S&W M&P 22 vs ruger sr22


April 10, 2012, 07:53 PM
Does anyone have both of these guns or shot both. I have the sr22 right now but have been considering selling it and getting the m&p 22. I like that the m&p is a full size gun unlike the sr22 that is more compact. That being said the sr22 is alot of fun. I don't like that the m&p only comes with one mag though.

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April 10, 2012, 08:52 PM
The M&P-22 is made by Umarex, who is better known for Airsoft toys. Umarex also makes a number of other potmetal rimfires, sure as the "Walther" P22 and the Colt and H&K rimfires.

I avoid Umarex products - the quality just isn't there for the price.

April 11, 2012, 03:30 AM
I thought the m&p had at least an aluminum slide like the sr22?

April 11, 2012, 07:25 AM
It's aluminum. The Walther P22 is the pot metal gun.

April 11, 2012, 08:27 AM
I am pasting a review of the M&P22 that I posted on another forum.

The M&P22 is the same size as a centerfire M&P with the 4 inch barrel. The slide is aluminum so it is lighter and extremely easy to rack. The grip is the same size as the centerfire with the medium grip (the grip is not adjustable like the centerfires). It has a mechanical thumb safety and some type of firing pin block. It also has a magazine disconnect safety which is no big deal in a plinker. It is not striker fired, but has an internal hammer. The trigger is similar to but not exactly the same as the centerfire model. However, it is close enough to learn reset technique. It comes with 1-12 round magazine, and I was fortunate enough to find some spares online. The rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation. The windage is adjustable by removing a set screw on top. Once that is done, the sight will freely drift in the aluminum slide without using any tools (so lock it down when done).

A buddy and I went out and shot about 300 rounds, consisting mostly of Federal bulk pack and some Remington bulk pack. The Remington has had some reliability problems in other guns.

This gun rocks. It was plenty accurate once the sights were dialed in. We had zero malfunctions when firing. Initially, though, we had problems with feeding from slide lock using the slide release lever. There were no problems from slide lock when pulling the slide back and releasing instead of using the slide release lever. I continued to experience the issue throughout the session using the slide release lever, but my shooting partner did not after the first couple of times. (As an aside, I have much difficulty releasing the slide using the lever on the one M&P centerfire I have shot, and have to pull the slide back to chamber from slide lock.)

After sighting in on an IPSC target, we went to a steel range and had decent accuracy on the targets ranging from 22 to 45 yards. The sights are more of a combat style, with a wide gap in the rear sight that leaves a lot of light when the front sight is centered. Therefore, while the gun may be capable of “minute of squirrel” accuracy, it is going to take some practice at any kind of distance.

Based upon the initial range session, I believe this pistol has great potential. I also feel comfortable with the thought of carrying it with a loaded chamber in a proper holster. (It will use the same holster as a full size, although the slide is light so it may be necessary to keep a thumb on the back of the slide while holstering in a tight holster.)

I recently got a SR22 pistol. It only has about 100 rounds through it. It is a totally different gun. For carrying, the SR22 wins because of its size and weight. I like them both.

April 11, 2012, 10:33 AM
My son and I rented a m&p 22. Shot 100 rounds (first time shooting for my son). No issues in reliability. Sights seemed off (range rental). I've thought about getting one for him and general fun. The wife "NEEDS" a pink sig mosquito. Lol. So ultimately I guess I'll have 2 .22's in the house

April 11, 2012, 10:53 AM
Unless you want cheap practice for an M&P carry, I'd suggest Ruger Mk2/3 or Buckmark. You just can't get any better for a plinker unless you need a target gun which is going to cost you a lot more. My Mk 2 is 1/2" at 25 yards accurate. I have a scope on it.

At the last gun show, I was looking for the SR22 I bought, but this table where I bought it had a stainless Mk3 for the same price and I nearly bit on that. I really wanted the SR22 for use as a pocketable kit gun, though, and it's is a dandy for that. I have a stainless kit gun revolver, but it's a little big and heavy for pocket carry. It is quite accurate, though, as accurate and a little easier to shoot than the SR22. I thought about that Mk3 just to have one with iron sights as I really don't wanna take the 2x scope off my Mk2, too accurate and fun and a good squirrel gun. What I'll likely get next is a Buckmark just because I don't have one. I can get one for under 300 bucks at Academy any time I'm ready to buy. I have a half dozen other .22 handguns, but the little revolver, the SR22, and my Mk 2 seem to get all my attention as they're the most accurate, well made, and reliable. I do need to add a Buckmark to my collection, though. Those are just as nice a shooter as the Ruger Mk2/3. I really have no desire for a M&P, though some of the other Smiths are nice. I handload, so don't need a .22 version of a carry. I don't carry an M&P anyway, though.

April 11, 2012, 06:37 PM
I have a M&P22 and have had no issues with the gun cycling or firing any type of ammo I've used so far. Mine even works using the slide lock unlike the above posting. I bought it as a cheap training tool, as I use a M&P .40 for my CCW. Thus far have been very happy with it. On the other hand, I have shot the Ruger SR22 but don't own one, yet. I found it just as reliable and fun to shoot as the M&P 22 but just didn't like the smallish size of the pistol. LM

April 12, 2012, 09:22 PM
I have a half dozen other .22 handguns, but the little revolver, the SR22, and my Mk 2 seem to get all my attention as they're the most accurate, well made, and reliable.

After I wrote that, I realized I have one other .22 that's more accurate than any of 'em, a scoped match 10" barrel for my TC Contender which I've used squirrel hunting. It's so danged accurate, though, it's kinda boring at the range. And, of course, you load one at a time. Super high quality and accurate, though, and I have other barrels for that receiver in big game hunting calibers.

April 13, 2012, 08:49 AM
You can say what you want about Umarex but they manufacture pistols to other companies specifications. My S&W M&P 22 pistol is fantastic. It never fails, feels great in hand, and has a really nice trigger. It's a better trigger than on the rest of the M&P line of pistols (though I hear their new mini pistol has a different, better trigger).

I've found the M&P very accurate. The previous review about the combat sights is correct - they give a wide berth but you can adjust pretty well. The look and feel of this pistol is superb in my opinion.

To the wife who wants a pink Sig Mosquito: DON'T!!! Get some other brand and paint it. The bad hype about that pistol is true. It's super particular about ammo, and mine literally fell apart the first time I cleaned it. I took it down and springs and other parts literally fell out of it. Even if that had not happened, the pistol would have been terrible.

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