HK93 30 or 40 round mags


February 26, 2012, 02:54 AM
I prefer HK brand but will take good quality made non HK for the model HK brand model 93.

As you can see I am hunting mags! any one come across a web seller that is reasonable in price and delicers what he says he sells.

My last purchase was from Midway and just bought 6.
They had Military Surplus Magazine HK33, HK93, Century C93 223 Remington 40-Round Aluminum Black Product #: 671440
Status: Unavailable - Seasonal Run
4.5 stars (18) Reviews $22.99 and the only other real HK is $80!

But you know know how a pig in a poke is.
Buy 40 and they are all duds buy 6 and they are all great!
I really just wanted 30 rounders, as a way to carry 40 rounders are not made or cost a fortune.

If I looked for HK-33mags would they also fit a HK93? I know it says the 93 will fit a hk-33 but that does not mean it works the other way around because HK hates me.

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February 26, 2012, 06:35 AM
Yes the hk-33 mags will work in both the HK-93 and the C93(assuming the mag-well is in-spec) The 25 and 30 round mags are very spendy as many HK-33s are still in service but can be found. See links... (these may need minor fitting)

February 26, 2012, 07:44 PM
I also very much prefer the 25 or 30 rounders versus the super-long 40 rounders. The shorter mags are much more workable from prone or other supported positions than the 40 round Uber mags. Those long mags just get in the way when you are not shooting offhand.

I prefer the steel mags over aluminum, and with real HK mags you've gotta pay to play. The 25 rounders are bit harder to find and they fetch a premium; usually changing hands north of $75/pop. For 30 round steel HK brand mags, the best source I found based on price/service/trustworthiness is Gordon Miller: All the HK mags are expensive, no doubt about it. One thing to consider is that the magazines are built like tanks compared to an AR15 magazine. These are certainly not throw-away single use items as the aluminum USGI mag was intended to be.

The transparent MKE mags have worked well for me in my "IC" date coded HK 93 A3. The ones from come with the magazine catch slot already modified and they all fit and functioned 100% in my rifle. They are a good bargain for range mags and they may prove to be very reliable in the long run. The only problem with them is they look very G36-ish and appear sorta out-of-place on a 93, but aesthetics are a personal thing. Also, be advised that they are a little thicker than the steel & aluminum mags, so they may not fit some mag pouches/gear.

May 10, 2012, 12:14 AM
I got the MKE clear polymer mags. Quality is there. However, my C93 mag well may be off a little. The mags didn't stay in place after snapping in.. Also one of the mags that came stock didn't snap into place either...

SO to fix the MKE mags I started by filing a bit off the back as I thought that was the issue (partly). Basically they would snap in, not loose, tight but would pull out easy... When I took enough off and was NOT comfortable going further, I decided to build up some 5 minute epoxy onto one side of the mag.. this worked perfectly, took like 3 coats to get the right thickness.. once it was built up on one side, it properly pushed the other side of the magazine's slot over to catch the magazine release edge. Now I still have 5 left to jimmmy, but it did function flawlessly after fitting. Not to mention the gun is super accurate and this is the only thing I found wrong with the C93. When I bought it I measured bolt gap with a feeler gauge and was good... Shot hundreds of rounds through it and I can easily do 2 MOA (100yds) with no 50 yards I can stack bullets so now I'm looking for a quality optic mount that doesn't weigh over a pound and doesn't have the HK price tag on it, I'm sure it's sub MOA, just can't see that well anymore... I'm open to ideas?

May 11, 2012, 01:57 PM
I've got an MFI low profile picatinny mount on my PTR. It's designed to be able to fit all HK-type rifles with in-spec recievers. Required minor fitting but once set, feels like it may as well be welded on.

Got it from for about $125, so that may be the "expensive" one you referred to, but it works well. They also have Airsoft-spec low rails at the site for under $40, and there's also STANAG claw-mounts with different rail or tab configurations.

May 11, 2012, 10:49 PM
Midwest Distributors has the HK ARMS mount for $59 ...
Mine fits both my Vector 93 as well as my 91 keep in mind though, if your receiver is out of spec you'll have to tweak it or the mount, its not as forgiving as the bolt-on mounts

May 14, 2012, 10:50 AM
MFI low profile picatinny mount on my PTR. It's designed to be able to fit all HK-type rifles with in-spec recievers

I will look into that. I'm pretty sure it is in spec as it is a pre ban 70s model.

When the mags for the HK91 showed up a few years ago I really stocked up. Most were new in wrapper and stamped HK with the date. A $1 each is a good deal for a mixed bag of HK91 mags about %20 showed a tiny bit of wear. Of that %20 only one was bad due to a rusted spring.

These are the HK93 mags I found a few months ago and they fit great for under $30 each. Should have bought more when I had the chance! Live and learn

Even good pouches that fit the HK91 20rounders are hard for me to find

May 15, 2012, 10:11 AM
Yeah, I think I paid $50 for 25 of the 20 round HK91 Mags (aluminum) from the PTR website... Haven't found a deal like that since. That was like 2 years ago. They work great. Just wish there were more HK93 mags on the market... or if you could retro fit an AR15 mag or something that would be awesome! It seems to not make that much sense that there would be soo little 93 mags around? Even the 91 mags you can still pick up for like $5 a piece.

May 15, 2012, 10:57 AM
I got 40 steel G3 mags for $2 ea from Cheaper Than Dirt last year. They had aluminum ones for $.97...the ones i got, some had some rust, mostly light surface rust. Steel wool and WD40 and they were good as new. Some had bad rust, stripped them for spare parts. About a dozen were new, unissued in wrapper. All either HK or Reinmetall stamps from early 60's. I ended up with about 32 good ones, some spare followers and springs, and a vice mount for rifle service.

Went to a gunshow last weekend and saw several venders selling aluminum G3 mags for $8 ea. Laughed to myself.

Sorry, don't know where to find 93 mags cheap. Too bad nobody issued 93's for 50 years and recently demilled their parts warehouses.

May 16, 2012, 12:42 PM
Likewise on the pouches... originally I modified the original German 2mag HK91 Pouches to fit onto molle webbing cause they worked good just don't have the molle attachments. I bought some pieces of steel flats and cut to size and drilled holes in to mount the mag pouches onto them.. it works but the steel is a little stiff and doesn't hang/cling into the webbing as well as nylon straps do. And the pouches tend to dangle a bit (annoying).

I looked and CTD has mags that they claim are for .308 magazines but the reviews indicate they are too small for the HK91 magazines..

So, I ended up ordering double stack molle .308 mags made from some American Tactical company... 2 pouches each holds 4 mags or 2 double stack pouches. It took like 2 months for the order, they work but no separator for the mags so they tend to clank on each other when you put 2 mags per pouch (running/jogging) and tend to catch when pulling out with 2 mags in there (again no separator). SO I only put 1 mag in each pouch but then I can only carry 4 mags total instead of 8.. not the worst thing cause 308 are heavy. Admittedly, the pouch is high quality but... it still begs the question. Is there a good molle magazine pouch available for HK91 magazines that won't break the bank. I'm sure BHawk has something that cost like $40 per pouch.

May 19, 2012, 06:57 PM
why are good reasonable HK mag carriers at a fair prrice so hard to find?

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