Walther PPK/S?


February 19, 2012, 03:58 PM
Okay, so yesterday I purchased a NIB Walther PPK/S 380 RKE S/S version. Now I want to get a standard S/S model to shoot. Anyone here have any problems that could not be resolved with one of these pistols?

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February 19, 2012, 04:05 PM
No, but I like SIG P232's better.

I sold my Walther PPK/s.


February 19, 2012, 04:16 PM
I carried the Interarms version as a BU/OD gun in the early nineties the last year or so I was in LE. Great gun, but it can be a little snappy, what with its relatively thin grip. I had to sell it a few years later. I wanted to get another one in 2008 when I "returned" to the active firearms scene, but didn't want to spring for the cost at the time (still don't.) I settled for the Bersa Thunder. That's also a great gun, but not as easily concealed as the PPK/S.

February 19, 2012, 04:22 PM
I settled for the Bersa Thunder.

ME too, since it sunday, it is in pocket now. Tomorrow back to the 1911.

As for the PPK/s go for it if you can afford it, but also consider the Sig.

February 19, 2012, 04:29 PM
Well sounds good so far, if cost is the only problem. My dad had one in the early eighties, just checking to make sure nothing has changed much since not being made in Germany.

February 19, 2012, 04:31 PM
I have a stainless steel model PPK made under license by Interarms. It shoots OK but it has a heavy DA trigger pull and is outdated by todays standards. I had to smooth off the sharp edges on the short beavertail where it contacts the web of the hand between thumb and fore finger with a dremel tool. If Ian Flemming hadn't made it famous in his James Bond books, it would probably be just a faded memory. I'll never sell it but I probably won't carry it or shoot it often either.

February 19, 2012, 06:32 PM
I had a PPK/S back in the 1970's, made in Germany and imported by Interarms. I could never get used to the heavy and rough trigger pull. I suppose it could have been improved by a knowledgeable gunsmith, but I just went ahead and sold it. I don't miss it at all.

February 20, 2012, 01:06 AM
After testing it by shooting a number of boxes of various types/brands of ammo with no problems at all. I have enough confidence to carry mine daily.

My only complaints are perhaps would like to change the sights, but at reasonable ranges it shoots probably far more accurately than I thought it should.

February 20, 2012, 01:19 AM
Lot has changed since S&W got their hands on them . I belive one of the members on the Walthers board has found over 20 changes S&W made to the orginal design. Remember S&W a couple years back had to recall ALL THEY HAD MADE . Took months to do the recall and start production back up . My self I have a Interarms have owned for years . I bought used . It a nice pistol was my carry for a time . I think new S&W still to much hit and miss .

http://www.waltherforums.com/forum/ and check their

February 20, 2012, 02:59 AM
Actually had to inform a Friend that his older, much beloved PPK was under recall just a few weeks ago. S&W turnaround was something under 2 weeks to get it there and back, and it returned with an improved trigger as well.

I've also now apparently mildly annoyed his wife, (thankfully she shoots too!) I showed him Cheaperthandirt and Bud's... and He and his father have been doing a lot of shopping they'd put off.

They'd never heard of online gun sales before... :D Mua hahah

Just goes to show you though, some serious gun guys STILL haven't gone near the Net, even today!

February 20, 2012, 12:32 PM
Have a blue Interarms import W.German made ppk/s and a Interarms/USA Mfg(Ranger) s/s ppk/s(all .380).I like the way the ppk/s feels in my hand it points very naturally for me,its right there.Its has old school looks that appeals to me.The sights are tiny but usable with some hi-viz paint.Very accurate and I find recoil is about nil for me,other blow back 380s sting my hand(LCP).
Most of the German made PPK/s should the least problematic,the USA made can be hit or miss(Interarms/Ranger) and the S&W made ones more so,in my experience.
The PP/PPK series was originally designed for the .32 acp platform.Most reliability problems seem to be with .380 platform guns and American made ones.
Problems I have had that were correctable were due to non-OEM mags with used guns,grip panels(pachmayrs) rubbing bottom of slide,finding ammo that fed correctly.Using proper lube on s/s models like RIG +P to prevent galling.

Yankee Fist
February 20, 2012, 01:49 PM
Walther PPK/S classical, ageless

right up there with Colt 1911 and Browning HiPower

I have had many varieties, loved them all (especially the .22s)

Congrats and enjoy

February 20, 2012, 08:04 PM
Got it today. Not a PPK/S, but a PPK. :banghead: Didn't pay attention while handling it, the grip is just a wee bit shorter. On the up side, it is stainless and it operates fine with Aguila ammo. :p

February 20, 2012, 10:40 PM
Never warmed up to my PPK/s (S&W made). It had to go back to Smith for a new slide on day 3 of ownership (Light strikes and extraction problems). After that it never liked my .380 reloads. I thought I would be a fun carry gun and a good gun for my wife. It was fun to shoot when it wasn't jamming. I took it to a gun show and dumped it for a loss and put the funds toward a Beretta 85 Cheetah for my wife. She loves it and it's fun to shoot and doesn't have problems with my reloads.

For what it's worth, the PPK is more representative of the classic than the PPK/s, so I think you did better getting that rather than the PPK/s.

February 21, 2012, 10:08 AM
After shooting a couple of friends poly framed mouseguns as a shooter I still like the feel of my PPK/s.Still eats everything I feed it without a hitch.
Wife wants one now. She likes it a lil better than her Mod 60 or Colt Det Sp shooting wise and for CCW.

February 21, 2012, 08:31 PM
Sorry about that all my yapping and no photos. First is the PPK/S engraved (laser) and the second is the PPK.

dicky r
February 22, 2012, 02:14 PM
I've had several. The one I carry now is an Interarms made in Germany. I dehorned it, put lighter springs in, polished the ramp and had Cogan hardchrome it. I carry it daily, and shoot my reloads out of it every range session. It's a keeper, but I had to learn how to make it reliable and shootable. It's a little snappy, but who cares about recoil when you absolutely positively have to shoot ?

February 22, 2012, 11:11 PM
I have a Iver Johnson TP22, which is based on the PPK. Well, it's actually my wife's gun but I love it. The heavy DA trigger pull aside, I'd love to have a real Walther PPK

February 23, 2012, 05:00 AM
I bought a well-used West German made PPK in 1995. I'd always wanted one, and around that time there was an article in (I think) HANDGUNS magazine about a custom job that Krebs Gunsmithing in Illinois was offering (www.krebscustom.com). Among other things, the gun was "de-horned" and had an extended grip tang welded onto the frame. (I have big hands and long fingers and an extended tang was an absolute requirement for me)

I had such work done on mine the next year. It's very nice. The sights were replaced, the trigger action smoothed up, the tang extended and the gun refinished.

It wasn't cheap, but it sure is neat. I got a stylish shoulder holster from Mitch Rosen to go with it, along with a leather belt holster, and later on a kydex holster from Ky-Tac.

I'm not sure if Krebs still offers that package.(It isn't listed on their website)

However, Cylinder & Slide does (www.cylinder-slide.com) and they have a link on their website to a review in the May 2003 issue of COMBAT HANDGUNS.

There are better choices to be made for small concealment guns these days, but the PPK is still elegant and appealing. (And it's neat because of the connection with the older James Bond movies. That's why I bought one . . . )

I may have to put a slightly heavier hammer spring in my PPK -- if I shoot European 9 x 17 ammo with hard primers, sometimes I get a failure to fire on the first strike. It's 100% with Federal Hydro-Shock HPs and Silvertips, however . . . . (I'm currently carrying Hornady Critical Defense HPs)

I have found that both my PPK and Sig 230 are ammo sensitive -- the critical dimension seems to be the overall length of the round being employed. Both guns seem to run better with rounds that have a slightly longer OAL. I've had good luck in both guns with Winchester Silvertips and Federal Hydra-shock, and any generic ball that does not have a stubby round nose bullet.

In January of 2010 I bought a .22 cal Walther PPK/S, which I use as a sub-caliber practice gun for both of my .380 pistols. It's a splendid little gun, fun to shoot, and not at all ammo sensitive. I've been shooting that gun on a regular basis to keep my skills up.

February 23, 2012, 05:38 AM
Had an Interarms PPK/S and it was garbage.... stove pipes, failures to feed and hammer bite. I have a Smith PPK now and has been flawless. It's on my "never sell " short list.

February 23, 2012, 05:44 AM
I have two German made PPK/s one in .22LR and the other in .380. I've yet to shoot the newer pistols, but I'm a big fan of the older German proofed guns. Now if only I can snag a really clean .25 and .32. I like the old Walther guns. My favorites are a couple of P5s that I've had for some time. Really great shooting 9mm pistols.

February 23, 2012, 07:53 AM
I recently bought a new S&W 380 stainless PPK. Some of the guys on the Walther forum are quite opposed to the S&W product, but I was favorably impressed with mine.

I also bought a S&W BG380 near the same time, and wrote a thread comparing these two handguns, including some ballistic data. I'm not sure if THR lets me post links to a thread in another forum, but here it is (http://www.waltherforums.com/forum/pp-tp-series/20267-s-w-walther-stainless-380-ppk-first-mpressions-chrono-results.html). If posting such links is against the rules and the link gets deleted, you can go to the Waltherforums and search on my username there (wilbur) to find it.


February 23, 2012, 09:29 AM
My step father in law has one that gives nothing but grief. It jams. Period. Doesn't matter what ammo type. It will fail to feed, fail to eject, stovepipe, and just generally make you want to throw it at the target. It's an Interarms imported German model and went back for re-work several years ago. We don't want to send it back again in the event a replacement gun comes back.

He's pushing 90 and having some health issues, so it may be a non-issue to him. If I or my brother in law end up with it eventually, the first thing either of us will do is send it to a good gunsmith.

Even with the problems and frustrations with this particular gun, I'm not sure I'd let it turn me off of buying a new one if a PPK is REALLY what I wanted.

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