What would you pay...


May 2, 2012, 07:31 PM
Ok, a little "marketing survey" if you will. Might have an opportunity to do something. Trying to see if it'd be worth it to start somewhere, and go from there.

In your opinion, what would you pay for :

500 pcs of .380 ? :
500 pcs of 9mm ? :
500 pcs of .40 ? :
500 pcs of .45 ? :

500 pcs of .38spc ? :
500 pcs of .357 ? :
500 pcs of .44mag ? :
500 pcs of .44spc ? :
500 pcs of .45 colt? :

Would you be more inclined to buy in lots of 500, or 1000 or more ?

Would you pay more for sorted headstamps, or is mixed headstamp OK with you ? If you would pay more, how much and for what stamps ?

Would you pay more for tumbled/polished brass ?

And lastly ( perhaps most importantly) Would you prefer a vendor that was actually engaged in your hobbies / interests/ discussions over one that was solely motivated by what was in your wallet ?

If you never buy brass, bullets, or related items- nor intend to... I probably don't need your help as much as those who have and/or do.

I know I may be asking a lot of questions, but I'm trying to get as much feedback as I can before I jump headfirst into something !

Thanks for reading, and perhaps replying.

I greatly appreciate your input !

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May 2, 2012, 08:18 PM
I'm guessing you are referring to once fired brass? If yes, I won't pay more than $10 for 100 pieces of handgun or 50 pieces of rifle brass (plus shipping). My price limit is based on me having mostly common calibers. If I had rifles with hard to find brass I may be willing to go a little higher. It doesn't matter to me if it has been polished, as long as it is once fired.

I try to buy from folks I know, but it doesn't matter to me if the seller reloads or not. Hope this helps.

May 2, 2012, 08:27 PM
I wouldn't pay any more then I can get it from established places like Brassman or BrassMonkey, or Midway.




And you can beat their prices on Evilbay or gunbroker.


May 2, 2012, 08:35 PM
I buy by the best price I can find unless I already have a relationship with a seller. Most of what you list I already have running over. I'm more likely to trade stuff that is odd for stuff I can use. I really don't care if it is polished as long as it doesn't look like it has been in the ditch for a month.

May 2, 2012, 08:36 PM
I have been paying about $50/K for .45acp brass with mixed headstamp but containing no small primer brass. Today I paid $80 for about 3K that is known to have some small-primer brass mixed in.

Since I reload in batches of 1000, I'm really not interested in smaller quantities. In fact I turned down a good deal just yesterday on 500 pcs because it would not be worth the drive clear across town for just 500.

I would not pay extra for brass that had been pre-sorted by headstamp or polished. The only exception would be starline brass. I would pay a premium for starline.

May 2, 2012, 08:42 PM
I don't use .380 or 45 ACP. But if I ever had to buy 9mm brass which I get for free, I wouldn't spend more than .05 each piece or $5 per 100.
If I had to buy .40 brass I wouldn't spend more than .10 each piece or $10 per 100.
38, .357 mag., or 44 mag. I would spend $.10 each or $10 per 100

Regarding resized, tumbled / polished is concerned, if the brass is offered at a less expensive un-prepped, I would buy it as is.
Head stamps are of some importance to me, but not to the extent I need all to be RP or Win, ect. I would only be concerned as to what head stamps are in the mix, because there are head stamps I simply don't reload with due to the poor quality.

And I think the only concern I would have regarding the vendors background is, knowing if they are using the money specifically to engage gun control or some other liberal purpose. An example of what I'm referring to is, if a left wing group collects brass for the sole purpose of using the funds to finance gun control or some other lefty purpose, I would not only refuse to buy from them regardless of how inexpensive they offer it for, but I would also make sure to expose them, and what they are doing with the resources. Other than that, I don't care what business they are in.

I would also refuse to do business with someone who is using the funds to finance any illegal activities, or something that threatens the security of our United Sates of America!


May 2, 2012, 08:58 PM
I'm currently paying:

38 Special - 3 cents each or $30.00 per thousand
357 mag - 4 cents each or $40.00 per thousand
9mm - 3 cents each or $30.00 per thousand
40 Smith and Wesson - 3 cents each or $30.00 per thousand
45 ACP - 4 cents each or $40.00 per thousand

Mixed headstamps, tumbled.

May 2, 2012, 09:03 PM
I would buy in a 500 unit quantity, but not 1000. I use primarily .380 caliber, but occasionally will break out the others. I would not pay more for presorted or polished brass, I do that myself to verify the quality of my reloads.

Buck Kramer
May 2, 2012, 09:33 PM
I'm just getting into reloading, but it seems that I got a pretty good deal. I recently won an auction on GB for

2000+ rounds of 9mm for 74 shipped which ends up at $0.037.

And I just found a way better deal on craigslist locally:

2800 rounds of 9mm for $0.02/round
375 rounds of .380 for $0.02/round

As I said, new to reloading, how did I do?

May 2, 2012, 09:49 PM
I find so much 9mm & 45ACP all over the ground I have more then I will ever use. I have even been able to pick up after we qualify. 40 is thicker then the gravel at my range & a buddy of mine calls me to tell me the brass is all over the ground when there PD qualifies. 380 isn't as plentiful but is coming more common around here. If you can come up with harder to find brass like 45-70 & 444 may sell quicker. I would love to find a few more 444 myself. even most common riffle would probably sell quicker.

May 2, 2012, 11:19 PM
I am currently paying $28/1000 for .45acp, $22/1000 for 40s&w, and $18/1000 for 38spl at my local reloading shop. I assume it's indoor range brass since its not cleaned, but it's not got dirt and grim from laying in the dirt at a outdoor range.

May 2, 2012, 11:38 PM
I pay about 4 each for .380 and 5 for .223's, although I think I have enough of both now to last me. I always watch for those on the ground when I goto the range and usually find a few. I would pay more than that for revolver brass, especially .357 Mag and .45 Colt, and for .30-06 brass.

I don't think I'd pay over scrap prices for 9mm and .40S&W

May 3, 2012, 12:56 AM
For .380, 9x19 and 40 cal. I wouldn't pay a dime. It's too easy to pick up at local ranges.

IF I didn't have access to free range brass and was forced to buy, I would be a lot more interested if it was sorted by headstamp. I'd need lots of 1000 or more to make it worthwhile.

May 3, 2012, 01:20 AM
This is starting to sound vaguely worthwhile.

Please keep the feedback coming !

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