 100 yards with a .45 XTP, black sabot, and 2 pellets of 777, and I had a clover leaf with iron sights. I was sold on T/C.
I am hoping that the platform sticks with her, and I can get her a Pro-Hunter later, and just add barrels for her as she wants.

May your time with your children be as fun as mine has, Guys.

But to tell the truth, she is a fisherman by nature. Loves, Loves, Loves, to fish. Catfish, pan fish, trout fish, jug fish, and yo-yo. You name it she is out there. All night if needed. :-)

February 11, 2012, 01:28 AM
So I asked if she wants a browning,savage, or weatherby... and it looks like I've got a weatherby girl in the house. Ha a two year old saying weatherby just made my day.

Not a Weatherby fan, not a heter either, just no experience...but that gave me a little laugh.

February 11, 2012, 01:30 AM
Great starting gun, Eb1.....I started on a single shot 20 ga when I was 8 and it was a punisher....

Hope you and your daughter get to make some more great memories in the field and on the range... and when she outshoots you, be sure to brag about it to us ;)

February 11, 2012, 02:23 AM
Oh. Don't worry about bragging on her. She has been shooting my old daisy bb gun that my dad bought me when I was knee high to snake. I can call out cans that are lined up, and she just knocks them down with ease. I can build a pyramid, and ask here to shoot the middle or left center, and she does it. I guess it just comes natural to our family to shoot guns.

I started on a Glenfield 9 shot .22 LR carbine, and when hunting I carried a Stevens 20 gauge single shot.
My cousin taught me to carry spare shells between my fingers, and I could shoot break it down, and shoot again by the time my elders where done pumping their shotguns. I was 8 when I started shooting the Stevens 20 gauge as well. It was my brother's before I used it, and he has it now. I'd love to have that shotgun.

Back when duck hunting moved to steel shot my brother had hundreds of rounds of Nitro Magnum #4's. So that is what I had to shoot. Be it for rabbit, squirrel, dove. Didn't matter. My father wasn't spending money on shells as long as we had shells to shoot. So I grew up quick. LOL Those Nitro Mag #4's out of that cut stock 20 gauge would really thump you. It also had the tightest full choke I have ever seen. At 20-25 yards the spread was tighter than a basket ball. Needless to say I could shoot a squirrel out of the top of very tall trees while the 1100s the others were carrying with 12 ga. 7 1/2 shot were wishing they could hit. I had two favorite loads for that 20 gauge. The Nitro #4 and 3" #6 shot. Either one would really reach out.

I remember one time we were all lined up on a road around the soy bean field rabbit hunting. I had the 3" #6's loaded. Everybody had shot at this cotton tail racing down the road. I waited, and then let loose. The rabbit just rolled, and the crew just started laughing. My cousin looked at my dad, and said, "the old boy can really throw that lead out there."

Good times. Man, you guys are bringing back some good memories for me. Thank you.

February 11, 2012, 02:27 AM
Here is a picture of her rifle.
Sorry for all the posts. I am just so excited for her. I think I am more excited than she is. :) I have a feeling that I will probably use the rifle more than her. It is just so light, and perfect for super colibris around the house for critters, and like I said. It should be great for walking in the woods taking down tree rats. At 3lbs. I don't see how it wouldn't be a winner for her or me.


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