Ninja Glock


February 20, 2012, 05:18 PM
If you need a pistol for accuracy out to 1000 yards, riot control and underwater demolitions then you need THE NINJA GLOCK!

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February 20, 2012, 05:22 PM
Haha, awesome

Jorg Nysgerrig
February 20, 2012, 05:30 PM
At 41 seconds into this video, I was going to come back and lock the thread. 2 and half minutes in I was laughing harder than I care to admit.

February 20, 2012, 05:37 PM
That was hilarious:D Very well done. I wouldn't have been able to keep a straight face.

February 20, 2012, 06:00 PM
I was rolling. Love the backwards mounted scope, and how the "million lumen" light fell off on firing lol. Too funny!

February 20, 2012, 06:08 PM
My favorite is the storage pouch at the beginning.

February 20, 2012, 06:51 PM

February 20, 2012, 06:58 PM
Thank you for the link, that was hilarious

February 20, 2012, 07:33 PM
Very clever and well edited. I needed a good laugh and got it!

February 20, 2012, 07:37 PM

I need me one o' them thar things

February 20, 2012, 07:53 PM
I WANT ONE!!! Where do I need to send my money, and how much is it? LOL

February 20, 2012, 08:16 PM
The ninja ammo linked to the video was amusing too. How they make the videos without giggling is beyond me. I'm famous for ruining a prank by my lack of poker face.

Walking Dead
February 20, 2012, 08:29 PM
That was great!

February 20, 2012, 08:38 PM
Thanks for the Snicker, I needed that.

February 20, 2012, 08:41 PM
Now I have to finish my 1913 rail stapler to mount on my issued M249

February 21, 2012, 09:47 AM
I've seen this before, but I really like the spare ninja hood in case the first gets sweaty.

Thanks for the morning chuckle.

February 21, 2012, 10:54 AM
My secretary wondered what was wrong with me when I lost it during the part about the scope letting you see "from 7 miles":D

February 21, 2012, 02:23 PM
"We've improved the scope which allows you to both see into the future and into the past".

Totally awesome!

February 21, 2012, 02:49 PM
That is so factually incorrect it's not even funny. That was a dust devil, a typhoon is the pacific version of a hurricane.

I lied, it was hilarious.

February 21, 2012, 02:52 PM
Jorg- Thank you for not locking this. That was fantastic. The typhoon creating laser, and the scope that sees into the future and past are just priceless!!!!!!

February 21, 2012, 03:12 PM
"Or you can attach it to an arrow. In case you want to shoot it over to another ninja, maybe in another building... Or a tree."
Very informative. I'm putting together my Ninja Glock, today!

February 21, 2012, 03:30 PM
Oh that "typhoon" was SO funny...lucky for them that happened while they were filming!

February 21, 2012, 04:33 PM
"So we are going to shoot some...both wooden, ice, meat, atomic, tungsten and titanium bullets...Along with the solid plastic ones and show they all cycle flawlessy through this thousand round clip."

:eek: :D

Here is his Ninja AK47 with the Ninja Glock...

February 21, 2012, 04:33 PM
That's been around for a few years, but it's still worth a look and laugh.

February 21, 2012, 04:48 PM
What a wonderful thing to come home from work to!

February 21, 2012, 11:21 PM
...meat bullets... Too funny!

It caused me to watch several of the attached "ninja..." videos as well

1911 guy
February 22, 2012, 08:14 AM
I'm not sure whether that was camera work (pulling all the stuff off of and out of the pistol) or plain old fashioned sleight of hand. Either way, I chuckled most of the way through.

February 23, 2012, 09:58 PM
I like the 1000 round mag, gotta get me one of them!

February 23, 2012, 10:05 PM
And this is funny because......:)

February 24, 2012, 11:08 AM
Great video to start my friday. Thanks for the laugh.

February 24, 2012, 05:14 PM
Funniest thing I have seen all week!

February 24, 2012, 08:32 PM
Extreemly well done and funny.


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