Remington model 7 in 222


April 27, 2012, 11:17 AM
Does anyone out there have some experience shooting a Remington model 7 in any of the smaller "varmint" calibers from a bench to get a good idea what they are capable of? I'm wondering how much of an impact that short light barrel has on accuracy. I've heard some mixed reports on other model 7's in the past but have no personal experience with them. I have a chance at a really good deal on a clean Remington model 7 in 222. I have always been a BIG fan of the 222 and already have several so it's not like I really need another one. However, the thought of a handy, light little tack driver is really appealing. Plus, and I'm not sure how important this fact really is but it's my understanding that they were only made in 222 from 83-85 so it's not likely that I'm going to see another one any time soon. My other 222's have me so “spoiled” in the accuracy department that the "bar" for this one would be set pretty high.

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Dr T
April 27, 2012, 11:36 AM
Not with a varmint caliber, but:

I have a Model 7 in 7mm-08 with the 18.5" barrel, iron sights, fiberglass kevlar stock (last year from the factory before that option went to custom shop), and a Burris 2-7x full field.

From my experiences with this, I have concluded that the light weight of the barrel is capable of very good accuracy as long as it is not touching anything. If it bears on the stock at any point, the barrel heating will contribute to throwing shots wide as the barrel expands against the stock. In that sense, the barrel is "whippy" (as opposed to "stiff".

AFTER floating the barrel, my best 3 shot group at 100 yards measured 0.19" center to center. BEFORE floating the barrel, it would hold about 2.5" with the same load.

Since floating the barrel only takes a big dowel wrapped in sand paper and about 15 minutes, I would suspect that you could probably make it shoot. However, as with all accuracy issues, YMMV.

April 27, 2012, 04:10 PM
Well, I couldn't let it pass so I called today and said I'd take it. It should make a great rifle to pop coyotes, chucks ect. from my tree stand. We'll see how it shoots. I'm not expecting that I'll have as much of an issue with barrel heat but this is the lightest contour barrel of any of my 222 and 223 bolt guns so i guess I'll find out. If it does become an issue or doesn't shoot well I'll float it like you mentioned, and maybe bed it too.

Dr T
April 27, 2012, 06:06 PM
Do the dollar bill test on it before you take it out. I suggest that if the dollar bill finds a sticking point anywhere, go ahead and sand it out. You may save a bit of time that way.

Have fun! I prefer hunting with shorter barreled rifles. They are some much easier to get pointed in the right direction when you are in tight quarters.

April 27, 2012, 10:05 PM
My Model 7 was bought in 1983 when Remington was making pretty good quality firearms. Mine is in .243 and used as a 1st centerfire for my daughter. After spending weeks working up a load and on the bench it proved to be a "shoot better than the shooter". I never gave the buggy whip barrel a chance to heat at all while on the bench. It has taken antelope, mulies, whitetails with amazing results, bar one. Son shot a whitetail from a distance of 35 yards but the 100 grain Sierra BT traveling at 2900 FPS blew up on the shoulder, stunned it and knocked it over. A shot to the neck took care of it. We found the bullet between the hide and the 7 bone. Conversely, my best killing shot with it was on a antelope at 314 yards. The 222 is an amazing caliber. I'm not too sure about the modern day version of the model 7 though. The beauty of the earlier Schabnel fore end, walnut stock, & bluing out shine the current appearance that's for sure. Good luck with it.

April 28, 2012, 01:57 AM
Hey B-P. One of these days I'm gonna come up there and get my float plane rating with you. I showed my wife your web page and she's given a thumbs up. But we WILL be "pests" while we're there. Pestering you for info where the fish are biting, ect. ect. ect.

re: Mod-7 accuracy. My Rem. M-7 in .223 is an older one with 18.5" bbl. It is "decent" but won't compete in bench-rest competition. It typically with a Nosler or Sierra bullet of 40-65gr weight at typical pressures can be expected to shoot ~1.5" groups. Not a 500yd prarie dog gun, but up to anything I expect to use it on. I've shot (exploded) some armadillo's, 1(one) ground hog (we don't have many around here and I was deer hunting when I got him. Otherwise, I've used it on coyotes and deer. The coyotes' were shot while deer hunting also. I've actually gotten decent accuracy with it from 60gr Hornady V-max and 65gr Sierra GameKings, so even with a 1/12" twist bbl it still shot decent, though it shouldn't. (good thing it can't read....).
Mine has never had the bedding messed with.
Conversly, I have a M7 in 7mm08 that can't be expected to shoot better than 1.5" for 3-shot groups (free floated, lapped, re-crowned, trigger tweaked to ~2.5lbs, glass bedded, ect. -laminated stock at that...) However, it is a "death-ray". It's taken over 3 dozen white-tail deer, an elk, and a mule deer. It shoots better with 150gr bullets than those lighter...
On the other hand, I've got a late model CDL in .260Rem that with several loads with RL17, RL22, and IMR4350 will shoot sub-moa for 5-shots with bullets 120-160gr. It too this past season accounted for 5 deer with my youngest daughter killing her first one on Christmas day "evening" with it.

As you can tell, I'm "fond" of the little Model-7's. Every time I pick up my 7mm08 or .260 I think back to the articles that Jack O'Conner wrote about his wifes 7x57 G33/40 Custom Mauser... I wink, and shed few tears.....btw; the .223 wears a Leupold Compact 2x-7x w/2piece bases, the 7mm08 a Leupold 1-piece base with a VariX-III 2.5-8x and both have low-extension (front) rings. The "accurate" one of the bunch, the .260 has "Weaver" bases and cheap aluminum rings holding a Nikon "ProStaff" 3x-9x. The "cheapest" sight's give the best groups.... go figure !!! (it's the rifle, not the sights...)

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